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    Top 10 Best Tarot Decks for Beginners and Pros (Updated!)

    Top 10 Best Tarot Decks for Beginners and Pros

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    So you're thinking about getting into tarot cards? Tarot is such a cool way to tap into intuition and self-reflection. But before you start slinging those cards, you got to pick a deck that really speaks to you.

    With so many gorgeous, unique and beautiful tarot decks out there, deciding on your first tarot deck can be tricky. You want one that's eye-catching but still easy to read as a beginner. One that'll grow with you as you learn. No pressure or anything! Don't stress, I got you covered.

    In this article, we'll check out the most popular beginner tarot decks out there. I'll tell you a bit about each one so you can get a feel for the artwork and symbols. I'll also dish on what type of reader each deck may be best for. Let's dive on into the magical world of tarot!

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    What are Tarot Decks?

    What are Tarot Decks

    A tarot deck has 78 cards broken into two parts, the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. The iconic ones with names like "The Fool" and "The Magician" are Major Arcana cards. They deal with bigger themes and energies. The Minor Arcana looks more like a regular deck of playing cards. The suits are similar, Cups, Pentacles, Wands and Swords. Minor Arcana cards cover day-to-day people and scenarios.

    When you're picking your first tarot deck, one of your biggest decisions is whether you vibe more with a traditional Rider-Waite style deck or a more modern, artistic one.

    What's the difference? Well, Rider-Waite decks feature specific illustrations that help beginners learn the standard card meanings. More stylized decks have gorgeous, one-of-a-kind art but can have a steeper learning curve for reading the cards intuitively. 

    No matter what deck you choose, tarot is an amazing self-discovery tool if you approach it with an open heart. Let's start getting to know some beautiful starter decks so you can start embracing your inner mystic!

    The Many Types of Tarot Decks

    There's truly an enchanting and unique tarot deck for every aesthetic out there. When starting your search, it first helps to know the types of tarot decks you might come across. Some key categories to know:

  • Classic Tarot Decks
  • We have to give a nod to the OG Rider-Waite-Smith deck that started it all back in 1909. With detailed illustrations and symbols, this landmark deck set the standard for learning tarot card meanings. Today, you'll find tons of Rider-Waite style decks that honor that lineage while bringing some modern flair.

  • Themed & Artistic Tarot Decks
  • If fantastical feel-good witches or brooding vampires are more your thing, themed decks let your personality shine. The art in modern tarot runs the gamut from minimalist to what-can-only-be-described-as-magically-trippy. Go with what calls to you! Just know that less traditional decks can work better for intermediate tarot readers.

  • Oracle Card Decks
  • Not technically tarot decks per se, but oracle cards can also be great beginner tools. The images tend to be more metaphor-based rather than tied to specific divinatory definitions. Oracles often lean positive and uplifting as well. So if you're after good vibes and gentle guidance, add an oracle deck to your cart!

    Finding the Right Tarot Deck for You

    Finding the Right Tarot Deck for You

    Tarot comes in so many art styles and vibes these days. How do you pick your magical new deck out of all the options?

    The good news is there‚Äôs no ‚Äúwrong‚ÄĚ tarot deck. But there are definitely ones that‚Äôll click with your energy more than others.¬†

    So first, tune into what aesthetics nourish your soul.

    • Are you drawn to natural elements?
    • Or more eclectic bright colors and motifs?
    • Also reflect on what you hope to gain. Are you diving deep into shadow work and inner healing?
    • Or manifesting some positive new beginnings?

    Certain classic decks cater to different needs which we’ll get into.

    No pressure to rush into any deck commitment either! You and your cards are going to journey together through so many lessons and revelations. Make sure you select a tarot style that lifts your spirits as you unroll your destiny.

    Now, let’s peek at some beautiful tarot deck options to start your tarot journey off right!

    1. The Rider Tarot Deck

    The Rider Tarot Deck

    If you're looking to start dealing tarot cards, you got to show some respect and get to know the OG Rider-Waite deck. This groundbreaking deck set the blueprint for modern tarot when it was first published way back in 1909.

    Created by mystic Arthur Waite and illustrated by artist Pamela Colman Smith, this deck captures the full range of human experience. The Rider-Waite artwork is a perfect balance between vintage vibes and timeless insight.

    Over a century later, the Rider-Waite tarot remains a must-have staple for beginners and pros alike. New decks may come and go, but true tarot readers bow down to the OG magic captured in Rider-Waite's cards. 

    With its detailed scenes and classic symbolism, the Rider-Waite deck is the ultimate starter kit for committed students of the tarot. By providing a strong foundation in the traditional interpretations, it empowers new readers to start uncovering insights right away.

    2. SUNHHX Tarot Cards

    SUNHHX Tarot Cards

    One look at this deck’s rainbow colors will reel you in with its magical mood. But hang tight, because the longer you connect with these cards, the deeper their layers of meaning will blow your mind.

    It blends the classic Rider Waite symbolism we all know and love with a slick holographic makeover that‚Äôs totally on-trend. Each sumptuous image pulls you in until you‚Äôre exploring every corner like a mystical ‚ÄúI Spy‚ÄĚ book.¬†

    Just try not to get hypnotized watching the candlelight dance across those trippy 3D card landscapes. The otherworldly futuristic visuals speak to spiritual seekers who resonate with sci-fi flavors and forward-thinking vibes. 

    3. Wyspell Classic Tarot Cards

    Wyspell Classic Tarot Cards

    Wyspell's unique spin blends the traditional and cutting-edge into an alluring gold-on-black style. Elaborate Art Deco motifs and delicate foil accents transform archetypal icons. Yet the evocative card imagery still captures that ineffable flash of insight, now illuminated in striking monochrome.

    This stunning deck delivers premium quality for fluid intuition and buttery shuffles. The sturdy cardstock and compact size make readings a breeze. Even the magnetic keepsake box exudes an heirloom elegance.

    Just beware, obsession with this mystical work of art comes standard! If you are drawn to Art Deco opulence and touches of luxury, these cards tap into your inner aristocrat. Let gilded geometric symbols unlock intuitive gateways amidst striking noir scenes.

    Best Tarot Decks for Beginners

    1. True Heart Intuitive Tarot

    True Heart Intuitive Tarot

    Remember Rochelle from the legendary 90s flick The Craft? Well the actress who played her, Rachel True, created a tarot deck. Rachel's been slaying the occult game way before she ever starred in that iconic movie. Now this spiritual boss is inviting us into her sacred circle with a fierce and fabulous card set to die for.

    Rachel keeps it real about interpreting meanings based on YOU rather than old dusty textbooks. Her stories show how each reading glows-up uniquely for every person out there. Rachel's positive approach makes you feel right at home. Whether you already read tarot or just wanna channel some crafty vibes, she drops knowledge that opens your eyes to self-growth and unlimited potential.

    With its nod to Rachel's iconic cult film role, this vibrant deck speaks to free-spirited 90s kids and old souls alike. For spiritual seekers who resonate with themes of feminine power, outcast triumphing and embracing your inner gifts against all odds, these cards tap those vibes in the best way.

     2. The Gentle Thrills Tarot

    The Gentle Thrills Tarot


    In uncertain times, the mystic soul yearns for connection and clarity. Enter The Gentle Thrills Tarot, a vibrant twist on ancient wisdom birthed during quarantine's stillness.

    Channeling our collective isolation into visionary art, each card beams an electric positivity that's oddly soothing. Figures dance, colors bleed, symbols emerge. Like a reassuring daydream, the painterly scenes lead inward just as they reach out to the universe.

    While wonderfully weird and friendly to all levels, make no mistake, the Thrill's weird wisdom also means business. The keywords cut sharp and clear even amidst the rapturous rainbows. Upright or reversed, every card condenses volumes into an intuitive lightning bolt.

    With its surge of technicolor optimism grounded by insightful precision, The Gentle Thrills deck speaks to truth-seekers craving hope and direction amidst uncertain times. For old souls feeling adrift yet ready to tap creative magic, these cards pave rainbow bridges from stillness to action.

    New & Upcoming Tarot Decks to Watch Out For

    1. Trivedia Premium Tarot Deck


    This limited edition deck overflows with devotion from its conception to carefully crafted details. Freed from mass production machinery, you can sense the creator's personal touch. While anchoring traditional tarot structure, unique finishes and exclusive flourishes add intrigue.

    Each card's thoughtful details hold symbolic resonance waiting to unfold. The Major Arcana salutes the Rider-Waite legacy while additional motifs hint of untapped potential within archetypes thought familiar. 

    Echoing the neutral void described by source goddess Tridevia, these cards reconcile life's inevitable contrasts. Neither denying struggles nor clinging to joys, they model equanimity amidst both light and shadows.

    For followers seeking to mirror such a gracious perspective, this deck offers tools to alchemize reactions into responses and to transmute base metal perspectives into gold. With its emphasis on neutrality, balance and conscious choice, this exquisite deck speaks most profoundly to old souls seeking spiritual growth amidst life's ups and downs.

    2. Earth Moon Magick The Tarot of Sacred Kingdoms

    Earth Moon Magick The Tarot of Sacred Kingdoms

    Attuned to Bali's ancient spirits and sacred sites, you'll swear these ornate cards directly channeled the island's otherworldly essence into every detail. Vibrant colors and foil accents evoke tropical fauna and traditional batik textiles.

    But natural beauty alone does not convey the deck's transformative power. Peer closer at the rural rituals, wandering wildlife, flowing waterfalls. Here, mundane moments morph into teachers for human flourishing. From symbolic richness to premium materials that feel sensational, this deck was clearly crafted through ceremonial devotion rather than mass means.

    And with an in-depth guidebook included, both novice and adept can attune to Bali's ancient rhythms for expanded consciousness. Evoking the sights, symbols and spirit of an Indonesian isle renowned for its mystic aura, this deck speaks deeply to spiritual adventurers and culture lovers. 

    Top 3 Most Beautiful & Unique Tarot Decks

    1. Gilded Tarot Royale Deck

    Gilded Tarot Royale Deck

    Get ready to meet the glammed up royalty of the tarot realm. The Gilded Tarot Royale is a true glow-up of a reader favorite, taking Llewellyn's classic Camelot vibes to couture levels. Like the epic origin stories we loved as kids, this deck's medieval makeover welcomes us back to an enchanted kingdom, where the archetypal court now guides with new majesty and insight.

    While brimming with opulent style, the core symbols and people still anchor deeper meaning. Only now, the kings, queens and knights are cloaked in custom couture as they offer clarity on relationships, career and inner terrain. For divination darlings with a penchant for gilded aesthetics and knightly flair, The Gilded Tarot Royale ushers in. 

    2. La Muci Fairy Tale Tarot Cards

    La Muci Fairy Tale Tarot Cards

    Are you ready to unlock portals to whimsical realms of wonder? Because the Fairy Tale Tarot beckons us to unfold intuition and self-discovery with storybook enchantment! Vibrant colors interwoven with emotive details don't just delight the eye but nourish the soul. Here, the primordial wisdom of tarot archetypes is cloaked in happily ever after appeal without losing symbolic depth.

    Each card reveals an inner glimpse behind beloved tales, reminding us life holds purpose and meaning, no matter how challenging the chapter. Rounded edges add flair while premium materials stand the test of time.

    Evoking the charm and innocence of bedtime stories, this deck speaks to the young at heart and imaginative souls. For tarot lovers who feel a childlike sense of wonder awakening within while beholding everyday magic, these cards tap your inner youth.

    3. Light Seer’s Tarot

    Light Seer’s Tarot

    Created by intuitive artist Chris-Anne, this unique deck reimagines tarot's symbolic landscape as a relatable, modern-day journey. Grounded in traditional frameworks, these cards keep it real about excavating the shadow while manifesting dreams.

    The vibrant illustrations capture multi-dimensional personalities who feel like kindreds on our own winding road to enlightenment. Chris-Anne herself believes fully owning our inner light means courageously exploring the shadows too. But have no fear, with compassion and understanding, this tarot deck guides from within light-suffused landscapes. They remind us we each hold magic, no matter how dark the detour!

    This authentic, insightful deck is ideal for the spiritual seeker on a path of self-discovery, especially those drawn to tackle life's difficulties with openness while still celebrating the light. Its blend of candor and inspiration speaks deeply to old souls ready to uncover their gifts.

    Final Words

    Remember, no "perfect" deck exists. Connections grow in time through life's twisting journeys together. The right deck for you now may differ from the one in five years.

    So when in doubt, lean into intuition and enthusiasm over analysis paralysis. Does a particular deck give you butterflies? Do the images inspire daydreams about unlocking mystical secrets?  Embrace tarot as an adventurous dialogue rather than a rule book. 

    Let each reading chapter surprise you as your own perceptions shift shapes like clouds sailing across the meaning-sky. And most of all, have fun channeling magical new perspectives! Still feeling that new deck spark joy? Flip back through for my top picks! 


    What are vintage and indie tarot decks worth collecting?

    There are many vintage tarot decks that are over 100 years old. Some cool vintage decks to collect is the Sola Busca Tarot 1491 remake - Golden Edition, The Della Rocca-Gumppenberg Tarot (1835), and the he Etteilla Tarot remake. Some current Indie tarot decks that are available that I have enjoyed cover all sorts of social issues, which can help shed a new light and perspective.

    What are good dark and mysterious tarot decks?

    Dark tarot decks often focus on a gothic theme. Popular darker decks to explore include the Alchemy 1977 England Tarot, The Anne Stokes Gothic Tarot, and the Book of Chaos Tarot.

    Is it easier locating tarot decks in-store or online?

    There's perks and challenges with finding tarot decks both in near shops and online. Brick and mortar stores let you flip through and get the vibe instantly. But variety can be limited based on what's trendy or mass-produced. Unless you've got a bougie boutique shop nearby, the selection is usually pretty mainstream.

    Going digital opens up way more indie decks and unique aesthetics for sure. You can peek reviews and fan art to get a feel potentially. But that hands-on connection is missing until the package arrives. 

    Whenever you're ready, there are 4 ways I can help you:

    1. Tridevia Tarot Deck: Join hundreds of cosmic explorers and spiritual enthusiasts in discovering the Tridevia Golden Foil 78-Card Tarot Deck, featuring enlightening affirmations in a luxurious collector’s box. Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and divine guidance.

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    3. FREE Mystical Tarot Guide: Yours for Free! This guide will help you master 78 cards in any deck and discover unique spreads for profound insights.ūüéĀ

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