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    Moringa Oil Benefits To Skin, Hair and Health

    The benefits of moringa oil cannot be overstated
    Until recently, little to nothing was known on moringa oil despite it being used for centuries. Yes, you read that right, for centuries. Moringa oil was used by the Egyptian royal family to remove wrinkles and maintain youthful skin.

    Does that give away everything on the benefits of moringa oil? No, this is barely a scratch; moringa oil has dozens of benefits that cut across hair care, nutrition, health, and skincare.

    If you have never heard of Moringa Oil brace yourself, you are about to.

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    What is Moringa Oil?

    What is Moringa Oil, Moringa tree leaves

    Before proceeding any further, let us take a moment, and all get to understand what moringa oil really is. Moringa oil is an essential oil derived from the seeds of a moringa tree. Moringa tree is a native Indian plant that has earned the title of 'most nutritious wonder tree’

    Famously known by its scientific name Moringa aleifera, the moringa tree is a vegetable tree whose popularity has raised the need to grow it in almost every continent. Moringa aleifera is also commonly nicknamed as drumstick tree, tree of life, and miracle tree. Now grown in Latin America, Africa, Asia, and some parts of Europe!

    Why all the names for a single plant? Basically, almost every part of Moringa aleifera has one or more benefits; that is, the roots, barks, stem, seeds, leaves, and flowers.

    Moringa oil is specifically extracted from the seeds of a moringa tree through a cold-pressing process. The final product is rich in omega acids, oleic acid, nutrients, vitamins, linoleic acids, and antioxidants. All of which impact us positively if consumed and used correctly.

    The oil has a long shelf-life thanks to its antioxidant property that prevents it from going rancid.

    Difference Between Moringa Oil and Moringa Powder

    Moringa tree final products come in different forms with powder and oil as the most common.
    Moringa Oil, Moringa powder all you need to know

    Moringa powder is obtained from the leaves of the miracle tree. The leaves are harvested then dried under low light and heat similar to how tea is processed. The dried leaves are then grounded to a fine powder to get moringa powder. In general, moringa powder is available in bulk and is relatively cheaper compared to other forms.

    On the other hand, moringa oil is obtained from matured seeds of Moringa aleifera. The oil is extracted through a cold-pressing process. Well, it is understandable that the terms might be new to quite a handful but the good news is, more often than not you won't be required to extract it, all the hard work will be done for you.

    Though derived from the same plant moringa oil has more uses compared to moringa powder and is slightly more expensive.

    Benefits of Moringa Oil

    As mentioned earlier, using moringa oil has tons of benefits. The wonder oil is particularly quite famous in the cosmetic industry and with discoveries in the pharmaceuticals as well. In this post be reviewing the benefits of moringa oil in:

    1. Benefits of moringa oil to the skin
    2. Benefits of moringa oil to the hair
    3. Health benefits of moringa oil

    1. Benefits of Moriga Oil to the Skin

    Beauty is an important aspect of human lives and it is just logical we start with moringa oil for skincare.

    Benefits of Moringa Oil to the skin

    The skin is the largest organ in the human body making up 16% of the total body weight. Beauty is subjective but we call all agree on the simple fact that healthy and glowing skin is a darling to everyone.

    In most cases, when you picture glowing skin what comes to people's is a shelf full of beauty products, experts say beauty costs a lot, right? Well, what if I told you that you call to get all the essentials to maintain your skin in moringa oil?

    Moringa oil is gaining ground in the cosmetic industry in modern times. Its fast absorption properties and the skin-nourishing nutrient combination make it ideal for all skin types.

    The following are the benefits moringa oil will have on your skin:

    i. Anti-aging

    By now, it’s pretty obvious you know that moringa oil has been used as an anti-aging product for centuries.

    The oil helps in the removal of wrinkles thanks to its anti-oxidizing property that curb the activities of the free radicals hence preventing the skin from sagging. Sagging of the skin is pretty common as one age but unhealthy skin practices can make the skin sag sooner than it is supposed to.

    Moringa oil won’t prevent you from getting old but it will slow down how fast this will be reflected on the skin. Who doesn't want healthy youthful skin?

    ii. Provides a Preventive barrier to your skin

    The ancient Egyptians used moringa oil as a protective barrier to the sun and dust when taking long desert walks. 

    The seed extract oil contains a unique fatty acids combination essential for the maintenance and formation of the cell membrane. This layer acts as a protective barrier to the skin by regulating the permeability of the skin.

    Moringa oil also helps restore natural oils to the skin thanks to its anti-inflammatory and excellent lubricating properties.

    Our skin is prone to lots of hazards all of which would damage the skin.  One of those hazards is the sun's ultraviolet rays. The immediate consequences of this are sunburns which can be pretty annoying and difficult to hide and get rid of once you have them.

    Moringa oil makes an excellent sunscreen. Though it is not advisable to apply the oil directly on the skin, most companies add it as a major ingredient when making sunscreens.

    iii. Skin Moisturizing

    Different people have different skin types, this varies from sensitive skin, normal, dry, and oily skin. Well, despite, your skin type it is your responsibility to ensure that your skin stays hydrated and, there is no better way to do it than applying moringa oil.

    The oil has emollient lubricating properties that not only ensure your skin stays hydrated but also seals the moisture on the skin preventing flaking and inflammation.

    When applied to the skin as a moisturizer it is easily absorbed making it ideal for people with sensitive and dry skin.

    Moringa oil makes excellent lip care and post-shave products, all credit to its ability to penetrate deep into the skin.

    iv. Fight Acne and Dark Spots

    Acnes can be pretty annoying sometimes, no, on second thought acnes are super annoying all the time. And, they tend to develop when you are just about to attend an important function, be it the long-awaited date, graduation, presentation…

    Acnes lower one's esteem and most sort solutions either never work or end up damaging the skin even more.

    Moringa oil is known for its outstanding acne curing properties. How does the oil cure acne? This is so given the fact that moringa oil is an excellent antimicrobial and antiseptic. These two properties help kill germs and bacteria that cause acne.

    It is also an excellent cleanser and regulates the amount of sebum produced by the skin. How does this help in fighting acne and dark spots? By preventing dirt and bacteria from clogging the poles on the skin! Clogged poles are responsible for acne development 80% of the time.

    The majority of makeup removals are alcohol-based and they can be damaging to sensitive skin and lead to the development of dark spots and burns. Moringa oil, on the other hand, is alcohol-free and its superb cleansing properties make it an excellent makeup remover.

    v. Restores Natural Glow?

    Glowing skin is healthy skin. There are tones of reasons to cause dull skin. In some instances, we have control and can prevent it whereas, in others, it is simply beyond our means.

    Dead skin is the major cause of dull skin. Every single day we shed millions of skin cells. Whereas the majority of the cells will drop off some won't. Lack of proper exfoliation at least once every two weeks will make your skin to lose its natural radiance. 

    The skin can also turn dull if you fail to take enough water, fail to moisturize it, lack enough sleep, stress, smoking, and age.

    Moringa oil being an antioxidant makes an excellent skin moisturizer. Also, the oleic acid and sulfur help the skin to rebuild is natural keratin. This is essential in the fact that it helps repair damaged skin restoring its natural glow.

    Benefits of Moringa Oil to the Hair

    Beauty is a complete pack and hair plays a major role when judging beauty. Maintaining healthy hair is easier said than done. It required a lot of energy and dedication.

    One of the effective ways to ensure that you maintain healthy and glowing hair is by choosing the best hair products. We are spoilt of options on what to pick but not every product is good as advertised.

    Moringa oil makes excellent hair care products that not only nourishes but also repairs damaged hair.

    Is moringa oil any special from other hair care products? That is purely subjective but here are the benefits of using the wonder oil on your hair.

    i. Moisturizes the Scalp

    Using Moringa for Scalp Moisturizing

    Moringa oil has already cemented its value in the massage world as a top pick massage oil. The oil penetrated deep into the skin nourishing and hydrating it.

    The scalp is arguable overlooked when taking care of the hair but here is a fact most people don't know, a healthy scalp directly or indirectly translates to healthy hair.

    There are handfuls of ways in which you can maintain a healthy scalp however, moisturizing is the most effective way. Moringa oil is an excellent moisturizer and when applied to the hair, it reaches the roots to moisturize and nourish the scalp. A dry scalp is itchy and a leading cause of hair loss and thinning hair.

    How do you apply moringa oil on your scalp? Wet the hair first then massage gently with moringa oil. You can wash off the oil but this is not always necessary since most moringa oil hair care products are leave-ins.

    The oil will reach down to the scalp, cleansing soothing, and moisturizing it in the process. It is none sticky, least assured it will spread easily with a non-greasy texture.

    ii. Stronger Hair

    Strong hair is a mark of beautiful hair. Just like the skin, the hair also needs to be nourished.

    When your hair is strong and healthy this will add crucial esteem points but, how do you go about it?

    Moringa oil is rich in minerals and vitamins. When applied to the hair, these nutrients penetrate deep in the hair follicles rejuvenating the hair from within. It has also been recommended as a solution to hair loss and breakage.

    To achieve the desired results you are required to apply the oil regularly. One time application won't have rather significant results. Consistency is key!

    iii. Fighting Dundruff

    dundruff can be annoying at times, try moringa oil

    How many of us are not familiar with dandruff? Most likely, none! We have all had dandruff at some point in our lives.

    So, what is dandruff? This is a common condition that makes the skin on the scalp flake and itchy. The truth is, dandruff is not dangerous nor contagious however, they are quite embarrassing and challenging to deal with.

    What causes dandruff? Dandruff is caused by failure to shampoo, yeast fungus, dry skin, and allergy to specific hair products.

    How do you know that you have dandruff? The easiest way to know that you have dandruff is through noticing a flaked and itchy scalp skin.  

    The same minerals in moringa oil that make hair strong and soothe the scalp are responsible for fighting dandruff. In particular, the high levels of natural behenic acid which is a compound in hair conditioners that fight dandruff.

    Health Benefits of Moringa Oil

    In the beginning, we referred to the moringa tree as a wonder tree. It is now starting to make sense. The oil has tons of benefits cutting across all the major aspects of human life, that is, beauty and health.

    How is moringa oil beneficial to your overall health?

    i. Treating Stomach Disorders

    One of the most common health conditions we all face is a stomach disorder. The concept of using moringa oil to treat stomach problems may sound new to many, but the truth is, moringa oil has been traditionally used to treat stomach upsets and ulcers.

    The oil contains antibacterial and antibiotic properties that help stop the growth of pathogens in the gut, the antioxidant property soothes inflammation and helps maintain a balance of bacteria in the digestive system.

    It also helps in ensuring a smooth digestion process and in the process treating constipation, ulcerative colitis, and gastritis.

    ii. Diabates

    Can moringa oil be used to treat diabetes?

    Diabetes is a condition caused by high or low blood sugar levels in the bloodstream. In recent years, diabetes has been on the rise and this is largely attributed to poor feeding habits and unhealthy lifestyles.

    Edible moringa oil contains an insulin-like protein that helps play a major role in lowering blood sugar levels especially for people with type 2 diabetes.

    A spike in blood sugar levels where the body can't produce enough insulin causes a rise in sugar cravings, mood swings, and in the long run, type 2 diabetes.

    Moringa oil is high in sterols a compound that helps lower levels of bad cholesterol in the body. Well, don’t misinterpret this as a cure for diabetes. Moringa oil is not a cure for diabetes but rather helps in controlling and managing diabetes.

    iii. Arthritis Pain

    Arthritis is a condition that affects the bones and joints. The condition is common more so as we age.

    People with arthritis are recommended to apply moringa oil on the aching joints. The anti-inflammatory property of the oil helps to reduce swelling and relieves pain on the troublesome joints.

    It is important to note that moringa oil is not a miracle cure for arthritis.  Instead, it helps in relieving pain and reducing joint swelling especially in the late stages of arthritis.

    iv. Liver Health

    The liver is a vital organ in the human body. Its prime function is to detoxify the blood by filtering and purifying it.

    Research has proved moringa oil to improve the overall liver health of people whose liver has been exposed to toxins. How is this possible? When consumed, the oil helps in lowering negative chemical markers (ALT and AST) levels in the body. These chemicals would otherwise damage the liver.

    The liver cells indeed have the ability to repair themselves when damaged but moringa oil speeds up the repair process.

    v. Lowers Blood Pressure

    High and low blood pressure are chronic diseases common in human life. The oil in context contains oleic acid or omega 9 fatty acid, as it is famously known that when consumed impact positively in lowering blood pressure. How is this possible? When consumed under the guidance of a practitioner, moringa oil reduces the risk of contracting atherosclerosis and heart complications.

    vi. Promotes Sleep

    Getting some good night sleep is crucial

    The importance o a good night cannot be overstretched. The following are reasons why you should get enough sleep:

    • Better production and concentration
    • Weigh control
    • Reduce the risk of contracting chronic diseases
    • Strengthen the immune system
    • Boosts better moods
    • Reduce the risk of depression

    Behenic acid and other active aromatic compounds help in the relaxation of muscles promoting a sense of comfort and relaxation. It is this essential property that induces some good sleep.

    Cooking Oil

    When used as cooking oil, moringa oil has a unique nutrient profile. These nutrients include but not limited to proteins, oleic acid (a monounsaturated fat healthy fat) vitamin C and B. This nutrient combination helps to boost immunity and the absence of bad cholesterol prevent and control diabetes.

    Side Effects of Using Moringa Oil

    There is always a dark side to everything. Are there any side effects of using moringa oil? Yes, the good news is, they can all be managed.

    • Blood pressure

    By now it is clear that moringa oil helps lower blood pressure. How is this a negative side effect? Everything is all good unless you are on low blood pressure meds. Never used moringa when on the meds since it might lead to serious hypertension.

    • Skin issues

    Moringa oil is suitable for all skin types. However, there might be exemptions where some skins may be allergic to the oil.

    • Stomach problems

    For ages, the oil has been used to treat stomach upset. If used in large amounts the oil can lead to a bloated stomach.

    Tips on how to choose the best moringa oil in today’s market

    We are living in a world where customers only have to type a few keywords on the search engine to purchase the product of their choice. There has been a significant reduction in the number of people who walk to the stores to make purchases, especially with the current Covid 19 situation.

    Customers seeking to purchase moringa oil are spoilt of options. How do you ensure that you only purchase the best moringa oil?

    i. The Color and Clarity

    Pure moringa oil is golden yellow in color

    Does moringa oil have a distinct color that sets it aside from other oil brands? Check to see that the oil you purchase is pale yellow in color and should have a slight smell of peanut. Too bad you can't do this when purchasing online.

    ii. How is it Manufactured

    The oil should be extracted fromMoringa aleifera‚Äės seeds through a cold-pressing process. Choose a company that comes up clear on how they manufacture the oil where they get the raw materials.

    iii. Determine if the moringa oil is essential or carrier oil

    Purchase a product with moringa oil as an essential oil if you want to make the most out of the oil.

    Common FAQs on Moringa Oil

    What does moringa oil taste like?

    Moringa oil tastes like seeds taste like green beans only a little sweeter. The oil taste like matcha spiked with blue-green algae.

    Can you eat moringa oil?
    Basically, essential moringa oil is not edible but food-grade cold-pressed moringa oil is.

    Does moringa oil help you sexually?
    Moringa oil can help improve sex life in men. Vitamin A aids in the formation of sperms whereas vitamin C improves blood flow.

    Who should not take moringa oil?
    Everyone can take moringa oil except pregnant and lactation mothers. Also, people on low blood pressure meds should avoid it unless advised otherwise by their doctors.

    Does moringa oil aid in weight loss?
    Research has found moringa oil to reduce the formation of fat in the body and aid in the breakdown of excess fats.

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