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    23 Inspiring Tarot Card Tattoo Ideas to Flaunt Your Personality

    23 Inspiring Tarot Card Tattoo Ideas to Flaunt Your Personality

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    If you love the tarot and tattoos, have you considered getting a tarot card tattoo? Tattoos and the tarot are both works of art, and all 78 cards of the tarot deck represent significant aspects of being human.

    Tarot goes beyond divination as it can help you connect with yourself as you learn to understand yourself more deeply. Exploring tarot card tattoo ideas may be something you want to do the next time you want to get some new body art. 

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    Why Would You Want To Get A Tarot Card Tattoo?

    You may be motivated to get a tattoo of a tarot card that speaks to you the most, whether it resonates with an aspect of yourself, reminds you of someone you love, or finds it motivating. You can get a tarot card tattoo of one of the 22 Major Arcana cards, representing significant life events, whereas the Minor Arcana cards represent the mundane.

    But that does not mean you could not get a tattoo of a Minor Arcana card if it speaks to you the most. You can even get the entire tarot deck tattooed onto you if all 78 cards mean something to you. 

    However, one of the best ways to express yourself if you love tattoos and tarot cards is to flaunt a tarot card tattoo of your choice, and the imagery and artwork can come from any deck, whether it is the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, Marseille, or Thoth. You can also get a Medusa tarot card tattoo if desired. 

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    You will want to find a tattoo artist who can give you the best tarot card tattoo that you can show off to those whom you come into contact with, and let's review the meanings of why you would want to get any of the 22 Major Arcana tarot cards tattooed onto you, starting with the Fool. 

    The Fool Tarot Card Tattoo

    The Fool is all about new beginnings, and there is optimism about what the future holds. Therefore, the Fool tarot card tattoo would be a good fit if you believe in embracing the unknown as you keep moving past your comfort zone while having hope for the future. The message you would express through that tattoo would be to never stay in your comfort zone and always strive to gain new experiences without worrying about losing or winning. If you attempt something new that you have never attempted before and it does not work out, you still win by gaining new experiences. 

    Magician Tarot Card Tattoo

    Would you consider yourself resourceful and creative? If so, then the Magician tarot card tattoo would be a great piece of body art for you. In the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, the Magician has the lemniscate. This infinity symbol represents no limits regarding what the Magician can create. If you see the four suits on the table, the Magician can access any resource possible to accomplish his goals. That is the message to you. The sky's the limit; if you get this tattoo, you will know that, but it is always a good reminder if you have doubts. 

    High Priestess Tarot Card Tattoo

    Do you think of yourself as mysterious and intuitive? If you are proud of those traits, that would explain your getting the High Priestess tarot card tattoo. The High Priestess reminds you always to pay attention to your intuition and to remember that things that appear on the surface are not always accurate or truthful. Therefore, if this is the message you want to convey to others and yourself, this is an excellent piece of body art to get. It is a great reminder that your intuition is powerful, and if you work in the psychic industry, this tattoo would be appealing since it represents your work. 

    The Empress Tarot Card Tattoo

    The Empress represents abundance, and if you want to send out to the Universe that you are open to abundance and that you trust that it will take care of you, then you will want to get an Empress tarot card tattoo. Also, if you love nature and spend a lot of time with Mother Earth, this tattoo will represent that side to you. The Empress is the most feminine card in the deck, and if you identify with that within yourself, this is the ideal piece of body art to get. 

    Emperor Tarot Card Tattoo

    The Emperor represents leadership, and if you identify yourself as a leader, this is a great tarot card tattoo to get. If you are the one who is known to set goals and you do everything you can to follow them and attain them, then you will see yourself as the Emperor. However, there are times when you doubt achieving those goals, and the Emperor will always remind you that with planning and strength, you can achieve anything you set your mind to. The Emperor is also the most masculine card in the deck, and if this is how you identify yourself, then this is ideal.

    The Hierophant Tarot Card Tattoo

    It may seem like an oxymoron to get the Hierophant tarot tattoo because the Hierophant is all about following social structures and traditions, and tattoos are about showing your individuality, which breaks away from following any social structure or tradition. However, if you are the type that honors your traditions, family, set of morals, and education, but you also want to flaunt that because you are proud, then this is why you would like to get the Hierophant piece of body art. In some decks, the Hierophant is also known as the High Priest. 

    Lovers Tarot Card Tattoo

    The Lovers tarot card is about making choices and commitments that make you feel whole or complete. Therefore, if you are the type that is serious about the commitments you make, whether it involves relationships or not, then this would be a great piece of body art for you to consider getting. You are proud of that aspect of yourself, so why not flaunt it? This tarot card tattoo would be the best reminder to do anything that makes you feel complete and to be with those who make you feel whole. That is if you have had a history of doing things that were not true to you or unfulfilling. 

    Chariot Tarot Card Tattoo

    The Chariot is about pushing forward no matter what obstacles attempt to get in the way. But with this card, there is determination, focus, confidence, and control. If you have been through hell and back in your life, and you have pushed forward to get so far because you never allowed hardship to bring you down, then the Chariot tarot tattoo would be a great piece of body art for you to express. You would also show it to anyone to remind them that they have the power to overcome any hardship, as they need to have the will to do so. 

    Strength Tarot Card Tattoo

    Strength is all about having the inner strength to push forward when you need to during trying times when you have no choice. This tarot card represents compassion, focus, bravery, and, of course, inner strength. Therefore, if you have been through hell and back throughout your life, and you want to flaunt how, after what you have been through in life, you are still standing, the Strength tarot card tattoo would be an ideal one to get if you are looking into getting a tarot card tattoo sometime in the future. 

    The Hermit Tarot Card Tattoo

    The Hermit tarot card reminds you that you need to take a step back from the crowd so you can take your time to reflect and remove life's clutter as you do that. The Hermit is the card that represents searching for truth, contemplation, and following your inner guide. Therefore, if you identify as someone who follows your inner soul to lead you to your path, then the Hermit would represent you. If you also identify as someone who helps others by guiding them to follow their inner soul, then this is the tarot card tattoo to get. 

    Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Tattoo

    Life is full of positive and negative times and events, and you cannot avoid fate. Nothing stays the same, as change is inevitable. Therefore, when positive things happen, cherish them and enjoy them fully. As you know, they will not last. On the flip side, if you are struggling with a negative situation, remember that those moments will also pass and rely on your Higher Power to get through them. If you need to have this as a reminder to you to embrace each change that life tosses at you, then you should have the Wheel of Fortune tarot card tattooed. 

    Justice Tarot Card Tattoo

    The Justice tarot card reminds you to be accountable for your actions and always be truthful, and if someone wronged you, it reminds you that you will get justice. Suppose you are the one who likes to be fair, and you do not judge others based on their situations because you know that, more often than not, people do the best they can, and you want to show off the fact that you are objective. In that case, the Justice tarot card tattoo is a body art you should consider getting. It is also a reminder to be fair and lawful. 

    The Hanged Man Tarot Card Tattoo

    The Hanged Man is one of the most profound tarot cards in the Major Arcana and serves as a message for you to surrender by letting go. It is easy to worry about what can happen in the future, but the message that the Hanged Man gives you is to not worry about what can happen in the future but to enjoy the present moment. This card can represent that sometimes you need to suspend time because now is not the time to move forward with something you want to do. The Hanged Man tarot card tattoo reminds you not to worry about the future and to focus on what you can do right now because now is what you have. 

    Death Tarot Card Tattoo

    Contrary to everyone's belief about the Death tarot card, it is one of the most positive cards in the deck because it represents transformation. A door that needs to close is closing, whereas a new one is opening for you, which indicates growth and evolution.

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    The Death tarot card tattoo reminds you that one of your life lessons is to allow anything that no longer serves you to end while you embrace what is waiting for you that will support your soul's growth. This is a beautiful card in the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, and this tarot card also makes a beautiful tattoo. 

    Temperance Tarot Card Tattoo

    Temperance reminds you that you are where you are supposed to be right now, and it tells you that it is important to find peace in the place you are in life for that reason. If you have found peace in your life and you have found a way to allow things to unfold the way they are meant to, then the Temperance tarot card tattoo would be the way to express that. It is challenging to get to a place where you achieve that type of balance, and once you do, why not flaunt it to the world and encourage others to do the same? Get the tattoo. 

    Devil Tarot Card Tattoo

    You are human and will have hedonistic human desires because that is part of the human experience. The Devil tarot card represents these primal desires for these earthly needs and your fears and attachments. Therefore, when this card comes up in a reading, you are reminded to break those chains of attachments. If you became self-aware and broke your chains to anything that held you back, be proud and treat yourself to the Devil tarot card tattoo. One of the most challenging things in life is to free yourself from bad habits and addictions to become your best self!

    The Tower Tarot Card Tattoo

    The Tower tarot card is one of the most misunderstood cards in the deck, next to Death. Even though it does represent upheaval and destruction, the Tower is about revelations and foundational changes in your life.

    Therefore, if you had a powerful revelation that caused you to entirely change your beliefs and way of being, such as having a potent revelation to the point of converting to a new religion that gives you a lot more meaning and purpose, then the Tower tarot card tattoo would be one to get. The tattoo reminds you that if you want to bring something into your life that is better for you and makes your existence meaningful, then you have to destroy what no longer serves you in the process!

    The Star Tarot Card Tattoo

    The Star tarot card is about having hope, strength, and power to keep moving forward if you have been through hell and back. You have kept up with your courage to keep moving forward despite any heartache and pain, so the Star tarot card tattoo is the body art to express your strength and power. You have been through some terrible life changes, and despite that, you have never lost your strength, courage, and hope. You found your inner power through the loss, shown by the Star. 

    Moon Tarot Card Tattoo

    The Moon tarot card is about your imagination, fears, fantasies, and anything hidden. This card and the astrological Twelfth house have much in common; both are associated with Pisces. If you are the type that balances life between living in a fantasy and the real world, then you would want the moonlight to guide you to help you blend both as well as help you manage any fears and anxieties that you have. If you are an artist or creative by nature and have a vivid imagination, then the Moon tarot card tattoo would be a great fit for you. 

    The Sun Tarot Card Tattoo

    You would identify with the Sun tarot card if you are optimistic, confident, and warm. The Sun is the happiest card in the deck, and it is all about success, happiness, and joy. If you are the type that loves to live life to the fullest and you truly radiate love, then you would love the idea of getting the Sun tarot card tattoo. You want to know that you find joy in the simple things or significant things in your life, such as children, pets, your job, or anything else that brings you joy. You would want to convey the message to others to do the same by wearing your tattoo. 

    Judgment Tarot Card Tattoo

    The Judgment tarot card is one of the most confusing cards in the deck, but it is a message to create your judgment day, reflecting on yourself and your actions and evaluating where they brought you by looking at your current path. You are having an awakening, evaluating your core values, and doing a lot of reflection. If you need a constant reminder that you want to lead your life by seeing your core values, then treating yourself to the Judgment tarot card tattoo is a good way to have that constant reminder. 

    The World Tarot Card Tattoo

    The World tarot card is a great one to get after completing a cycle or attaining wholeness. That means all the efforts you put into something you worked hard to attain have paid off. Therefore, if you worked hard at something and finally achieved it, such as getting your Ph.D., passing the bar, or delivering your baby after years of infertility struggles, you should consider getting the World tarot card tattoo. You accomplished something amazing after working so hard, and you completed that cycle that you worked so hard to finish. Flaunt that to the world by showing off the tattoo. 

    Now you know why you want a Major Arcana tarot card tattoo. Is a Minor Arcana card tattoo worth getting since those cards represent the mundane aspects of your life, whereas the Major Arcana represents significant life events or changes?

    The Minor Arcana Tarot Card Tattoo

    Most people looking to get a tarot card tattoo would prefer a card in the Major Arcana because those cards represent significant influences in life. However, that does not mean the Minor Arcana tarot card tattoos are meaningless, even though they represent the mundane aspects of life. Some Minor Arcana cards are more potent than others. 

    Those looking to get a tattoo of a Minor Arcana card would likely get an Ace, which represents the initiation of any suit, or a court card that represents personalities. In case you need a refresher on the four suits, let's discuss that now. 

    The Cups suit is about emotions, intuition, and relationships, whereas the Wands is about passion, creativity, and energy. The Swords is about intellect, logic, and thoughts, and the Pentacles is about career, finances, and material success. As mentioned, some Minor Arcana cards are more appealing for tattoos than others. 

    Some examples of appealing Minor Arcana tarot card tattoos would be the Ace of Swords, as you would express being the ultimate problem-solver, and Nine of Cups, which is the wish card, so you may want to have that tattoo for the sake of good luck if you are superstitious.

    An excellent court card tattoo would be the Queen of Swords, which represents being honest to the point of being blunt and having boundaries. If you struggled with boundary setting and finally mastered it, you may find it appealing to get this tattoo. 

    You can also get two tarot card tattoos, one from the Minor Arcana and the next from the Major Arcana. For example, if you have been through a lot of heartache and tragedy, you should get the Three of Swords tattoo, the heartbreak card. And next to it, you may decide to get a tattoo of the Sun card. The message you would convey with that pair is that despite all of the heartache you endured in your life, you find the silver linings and do not allow anything or anyone to bring you down. However, if you want a minimalist tarot card tattoo, you may not want to go in that direction. 

    The Tarot Card Tattoo Takeaways

    One of the ways to express yourself is by getting a tattoo as you flaunt to the world who you are and a representation of your life experiences. Getting some tarot body art is a great way to do that. Suppose you are looking for tarot card tattoo ideas. In that case, choose the tarot card that you identify with most, which likely is a Major Arcana card, since they are highly influential, representing how your life experiences have shaped you. 

    You can get a simple tarot card tattoo of some basic Rider-Waite-Smith imagery or get something much more elaborate, which is entirely up to you. You may also get a Minor Arcana card as a tattoo if any of those cards relate to you, and even combine it with a Major Arcana card to convey more of an elaborate message about yourself. However, if you are a tarot and tattoo lover, you can get some ink on your body representing your favorite card or one you relate to most.

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