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    Secrets of How to Cleanse Tarot Cards Revealed (With Step-by-Step Guide)

    Secrets of How to Cleanse Tarot Cards Revealed (With Step-by-Step Guide)

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    You're about to do a reading. You pick up your deck, but something feels off. The cards seem heavier, or there's a strange static energy around them.

    This might be a sign that your cards have absorbed a variety of energies and need cleansing. 

    Tarot cards are not just pieces of beautifully illustrated paper. They're mirrors to our soul, pathways to our subconscious, and bridges to the universal consciousness. As we shuffle, read, and store these cards, they absorb our energy ‚Äď the good, the bad, and the complex.

    In this post, we'll explore why it's crucial to cleanse your tarot cards regularly, signs that your deck might need a good energetic clean-up, and a detailed step-by-step guide on how to cleanse your tarot cards.

    So, grab your favorite deck, maybe a cup of tea, and let's dive into the mystical world of tarot card cleansing! 

    Table of Contents

    Understanding Tarot Cards and Energy

    Understanding Tarot Cards and Energy

    Like people, places, and objects, tarot cards have unique energy vibes. If you're a seasoned tarot reader, you've probably felt this energy when handling your deck. And if you're new to this, don't worry; it's something you'll soon begin to notice as you familiarize yourself with your cards.

    Think of your tarot cards as sponges. Picture your cards soaking up the energy from each reading, from the person being read, and even the environment they are kept in. Over time, these energies accumulate, just like water in a sponge. And just like a waterlogged sponge, a deck heavy with residual energies can become difficult to work with.

    How does this affect your tarot readings?

    Well, let's say you've been using your tarot cards for a while without cleansing them. Every reading you do, every question you ask, every thought you ponder ‚Äď all of these energies are being absorbed by the cards.¬†

    Now, imagine trying to do a new reading, perhaps even for a different person, with all these lingering energies. It's a bit like trying to listen to a soft melody in a noisy room ‚Äď the true message can get lost amidst all the noise.

    A cleansed tarot deck, on the other hand, is like a clear, calm lake. It reflects clearly, answers accurately, and connects deeply. By cleansing your cards regularly, you ensure that the deck is 'reset,' enabling it to give you the most intuitive and insightful readings.

    As you read on, you'll discover how to recognize when your cards need cleansing and explore various techniques to cleanse and reset your tarot cards effectively.

    The Importance of Tarot Card Cleansing

    The Importance of Tarot Card Cleansing

    Would you wear the same shirt for weeks on end without washing it? Probably not.

    In much the same way...

    Regular tarot card cleansing is spiritual laundry that keeps your deck feeling fresh, clear, and ready for action.

    But why is regular cleansing so important?

    It affects your readings

    When your Tarot cards are holding onto residual energy from previous readings, it's like they're looking at the world through smoky glasses. The true messages can get distorted, leading to less accurate and less insightful readings.

    By cleansing your cards regularly, you clear away the smoke, and voila! You can see clearly again. Your readings become sharper, clearer, and more in tune with the energies at play.

    It nurtures the bond between you and your cards

    Cleansing your tarot cards is a bit like watering a plant. It nurtures the bond between you and your deck, helping it to grow and deepen. The act of cleansing is a demonstration of care and respect for your tarot cards. It's a ritual that says:

    I value you and appreciate the guidance you offer me. 

    This act of care helps to strengthen the connection between you and your deck, making for even more intuitive and powerful readings.

    How to Know When Your Tarot Cards Need Cleansing

    How to Know When Your Tarot Cards Need Cleansing

    Unlike a dirty shirt, tarot cards don't come with a "needs washing" tag. But they do send out signs. We just need to know what to look for and tune into our intuition. 

    A tarot deck that needs cleansing can give off a variety of signs:

    The readings feel off

    Ever had one of those readings where the cards just don't seem to make sense? Or maybe they seem more confusing or vague than usual? That could be your deck telling you it needs a little cleansing.

      The cards feel heavy or static

      If your cards feel energetically heavy or you feel a weird vibe around them, like static electricity, these are signs that there's some residual energy clinging onto your cards.

        You're drawing lots of reversed cards or the same cards over and over

        Now, this doesn't always mean your deck needs cleansing, but if it's happening a lot, it could be a sign that there's some stagnant energy in there.

          You feel a sense of unease or discomfort while handling your cards

          Trust your feelings. If handling your cards makes you feel uneasy or uncomfortable, it might be time for a good energy cleanse.

            Step-by-Step Guide on How to Cleanse Tarot Cards

            Below are some of my favorite techniques on how to cleanse your tarot cards - the key is to find a method that resonates with you!

            Smoke Cleansing

            Smoke Cleansing

            I learnt how to cleanse tarot cards with incense from a seasoned reader, and now it's my go-to method. It's simple, and it's powerful!

            How to cleanse tarot cards with incense or a smudge stick:

            1. Gather a bundle of sage, palo santo wood, or your favorite incense stick, a lighter or matches, and your tarot deck.
            2. Light the sage or incense stick and let it catch fire.
            3. Blow it out, letting the smoke billow out.
            4. Hold your tarot deck over the smoke, allowing the smoke to envelop each card. As you do this, imagine the smoke carrying away any negative or residual energy.
            5. Once you've smudged all your cards, spend a moment holding your deck, infusing it with your positive energy and intentions.

            Moonlight or Sunlight Bath

            Moonlight or Sunlight Bath

            This is a gentle, natural way to cleanse your tarot cards. It's especially good if you want to align your cleansing process with nature.

            How to cleanse tarot cards in moonlight or sunlight:

            1. Find a safe spot where your deck can bask in the moonlight or sunlight. It can be indoors by a window or outdoors if the weather is nice.
            2. Lay out your cards, making sure they're in a secure place.
            3. Leave your cards out for a few hours (or overnight for a moonlight bath). The natural light will cleanse and recharge your cards.
            4. After charging, hold your deck for a moment, infusing it with your energy and setting your intentions.

            Salt or Crystal Cleansing

            Salt or Crystal Cleansing

            Salt and crystals are natural energy absorbers. This method is perfect for those who love working with earth elements.

            How to cleanse tarot cards with salt or crystals:

            1. Take a bowl of sea salt or your favorite cleansing crystal (clear quartz or selenite are great options) and your tarot deck.
            2. Place your tarot deck into the bowl of salt or alongside the crystal.
            3. Let them sit overnight. The salt or crystal will absorb the negative energy, leaving your cards cleansed and refreshed.
            4. Once cleansed, take a moment to connect with your deck, setting your intentions for future readings.

            Sound Cleansing

            Sound Cleansing

            Sound can shift energy at its very core. This method is brilliant for those who connect with music or sonic vibes.

            How to cleanse tarot cards with sound:

            1. You'll need a bell, a singing bowl, tuning forks, or even a playlist of high-frequency sounds which you can find on the web.
            2. Begin by holding your tarot deck in one hand.
            3. If you're using a bell, singing bowl, or tuning fork, ring it over your cards. If you're using a soundtrack, let it play while holding your cards.
            4. Imagine the sound waves passing through your deck, shifting the stagnant energy, and re-aligning your cards' vibrations.



            This technique is all about using your inner energy. It's great when you need a quick cleanse and don't have any supplies at hand. It's also a highly effective technique you can use before beginning a new reading.

            How to cleanse tarot cards without tools:

            1. Sit comfortably and hold your tarot deck in both hands.
            2. Close your eyes and take 4-5 deep breaths.
            3. Visualize a bright light emanating from your heart, traveling down your arms and into your deck.
            4. Imagine this light purifying your deck, dissolving any negative or residual energy.
            5. Once you feel that your deck has been cleansed, open your eyes and take a minute to reconnect with your cards.

            How Often Should You Cleanse Your Tarot Cards

            How Often Should You Cleanse Your Tarot Cards

            There's no hard and fast rule when it comes to tarot card cleansing frequency. It's much like taking a bath or shower. For some, it's part of their everyday routine, while others might only do it when they feel the need. The same goes for your tarot deck.

            Here are a few suggestions on how to cleanse tarot cards based on frequency:

            Daily cleanse

            If you're using your cards every day or conducting readings for others regularly, a daily cleanse might be a good idea. This ensures that your deck is always clear of any residual energies and ready to provide the most accurate readings.

            Weekly or monthly cleanse

            If you use your tarot deck less frequently, a weekly or monthly cleansing can be enough to keep your deck fresh and energetically healthy.

            After an intense reading

            Sometimes, a reading can feel heavy or emotionally charged. If that happens, you might want to cleanse your deck right after the reading to clear any intense energy.

            When your intuition nudges you

            This is the golden rule of tarot ‚Äď always trust your intuition. If your gut feeling tells you that your deck needs a cleanse, even if you just did one, go for it. Your intuition knows best.

            Last Words

            Your tarot deck is not just a tool but a trusted ally in your spiritual journey. 

            Looking after your deck‚ÄĒthrough regular cleansing‚ÄĒshows respect and gratitude for the guidance it provides. This ensures clear and insightful readings and strengthens your bond with your deck.

            Whether you're a daily user or someone who reaches out to the deck for those significant life questions, giving your cards a good energy cleanse will go a long way in maintaining their intuitiveness.

            Experiment with the techniques we've discussed, from smoke cleansing with incense to visualization and sound cleansing. 

            See what resonates with you and your deck. And remember, your intuition is your greatest guide. Listen to it. If your cards feel heavy or your readings are confusing, it might be time for a spiritual laundry day!

            As they say in Tarot World...

            May your intuition be clear and your readings be insightful.

            Happy cleansing!

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