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    What is the Sagittarius Flower? Six Sagittarius Birth Flowers Revealed

    Six Sagittarius Birth Flowers

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    Sagittarius is one of the twelve astrological zodiac signs known as the Archer. When the sun moves through Sagittarius, the dates are between November 22 and December 21, as it is a fire sign ruled by lucky and expansive Jupiter. The Sagittarius zodiac sign characteristics are honesty, passion, robustness, adventure, and pride.

    Those with the Sagittarius sun signs are known to love passionately, but they may not commit to it because of their need for adventure, but they can bring fun to a relationship. Now you know what the characteristics of this sign are, what about the Sagittarius flower?

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    What Is the Sagittarius Flower?

    What Is the Sagittarius Flower

    You may not be aware of the Sagittarius birth flower, but the sign has six flowers, and the Sagittarius zodiac flower sign symbolizes the same characteristics as the Archer.

    Every zodiac sign has its flowers with various interpretations. Sagittarius's flowers are Chrysanthemum, Carnation, Snapdragon, Narcissus, Protea, and Holly.

    Each flower has meaning, as they are all relevant to the Archer. And if you are a Sagittarius who is developing a love for horticulture, then you are in luck as you will learn about the meaning of each birth flower for Sagittarius. Let’s begin with the Chrysanthemum Sagittarius flower. 

    Chrysanthemum Sagittarius Flower

    Chrysanthemum Sagittarius Flower

    The official Sagittarius flower sign is Chrysanthemum for November. This flower is popular as a bouquet as it is pretty colorful and stands out. It is native to northeastern Europe and East Asia. The Chrysanthemum represents self-confidence, a trait Sagittarius is known to have, along with the other fire signs.

    This is a fascinating Sagittarius flower with many colors representing various meanings, as you will often see the colors of Chrysanthemum as red, white, purple, and yellow. The red Chrysanthemum represents passion, as Sagittarius is a passionate sign as they have a strong sense of adventure. It can also mean security, as red is the color of the Root Chakra. 

    The yellow Chrysanthemum represents joy and confidence, another trait the Archer has, which is also tied to the Solar Plexus Chakra. The purple version represents healing, and Sagittarians are known to heal others with their optimism and truth-telling, which may not feel good initially, but the truth is what people need if they are going down the wrong path.

    However, the sign is also known to be intuitive, and the purple can represent that, too, as it is tied to the Third Eye Chakra. Finally, the white Chrysanthemum is about purity, honesty, spirituality, and loyalty, which would also be connected to the Crown Chakra, which is part of the Sagittarian traits. 

    The Sagittarius zodiac flower Chrysanthemum is overall fitting for the sign as it contains a joyful and harmonious nature that the Archer is known to have, as these flowers bloom in the fall. The next one up for review is the Carnation Sagittarius flower. 

    Carnation Sagittarius Flower

    Carnation Sagittarius Flower

    The Carnation Sagittarius flower represents love, and the Archer is not known to be romantic, but their optimistic views make them loving, and they are loving of love. It is native to the Mediterranean region. Even though the Sagittarius is not known to be romantic, this flower is a wedding flower, and it is a long-lasting bouquet flower. Like the Chrysanthemum, the Carnation has various colors, which are red, pink, green, yellow, purple, and white. 

    As you know, the red is all about passion, deep love, and security, as it is tied to the Root Chakra, and it is the ideal Sagittarius birth flower because it represents passion. The pink Carnation is another excellent Sagittarius zodiac flower, as the pink and green flowers are about opening up the heart and spreading love to others and self, as it is tied to the Heart Chakra. 

    The yellow variation, connected to the Solar Plexus Chakra, is about pride, confidence, and optimism. The purple Carnation represents intuition, loyalty, and spirituality, which ties to the Archer and is connected to the Third Eye Chakra. Finally, the white Carnation, tied to the Crown Chakra, represents spirituality and purity. This is a loving Sagittarius flower, so let's discuss the next one, the Snapdragon. 

    Snapdragon Sagittarius Flower

    Snapdragon Sagittarius Flower

    Sagittarians are adventurous and honest; any Sagittarius flower must represent those traits. Therefore, the Snapdragon is another one, as it represents resilience, strength, honesty, and adventure. It grows in the Mediterranean, Europe, North America, and North Africa. Looking at it, you see it stands tall, grows on stems, and is a robust flower. It is a tough flower growing on rocky and harsh soil, which is another common thing with Sagittarius. The Sagittarian is tenacious and will not give up quickly. 

    The Snapdragon is vibrant as it shows the graceful and charismatic nature of the Sagittarius. According to folklore, the Snapdragon has been used to ward off dishonesty, negative energy, and curses. Since Sagittarians are known to be blunt and honest, this is also how this flower is connected to the sign. 

    Additionally, since this flower is tied to the adventurous side of Sagittarius, it is a great flower to give to someone ready to go on a life-changing adventure. The next flower for Sagittarius up for discussion is Narcissus. 

    Narcissus Sagittarius Flower

    Narcissus Sagittarius Flower

    The next Sagittarius birth flower is the Narcissus or the Daffodil, the flower for Sagittarians born in December. Most of these flowers bloom in the spring, except for the Paperwhite Narcissus Sagittarius flower, which blooms in December. There are several types of these flowers, and they grow in the Iberian peninsula in addition to southwestern Europe. Even though this flower is the sign of unrequited love, hence the origins of the term "narcissist," it also symbolizes loyalty, respect, hope, truth, and prosperity. 

    The white part of this flower on the petals is all about purity, as it is associated with the Crown Chakra, which is all about connecting to the spiritual side. Then there is yellow, which represents truth and confidence, associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra, which represents Sagittarius. It has a sweet fragrance as well when it is beginning to bloom. 

    The other thing about this Sagittarius zodiac flower is that it also represents prosperity and hope; many New Year's celebrations include this flower to help bring luck for the following year, as it is associated with lucky Jupiter. There are several more flowers for Sagittarius, and the next one to review is the Protea Sagittarius flower.

    Protea Sagittarius Flower

    Protea Sagittarius Flower

    Another Sagittarius birth flower is the Protea, known as Proteus in Greek. It means "the old man of the sea," as it is a sign that represents frequent changes, movement, bravery, courage, and transformation. Sagittarians are known to be courageous and are all about change and movement, so this flower fits the characteristics of those with the sign. 

    The Protea Sagittarius flower is endemic to the eastern Atlantic coast of Brazil as it requires a lot of rain for it to grow up to five feet, so these are tall plants. This flower is unusual and has a different elegance from the flowers you know, and it is well-built. It can survive harsh rain storms, and it stands just well as it is resilient, just like the Sagittarius. This flower also has a hidden message: to be brave to show your true self. 

    Therefore, if you were to see the Protea flower in a dream, that is the message you would get from it. If you have been suppressing your authentic side because you worry too much about fitting in, then it is time to stop worrying about following the crowd and be brave enough to show who you are. That is also the message that is fitting to Sagittarius. Let's review the final Sagittarius flower, the Holly. 

    Holly Sagittarius Flower

    Holly Sagittarius Flower

    The last flower for Sagittarius is the Holly, which is associated with Christmas but also the flower associated with those born in December. Temperate and subtropical areas worldwide grow this flower as it contains a fruit known as a drupe. It is safe for birds to consume as it is part of the diet of many bird species, but it is unsafe for humans to consume as it is semi-toxic. It has a sweet fragrance during blooming season, which attracts butterflies and bees. 

    This flower is associated with Sagittarius because it represents optimism, happiness, protection, and defense. Spirituality and religion are associated with Sagittarius, and this flower has a religious background. There is a reason that Holly is associated with Christmas. In Christianity, the belief was that the fruit was originally white, but it became red from the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The Holly stem has thorns, which in Christianity symbolizes Jesus' crown of thorns. 

    Those are the flowers that are associated with Sagittarius. What about the Sagittarius flower and birthstone? When you think about a zodiac sign, you may think about the associated flower but may not always acknowledge the birthstone. Let's elaborate on the Sagittarius birthstone and flower. 

    The Sagittarius Flower and Birthstone

    The Sagittarius Flower and Birthstone

    You learned about six different flowers for Sagittarius, as they have various reasons for their association with the sign. Like flowers, Sagittarius has several birthstones, too. You may think there is only one birthstone for Sagittarius, which you may know as Topaz, which is only one of the birthstones for this sign. However, there are several others in addition to Topaz. They are also Citrine, Turquoise, and Tanzanite. Let's briefly discuss the properties of these birthstones for Sagittarius. 

    • Topaz - Topaz is a yellow stone meant to bring protection, joy, wisdom, love, leadership virtues, knowledge, enlightenment, and wisdom. Those are all characteristics of the sign, and it is meant for Sagittarians born in late November, as this is also the birthstone for that month.¬†
    • Citrine - Citrine is another yellow birthstone for Sagittarius for those born in late November. It is said to help improve creativity, self-esteem, motivation, and confidence. Occasionally, Citrine can be greenish-yellow or orangey-brown in color and is also known to ward off evil spirits.¬†
    • Turquoise - Turquoise is a blue stone associated with Sagittarius and with courage, loyalty, truth, strength, and calming energies. Since Sagittarians are known to be passionate to the point that it can get out of hand, the calming energies from this stone are there to help. It is additionally known as the "sky stone" because there was a belief that those with the turquoise stone with them during rainstorms would protect them from lightning strikes.¬†
    • Tanzanite - The Tanzanite is known as the "gemstone of happiness," which describes Sagittarius. And if you wear this blue stone, it will bring you good luck. However, it is also, like Turquoise, to calm those who may be very anxious and is known to help keep emotions in check, which many Sagittarians need!

    Therefore, the Sagittarius flower and birthstone have connections to one another, representing the sign well, and those who have this sign will not only collect their birthstones but may also consider getting a Sagittarius flower tattoo. 

    Sagittarius Flower Tattoo

    If you are like the typical Archer, expressing yourself is essential, given your fiery nature, which fits with the element. That is why you will want also to wear the fitting birthstone and the one that resonates with you the most for jewelry, but also get a Sagittarius flower tattoo of your choice and flaunt it! 

    Which flower do you feel represents you the most? Do you relate the most with the Holly, Protea, Daffodil, Carnation, Snapdragon, or Chrysanthemum? Once you make that determination, you will want to find the best Sagittarius flower tattoo design that suits you best. You can find these designs anywhere. Your local tattoo parlor will have them, as they can create any design. There are also several designs on Etsy. You may also not want a permanent tattoo; you can get temporary ones like those on Etsy. 

    You can get plenty of inspiration for the Sagittarius flower tattoo design you may have the most affinity for by looking at Pinterest or Instagram, as they have many. Why not be proud of your Sagittarian nature and express it through your birthstones and flowers?

    Sagittarius Birth Flower Takeaways

    Sagittarius Birth Flower Takeaways

    If you were born between November 22 and December 21, your sun sign is Sagittarius, a fire sign ruled by lucky and optimistic Jupiter. Your traits are optimism, spirituality, passion, a love for adventure and exploration, pride, strength, and honesty.

    You may not realize what is associated with your sign, but there are six flowers for Sagittarius that you will want to know about unless horticulture is not your thing. However, most people love flowers, and the Sagittarius flowers are Chrysanthemum, Carnation, Snapdragon, Narcissus, Protea, and Holly.

    You can embrace these flowers and flaunt them by getting a Sagittarius flower tattoo of your choice and wearing one of your birthstones. There is no better way to express your pride in your sun sign.

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