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    14 Essential Oils For Hemorrhoids: A Natural Remedy

    14 Essential Oils For Hemorrhoids: A Natural Remedy

    Using essential oils for hemorrhoids is a fantastic solution for a natural healing approach. Essential oils can help to boost the healing process as well as provide relief from discomforting symptoms. The best route is to use essential oils as a complementary medicine with other natural or doctor recommended treatments.

    In this post we cover 14 of the best essential oils to use on hemorrhoids and essential oils to avoid. As well, we will teach you how to safely apply these essential oils to the affected area for ideal results. With your new knowledge, you will be able to confidently approach this natural method for treating hemorrhoids.

    What are Hemorrhoids?

    Hemorrhoids can happen to anyone. Neither men or women are more susceptible than the other, however they are fairly common in persons 50 years or older.

    A hemorrhoid occurs when the veins in or around your anus are are irritated and become swollen. This irritation can be internal or external, affecting the veins in the skin directly around your anus.

    This irritation is triggered by digestive issues such as chronic constipation, diarrhea or other strain on the bowels such as the way you sit on the toilet.

    Treating hemorrhoids with essential oils must be done correctly as it is a sensitive area. This means the right essential oils are properly mixed with the right carrier oils.

    It is also important to note that you can only treat external hemorrhoids with essential oils, as it is not safe to consume or ingest essential oils in any manner. So now you may wonder, how do I choose a topical solution?

    How To Use Essential Oils to Treat Hemorrhoids

    Topical Solution

    A topical treatment is for external use on the skin, such as a cream moisturizer, gel, or oil. This is the safest way to use essential oils on your skin because on their own, essential oils can be extremely potent and cause further irritation to the problem.

    You can purchase ready made ointments with essential oils from aromatherapists and hobbyists, or try making it yourself. Simply purchase a carrier oil that suits your needs and when needed, mix with a suitable essential oil.

    Carrier Oils for DIY Essential Oil Topical Treatments

    Coconut Oil Carrier Oil

    Essential oils are made safe for use on skin by the carrier oil it is combined with. There are various carrier oils you can use, each with their own beneficial vitamins or antioxidants for the skin. Some are better used for different target treatments or to experience benefits on particular parts of the skin, such as apricot oil which is fantastic for the face.

    Here are some popular examples of carrier oils,

    Grapeseed Oil: High in vitamin E which helps restore damaged skin cells.

    Apricot Oil: Contains oleic acid for moisturizing benefits

    Jojoba Oil: Has antibacterial properties, great for infections on the skin and acne.

    Coconut Oil: Acts as an anti-inflammatory, beneficial for soothing inflamed or irritated skin.

    Almond Oil: Antioxidant rich which aids in preventing or slowing skin cell damage.

    Best Essential Oils For Hemorrhoids

    Hemorrhoids sound like a tough thing to treat in general, let alone treating hemorrhoids with essential oils. But believe us, it’s not impossible! When used properly there are many essential oils that will target the swelling and discomfort, facilitating quicker and easier recovery.

    You are going to want essential oils that can act as an anti-inflammatory and provide antioxidants to promote healing. Now, look no further, as this is the ultimate list of essential oils to use on hemorrhoids.


    frankincense essential oil

    Frankincense is a well known oil for many reasons. One of its biggest appeals is the way it works on our skin. Many people use frankincense for speeding up the healing wounds, treating acne, and smoothing skin imperfections.

    On a hemorrhoid, frankincense will work all angles. This essential oil is anti-inflammatory, which will reduce the pressure on the skin, and hopefully reduce the size. Also acting as an antioxidant, you can count on easy healing with little damage to the skin around it.


    Lavender essential oil

    When you think of lavender essential oil, you probably immediately think of its popularity as a sleep aid. However, this is not the only way lavender’s benefits shine. This essential oil is tremendous at being an anti-inflammatory.

    Use lavender essential oil on a hemorrhoid to soothe swelling and calm immediate discomfort.


    One essential oil that has actually been studied and tested as a hemorrhoid treatment is myrtle. The reason myrtle essential oil was chosen to be tested on hemorrhoids is because of its significance as a treatment of various disease and health complications.

    When created into a cream, myrtle can help reduce the pain associated with hemorrhoids, as well as help control any potentially occurring bleeding.

    Horse Chestnut

    horse chestnut essential oil

    Horse chestnut is already a known and recommended treatment for hemorrhoids in the form of a consumable vitamin. If consumption is not for you or you are looking for a complimenting topical treatment, you can use horse chestnut essential oil.

    Purchase or make horse chestnut cream to reduce the discomforting symptoms of hemorrhoids.

    Cinnamon Bark

    cinnamon bark essential oil

    Now, not to be mistaken with your average cinnamon, cinnamon bark essential oil is a little different. It is the cinnamon bark that you are going to find useful in treating hemorrhoids. This will alleviate inflammation, as well as support the growth of new cells because of its high antioxidant content.


    Clove essential oil

    Clove essential oil can be a reliable preventative treatment or as relief, especially for those experiencing repeat or chronic cases of hemorrhoids. The use of clove essential oil as a topical creates pressure relief on the anal region, making it easier for bowel movements and less potential for stress. 

    Tea Tree

    Feel some relief from your hemorrhoid symptoms with tea tree oil. Not only is it an anti-inflammatory which will reduce swelling and size of the hemorrhoid, but tea tree oil is also an antiseptic. This is the factor that makes it a reliable skin cleanser. Tea tree essential oil will be able to cleanse your hemorrhoid of anything that is causing the burning itchy sensation.


    Peppermint essential oil

    Inflammation relief paired with a calmingly cool sensation is what makes peppermint essential oil a plausible option for treating your hemorrhoid.

    The sensations of peppermint can easily be overwhelming, so be mindful to only use a few drops in your treatment, whether that be mixing with an oil-based cream or plant-based oil on it’s own. 


    cypress essential oil

    Much like the tea tree, cypress essential oil is an antimicrobial that will provide a clean environment for symptom relief. It should also be noted that the calming nature of this oil promotes easy blood flow around the hemorrhoid, allowing for faster healing and alleviating discomfort.


    chamomile essential oil

    Chamomile is a versatile essential oil, with many properties that serve numerous fantastic purposes. When it comes to chamomile essential oil as a treatment for hemorrhoids we are going to attribute the success to the analgesic component of chamomile. This means it is basically a pain reliever! Once you have that under control, the rest of the healing comes easy (chamomile can help that too!)


    geranium essential oil

    Here is an essential oil that has a different take on the treatment of hemorrhoids. Geranium essential oil is going to be your preventative measure if you are at risk of a hemorrhoid because of constipation. When massaged with a carrier oil onto the anal area, geranium essential oil is going to assist in loosening the muscles of that area for a bowel movement.


    Juniper essential oil

    The biggest impact juniper essential oil is going to have is on the swelling and pressure built up around the anus. That is because as a topical, juniper is an effective anti-inflammatory. Juniper berries also have a correlation as a diuretic and aid with gastrointestinal issues.


    In herbal and natural medicine practices, sandalwood essential oil has long been known as a great treatment for irritation on the skin. As an attested anti-inflammatory, it could prove useful in the situation of a hemorrhoid.


    Patchouli essential oil is another popular treatment for skin. Used for soothing breakouts and dry skin, patchouli can help facilitate healthy skin around a hemorrhoid. This would be beneficial as the area is under a lot of stress and has the potential to break and bleed.

    Safety Tips for Essential Oils

    medical gloves for hemorrhoid essential oil safety

    If you will be using essential oils on your hemorrhoids there are a few extra safety tips to consider than your typical essential oil use. 

    When ready:

    • Wash your hands to avoid cross contamination
    • Wear gloves to prevent reactions on other parts of the body
    • Don‚Äôt use too much - essential oils are very potent
    • Do a test patch to ensure an essential oil is right for you
    • Avoid if pregnant - the baby is too underdeveloped for exposure

    Essential Oils to Avoid On Hemorrhoids

    There are some essential oils you should not even consider trying on your hemorrhoids. While some of their properties may sound helpful for your discomfort or to promote healing, overall these oils are too strong and may hurt more than they help.

    citrus essential oils

    Avoid citrus oils such as

    • Orange
    • Lemon
    • Bergamot

    Although citrus is known as a fantastic antiseptic and antimicrobial, these would be too strong in this case and may cause more damage than good. We want to keep moisture and healthy skin cells for healing hemorrhoids. Citrus oils may also cause a stinging sensation more than anything.

    Other Natural Ways to Heal and Prevent Hemorrhoids


    Staying hydrated allows for better absorption in the intestine and prevents constipation. As a general rule of thumb we should be consuming anywhere between 11 to 15 cups of water each day.


    Fiber helps the formation of your stool. It does this by creating an adequate size and moisture content for easy release from the bowels. Fruits and vegetables are your best source of fiber.

    Using the Bathroom

    A common reason people experience hemorrhoids is how they sit on the toilet. Our toilets weren’t designed to set up our bodies in the best position for bowel excretion. If you frequently have issues going to the bathroom, try a stool to lift your knees higher than your hips. How long you sit on the toilet also places added strain on the anus.


    Hemorrhoids are a tricky thing to heal due to their location. The best you can do is use reliable treatments to make the healing process more comfortable. That is why one of these 14 essential oils for hemorrhoids should be on hand during your first or next flare up.

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