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    Manifesting Your Destiny: Secrets to Crafting Your Dream Life | Ft. Darya / WildFireASMR

    Manifesting Your Destiny: Secrets to Crafting Your Dream Life (Thumbnail)


    In today's episode, we talk to Darya Ovechkina, known to her online followers as WildFire ASMR. Join us in this enlightening podcast episode where Darya, a beacon of positivity and spiritual exploration, shares her profound insights on creating the life you desire through self-awareness and the law of attraction.


    Full Transcript:

     Yulia: Hello beautiful souls. So today we are hosting here Darya. Woohoo! She is really amazing. Why, uh, when I was following her channel, Wildfire ASMR, Yeah, it's a really interesting word. So she will talk a little bit more about it slightly later, but when I was following her, I was fascinated how this girl just was walking me through every personal facet, how to make myself better and start living on my own terms.

    And she did it in a very gentle way. So today I'm really, really pleased to invite the special treat to all of us here. So, Darya, you, could you please introduce yourself and let us all know what you are today about, what is your area of study, what you've been doing before, and what you are really focused on today.

    Darya: Okay, awesome. So we're gonna like, you know, go one question at a time because. That's a lot. Um, so basically, so, um, where my mindset is at right now is basically helping people see their own true value of themselves in terms of you're able to create the life that you want. 100 percent you're able to receive and have the health that you want, the relationship that you want, the you know, and be the person you've always wanted to be, you know, and having your purpose you're able everyone is able to do that that's you know why we're here. We're here to fix ourselves internally and truly like my only tattoos that I basically have is as within so without as above so below, you know freaking like for you guys like Oh, weird.

    But anyway, um, so basically those tattoos symbolize however you are internally, meaning your thoughts, your emotions, your, um, traumas or how much your traumas have healed. That all comes out onto your external surface, meaning whatever you're thinking, whatever you're feeling, that's how your life becomes.

    If you're constantly in the state of pain and agony without truly accepting it and, you know, just continuously going, if you're just stuck in it, that's basically where you're gonna be. That's where your life will be. You're going to receive more agonizing pain, you're going to get more things to be depressed about it.

    You're going to get more, you know, basically, you know, the more bullshit inside, the more bullshit outside, you know, that's just basically.

    Yulia: That's so true. It's just a law of attraction.

    Darya: Exactly. And that's what it is. Like the God, the universe, everything around us, it just gives you exactly what you keep repeating to yourself, you know? So if you keep telling yourself life sucks,

    this sucks, this sucks, you know what the world is going to be like, Oh, really? It sucks. Well, there you go. More stuff that sucks, more stuff that sucks. But one of the biggest things that I am just a whole believer of is gratitude. The more you, this is a really good saying.

    It's the happier you are, the happier you are. And the more gratitude you give, the more gratitude you will get. Meaning the more you're grateful for, the more things you're going to have to be grateful for.

    Yulia: I cannot agree more with that. You are so true. Actually, you know, while you were talking, I actually remembered about one card in the tarot world and here it is. It's the five of swords. So do you see this bird in here? So it is sitting on the swords, right? And it can't really fly. You may have feathers, but you may not fly. You may still sit on that mental, in that mental prison, right? It's so reflecting to what you are currently saying that. I don't know why I pulled out this card out of the blue.

    Darya: I love it. Synchronicity.

    Yulia: Yes.

    Darya: You know, you know, I even, uh, I even have a whiteboard that every morning I look at it and it says, what am I grateful for? That is the first thing I look at. What am I grateful for today?

    Yulia: The power of focus. Yeah.

    Darya: Exactly. If you immediately wake up and you tell yourself that I'm grateful for something, you immediately start your day with positive energy. And then you go on, like, it's basically a snowball effect, you know, on the other hand, if you possibly. up, you know, complaining about the birds and playing a bunch of neighbors complaining about like how, you know, this, this, this, and this sucks. Like it's going to keep sucking. You know, like you are replaying get your own hella loop or your own heaven loop, your deciding factor of which way your life goes.

    The more, wherever you're focusing your attention, what literally, whether it's positive or negative, wherever you focus your attention, that's exactly where you're going. One of my favorite, one of my most favorite examples is a skier. I have a lot of friends. I mean, I live in Colorado. I have a ton of friends that ski and snowboard.

    And, um, so the biggest thing when you're skiing and snowboarding is if you're constantly looking at trees, you're more than likely going to hit a tree, right? This is just common sense. Okay. If anyone that's been snowboarding and skiing, like they know this. Um, but if you're constantly looking at just the trail, 99 percent of the time, you're going to be on the trail.

    You're not going to hit a tree because that's where your energy is flowing. That's where your focus is flowing. That's where your intention is flowing. You know.

    Yulia: It really echoes with me what Tony Robbins was talking about. It's just where your energy goes, your, uh, where your focus goes, your energy flows. All right. So it's one of those most powerful motivational speakers, but just like for me, Tony didn't work 100%. It was too mannish, mannish approach for me, always. So I was trying to find that feminine way, but I really respect all what he is doing. And it just, echoed right now with me all what you said in here.

    So just flowing through all what you said, I see that you are starting the new direction in your spiritual journey and it seems like you will be like empowering so many women here. But could you please walk us through your previous area of focus? What you've been doing and how did it enrich your journey?

    What, uh, which lessons did you derive out of that? Because I know that you have like a huge channel and it's called Wildfire ASMR. So maybe for, uh, some part of my audience, they just are not even aware of what it is. And you could just maybe share why, uh, why you were there and, uh, how it benefited you.

    Darya: Absolutely. Yeah, so originally I, uh, started the Wildfire ASMR channel as a Reiki energy healing channel and I saw that the ASMR community kind of was a little bit of a niche to go with the, you know, Reiki part of it, so It was completely on accident. I, it was not something I ever thought I would do to be 100 percent on.

    I was super out of the blue. I was super into energy healing and spirituality. And I wanted to kind of like share that, you know, with the world and as and such. And so at that point. You know, that's how that channel was born. And so through the years, I learned a lot when it came to metaphysics, when it comes to spirituality, when it came to, um, you know, all these different esoteric and all these different like Babylonian knowledges, esoteric knowledges, occult knowledges, even if you will, like I, you know, I studied things like tarot, astrology, numerology, chakras, crystals, um, I went into, uh, Tibetan readings, I went into Buddhist readings, I went into Muslim readings, I went into, uh, different, all types of different religions, all types of different philosophies, I dove so far into philosophy that that led me to mythology and all types of mythology, um, from the, um, um, from, you know, Greek mythology to, um, what is it called?

    Nordic mythology to Celtic mythology to all these, you know, to Egyptian mythology, to all these, just so much reading, you know what I mean? Knowledge is power. The more you read. The more you learn, the more well rounded you're going to be. And honestly, the more humble you become, because the more you learn, the more you realize that, you know, nothing, you become a very, very humble person.

    I, when I started this journey, I was such an arrogant little brat. I'm not even joking you. I thought I was like, Oh, I'm in spirituality. No, I know it all. And so I just became so close minded, you know what I mean? Un until I started reading.

    Yulia: Well, yeah. Like, like this, right. In the, in the round circle of your being. So you can't really enter anything. Allow something to enter. You have to break the cycle, right?

    Darya: Absolutely. Mm-Hmm. , absolutely. Yeah. And so, like I said, the, the more, um, I started reading and the more, and there was definitely. Many times where I was so close-minded that it actually ended up hurting me. And so I ended up perceiving, you know, a very beneficial criticism that kind of slapped me upside the head of telling me, Hey, maybe you should open your head up a little bit and not be, you know, so thickheaded and don't be so close-minded.

    And so I had, and it took many slaps upside the head for me to finally get at many slaps, you know, many slaps outside the head. But finally I started to open up more. Listen more and, um, you know, become very open minded, um, and just understand different perspectives. Not necessarily. Maybe I have to agree or take on that perspective, but at least be open minded and not to respect it and see it and see the other side realistically.

    And so I started, like I said, I read a bunch. Um, I still read to this day. I try to go to like, to at least like two to three books a month. Um, at least.

    Yulia: What is your favorite one today?

    Darya: So I'm reading three currently. I actually have them right here. Um, I'm reading Think and Grow Rich. I'm reading Your Money or Your Life. And then I'm reading The Chimp Paradox.

    Yulia: Can you bring it closer to the, to the cam, please?

    Darya: Yes.

    Yulia: Interesting. The Cheating Paradox. So, what's this Cheating Paradox?

    Darya: You Must Realize and then, uh, Think and Grow Rich.

    Yulia: Did you finish them all or you are in the process of reading?

    Darya: I, so I have, um, I get, I, I like, so through this entire journey, I started to really understand myself, uh, and I started to understand that, you know, I'm the kind of person that I don't like to just do one thing at a time. And this comes to reading books as well. So I like to read multiple books at a time just so I keep myself very engaged and everything.

    Yulia: What are your lessons from those books?

    If you could summarize, maybe something what pops up right now in your mind, which you could share with our audience.

    Darya: Uh, so this one I just started, but so this one in particular, basically the basis, I'm only on what page 14 right now, I just started, um, uh, again. And so basically the basis of this book is kind of what literally whatever you think, whatever your thoughts are, that's where you move, wherever your focus is, that's where you're going to be moving to.

    That's where you're going to be going, whatever you truly want to do. And if you focus your entire attention on it, you're going to achieve it. One of my favorite examples from this book is, uh, this gentleman by the name of Edwin C. Barnes, he made it his life. He told himself one day he is going to become Thomas Edison's partner one day, and he achieved it within literally months.

    Yulia: Oh, I remember that story. It was in your last episode. It was so inspiring.

    Darya: Yeah. And so, and then this book, so this book is kind of a hit or miss for me. I feel like with this particular book, I agree with half the things that they say, and then half the things I don't, because I feel like half of them are actually super, super objective and super relative based on perspective.

    Um, and I feel like what I don't like what the author did in this book is they're just generalizing that that's just how everything is and not taking into account that everybody is different. So, and you know, that's when it comes to like a lot of financial blow to you. Just everybody generalizes everything, which whatever it is, what it is.

    But what I do like about this book is basically the biggest lesson about this book so far that I've gotten is that don't let yourself become consumed by money. And material things like you need to learn balance in life, you know, there's, there's, you know, especially if you're, for example, hate your job, right?

    If you are a corporate slave and you hate your job, but you need to do it, you know, you need to understand that you have to balance things in life. Otherwise you're gonna be working to die, not working to live.

    Yulia: Not working to thrive.

    Darya: Exactly. You're not working to thrive. And so that's what I like about this book is basically telling people to understand that, you know. Money isn't everything in life and work isn't everything in life. However, if you absolutely love what you do with every fiber of your being and it doesn't feel like work, then you hit that jackpot. You hit that purpose in life that most people don't ever get to because like they're so consumed with how am I going to survive?

    How am I going to pay bills? How am I going to do this? This is not. Um, But truly, once you realize that that comes, once you finally get into the state of flow and you get into the state of flow, when you're doing what you love, you know, and when you're doing what you love, everything comes because you're in this state of love and happiness all the time.

    And again, the happier, the happier you are, the more you have to be grateful for it. And it goes on and on.

    Yulia: Yes, it's a perpetual cycle. So I have a question to you. Did you manage to reach that low state?

    Darya: I did. Yes, I actually did.

    Yulia: Tell us more about this.

    Darya: I did actually. Yes, I'm very grateful for it. Um, and again, I just, I, it took, so I feel like to really get into this flow state, I feel like people need to deal with themselves.

    And by that, I mean, dealing with your past and who you truly are, meaning dealing with your demons, dealing with trauma, all the shadowers. All your traumas, all everything that I had a lot of childhood trauma. Like I did not have a peaches and cream and roses upbringing. Okay. There was a lot of things happening in my life.

    And once you finally accept that that happened and you basically when you're healing trauma, what you're doing realistically is you're living it again to accept it and to heal it and to accept that it happened, but to love yourself. Anyway, and once you. finally do that, that's when all this different energy opens up inside of you, right?

    And so the more you do that, you know, obviously it's painful. It sucks. I don't know anybody that likes to sit and feel heartbreak and pain and grief.

    It's not nobody likes to do it, but if you want to heal your trauma, you're gonna have to go through that pain again.

    Yulia: Yeah, there is, there is so much wisdom in that, what you are talking about, because in fact, if we go back to the Tarot world, like we do lots of shadow work, starting from the hand man till the moon, and then the sun starts shining.

    Right. We get that clarity, but if we approach the card, the sun from the immature perspective, guess what's happening. We kind of like experienced that burnout at our job in our. like life. So we don't want to be with that type of partner. We kind of like wanted that relationship, but I don't want already these relationships.

    Leave me out of that. We feel suffocated. So imagine like this card when approached immaturely, right? It is not already such a beautiful card. It feels like a burnout, a burden. You know, you're like at 12 p. m. under the sun. Somewhere in the desert, That's how it feels. So yeah, there is so much truth in what you say, but summarizing, uh, the framework, if we talk about framework of how to achieve that flow state, what I understood, I have to do shadow work. That's number one. And number two, I have to kind of like, uh, recollect all the pieces of myself through all the pains. So that I could be whole myself, right? Be whole myself again. Did I hear you correct?

    Darya: Absolutely. Absolutely. Yeah. So, and here's why it's because like, you can absolutely achieve the life that you want without doing that, but it's just gonna be so much harder because you're gonna be going, It's like you're going, it's like you're, you know, going against the current.

    You know, you have so many obstacles against you energetically that are just not.

    Yulia: Oh yeah. Oh yeah.

    Darya: So why would you want to make this process so much more difficult for yourself? You know, you're literally going to be going against the current.

    Yulia: Yes. Let's get back to the physics. Everyone here, I think, started physics at the university or at school, right? So where, where does the current flow? You mentioned it so brilliantly, actually. Where does the current flow where there is low resistance?

    Darya: Exactly. Like, you know, the least resistant that you have, which, you know, after you do this trauma healing, the shadow work, there's not gonna be any resistance there.

    There's not going to be any pain, any trauma, any, you know, anxiety, any, any of that. So it's gonna be easier for things to just happen and flow and just go.

    Yulia: Yes, there is, there is some really, really like deep wisdom in what you say. I just, I just love this conversation. You know what you mentioned, it's like accruing to me, to that card's temperance as well.

    There is a major arcana set, temperance. So temperance, it's a beautiful virtue, beautiful quality. It's kind of like, look, in this world we are surrounded more, more, more, have it all, you know. But maybe I'm okay to have it just enough, you know. Maybe it's okay to have it just enough. Maybe it's okay. To just not to be a business woman with a crazy idea which is sold to everyone. Maybe it's okay to be a top manager in your company. Maybe it's okay to be a freelance. How is that? Right? And just have enough income stream so that you will be happy.

    Darya: Absolutely. Absolutely. Absolutely.

    Yeah. And I mean, the biggest thing is just you finally, a lot of time you like get into this place of, just complete contentment.

    You know, and that flow state and whenever you're in that flow state, you're always, you're just so content and happy that you are not seeking. So a lot of the time people seek material things in order to compensate for something they don't have internally, which a lot of the time it's self value it's self worth and it's self love.

    And so there's a lot of, I'm not saying everybody by any means, but I'm saying many people, and I was one of those people that I wanted like extreme wealth because through shadow work and through going through my traumas, I realized that I didn't have self love for myself. I didn't value myself. I didn't feel worthy, you know, of things.

    And so I needed to, I needed external things to validate myself that I am worthy. I am valuable. I do love myself, you know? And so again, the more you work on On how you are internally. The more you realize, like I'm happy without those things. And that ergo is when those things come to you, you know, when you're finally whole and you're happy and you're worthy and you're valuable to yourself and you're like, I'm so content.

    And then like God decides to just dump all that good stuff on you. He's like, Oh, there you go. You finally learned your lesson. I'm like, oh.

    Yulia: Yes, well, it's like a self mirroring fact is so like when we go to this universe with that perception that everything around us is reflecting literally our thoughts.

    We just like in that circle, in that circle, and I remember how like, do you remember in Matrix, it was the second or third movie when Neo, uh, he entered that room of, uh, mirrors with the architect. There was the white room with mirrors. I don't know if you watched that, uh, second or third movie. No?

    Darya: I'm gonna be honest, I've never watched those movies.

    Yulia: Okay, so just like a small preface here. So he entered a big room, and there were just mirrors around, and it was a white room. And then the architect of so called universe entered there. And then whatever he was doing there was mirroring, reflecting him back. And I was thinking, oh, Matrix is not a science fiction. It's a documentary.

    Darya: It is. It is a documentary. It actually is legit. It's a documentary. And I don't know, I should watch those movies. I've read a lot about them, but I've never actually sat down and watched them because after reading the premise about them, I kind of figured it's just gonna tell me things that I kind of already follow and know, but I mean, honestly, it wouldn't really hurt to watch them now, like, just to get a better perspective of things, now that I think about it. Maybe I actually should watch them. You just gave me a great movie night idea.

    Yulia: I usually watch movies with some kind of glance, but, you know, it triggers that additional puzzle to me. Today, it's really hard to find really good movies for some reason, but when I find at least something more kind here in the Matrix, still a brutal movie.

    There is lots of killings there. And in general, there is this trend for brutality. So when a kind, some like find, for example, Wonker, amazing movie, like no brutality at all, like a bit of beating there with some kind of, uh, I don't know, sticks, whatever, but it is just a movie designed for even children. So I am so thrilled when I see some very thought over movie here and there without brutality and thanks God, we have such types of movies. Free guy, amazing. Also movie. From that perspective, it, it makes ours think slightly more. So I have actually some people in my surrounding who say, no, I will not watch these movies.

    Because they are all filled with this other consciousness perspective, and they try to instill codes in us, you know, just like, okay, just be slightly open, you know, just a bit open. And, uh, just distill, distill something out of it. So, yeah.

    Darya: Yeah, I mean, I mean, if something has, if something has a potential of teaching you something different or something new, I'm all for it, you know, even, so, I mean, like I said, I, a lot, some of the books that I've read, I don't agree with them 100%. In fact, there's some books that I've read, I only agree with them about 20% but at the same time, I gained 20 percent more, you know, knowledge than I, and if I, if I didn't read it, I wouldn't have gained any of it, you know?

    Yulia: Okay. So I have a question to you even to what do you think about the Bible?

    Darya: Um, I am all for the Bible.

    Yulia: So can you just share your perspective? What, why you are all for the Bible and what do you see?

    Darya: Well, so I, so there's a lot, uh, you know, you have the 10 commandments, you have the seven virtues, um, and you know, obviously the, you know, seven deadly sins, which, you know, obviously I 100 percent do agree with, you know, I mean, you should be a virtuous person. You should definitely love one another. Um, you know, even when you go back to the son of God, which I mean, I feel like we're all sons and daughters of God, but you know, going back to Jesus Christ, that's why like everything happened the way that it happened there, you know, you know, he like just living by how Jesus Christ did live, which is loving everybody. Caring for everybody. Like, even when, you know, they put him on the cross, he still didn't wish them any harm. He still loved them. And I'm all for that. 100%. You know,

    Yulia: That's a big, that's a big quest, honestly. Did you figure it out? How can we love our enemies?

    Darya: And I don't know, I, um, I really don't, but I began living by that way. And honestly, I felt a huge weight being lifted off my shoulders when I started to do that in terms of like, it, it doesn't matter what they do to me, because they, because what, how I respond. Is what creates me and my character, you know, and how other people's life is, how their character is, but just because of what they do to me, it doesn't define who I am, what I do unto them. And how I rebuttal is who defines who I am. And that's it. Like my biggest.

    Yulia: You become the sun. You, you unite with the sun consciousness. If we talk already about the sun eclipse, which happened just yesterday, so unite with that powerful sun consciousness, right? Or you are just like radiating like the sun in here, right?

    That's what I hear here. So actually, it really resonates with me because, you know, my perspective also on that is you interact with the world, but you kind of like interact like a sun because interacting like a sun, it means you don't really go into that. self penetration, you kind of like influence with the rays of the light, and your only agenda is love.

    Darya: Yeah.

    Yulia: Yeah. The only way to see it is to see their deep spirit core, because what we see usually, we see like the mental body, the mental shell first, and it's just like, you are an idiot, and then the label, how can you do it that way, right? This is the first thing which this, this thing in between our ears says, so when we kind of like stop seeing the mental shell first, But we see the deep spirit core and the deep spirit core is like everywhere the same.

    Even in the craziest killer ever, the deep spirit core is still pure, right?

    Darya: Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely.

    Our core is our soul. Our soul is connected to one root, which is God, the universe, the divine, whatever you want to call it, you know what I mean? Everyone has a different word for it or has a paper. For me, I call, I say God, you know, everyone is connected to God through their soul.

    You know what I mean? Which means if you're connected to God, you were created by God, which means you're created out of the image of God and the image of God is love. You know, everyone is created out of the image of love. Now the ego, you know, the free will is at that point for you to decide whether you want to continue on with that love or whether you want to, you know, test other people's love in terms of, you know, being that little turd that tests other people, those are necessary too.

    Too, because it truly, it, it, it kind of gives us a, a trigger and uh, gives us a good, uh, measuring point of where we're at and how we're reacting or responding. You know, um, if you are getting triggers and you're noticing that you are just hardly reacting and you're very at peace and you're just. very calm about everything and you're like, you know what, I wish you the best.

    I really do. But you truly mean it from the core of yourself. You know, you truly have.

    Yulia: Yes intention. Intentionality matters. You can see it by the way, through the eyes of people. That's why eye to eye contact tells you so much. And I think that guys. They are, in some sense, they don't really get this gift, which we girls, we have it.

    We are kind of like connected to that high priestess. In fact, that intuition, right? We are connected to that higher consciousness already. We are given it from our birth. While guys slightly, like, are limited to that only thing. Think shell perspective. Sometimes they remind me like, coconuts, you know. She's not at me. You need to, you need to crack them really hard. Like I'm talking about like from the perspective of my husband.

    Darya: Yes, yes. And so that's why, I don't know, that's why I feel like, you know, everyone should go into like, you know, a godly state. You know, get closer to God, get closer to your higher self, get closer to your soul, get closer to the divine, get closer to some kind, to like somehow get close. To who you are truly on the floor as a person, which is your soul, you know, which is your, you know, we're not human beings having, what, what is that saying? Um, we're spiritual beings having a human experience instead of human having a spiritual experience. Yeah, yes.

    Yulia: This is, this is actually so wise. Where did you get so many wise things girl?

    I'm really wondering.

    Darya: I read a lot, I experience a lot, I'm very open minded, like I said. Huh?

    Yulia: Are you channeling?

    Darya: Am I, am I what?

    Yulia: Channeling. There is the whole direction, you know, when girls are connecting to some high, deeper spirit course.

    Darya: Well yeah. I'm always channeling. That's the thing. I feel like the closer you get to God, the closer you get to your soul, the less you start, the less you live by your ego.

    And the more you live through your soul and your higher self and in flow and in love. And You know, you're not bound to earthly things as much as before, you know, obviously, you know, I like nice things. I do. I like the food. I like, you know, I like nice things. I like nice accessories. I'm not even gonna lie about that.

    I like it. Yes, for sure. But you know, a lot of your, your focus starts to shift to this desire to get closer to God. Um, more than anything, because nothing feels better than that everlasting, pure, unconditional love and They're just for you. Nothing will ever come back to

    Yulia: How you get to that state? Do you meditate?

    Darya: I did. I, so I journal a lot and I read a lot. And so when I journal, I become more self aware and when I journal, when I talk about self awareness, I'm saying truly be honest with yourself. Like be honest with how mean you are, how rude you are. Be honest with how mean you are to yourself. Be honest with how mean you are to other people.

    Like literally go and be the most brutally honest with yourself and what you're doing, what you don't like that you're doing and fix it. Yeah, you have to be honest with yourself.

    Yulia: It's so true.

    Darya: Because like being honest with themselves because it sucks. It hurts. You don't want to look in the mirror and say, dang girl, that was so awful of you to do because you don't want to tell that yourself. You know it hurts.

    Yulia: Yes. Yes.

    Darya: It hurts.

    Yulia: Yes. That's why you always need to have some kind of tools which will help you. Whatever the tool you pick, let it be your tarot cards. Let it be, let's say you are going to some chakra readings. You go to some Akashic records readings. You go to human design, you go to astrology. Whatever you use to fix yourself, fix this and behold it. Just, whatever helps you just, if it reaches that goal. Perfect. By the way, I noticed one scene through, while you were. It is so amazing what you mentioned, like, if you are mean, or if you are not kind, acknowledge it within you. Because only through acknowledging that part within you, you can be whole yourself. Otherwise, you split yourself in parts. Is that so?

    Darya: Exactly. Yeah, you have to be honest with yourself. Like, if you, you, okay, you can lie to whoever you want, it doesn't matter. But the thing that will matter the most is when you lie to yourself. Because when you lie to yourself, you're not going to grow at all whatsoever.

    You're not. Because you're not. truly finding out what is bothering you.

    Yulia: This chakra is compromised, lying. So we immediately compromised this area, right?

    Darya: Absolutely. To be honest with you, literally, like, no matter how bad, no matter how mean, no matter how awful, like, for me, like I said, my form of meditation is journaling.

    I go through, like, literally, like, I write so much. It's not even funny. Um,

    Yulia: Oh my gosh so this is your part type, like type of your active meditation with yourself, I believe. So you don't meditate passively. It's kind of like that self reflection, active meditation tool, that journaling. Is that correct?

    Darya: So for me, the journaling is both because I, whenever I'm writing, I'm not even thinking about it. It just comes out of my hand. It just comes out intuitively. And so for me, that's my form of meditation because I love communication. I love talking and in journaling, it's going to sound weird, but I talk to myself. And so I'm reading and I'm writing and I'm like, Oh my gosh, I understand this. I'm aware of this now.

    Right now, what can I do to fix it? And everything just intuitively like comes down on paper. You know, that's just my form of meditation. And I, and before that I did a lot of other different types of meditations, just regular sitting down meditation, um, breath work, meditation, uh, going on a walk, uh, you know, whatever, whatever floats your boat, whatever, anything that gets you into the state of, you know, becoming aware of what's happening with yourself and yourself, you know, Start questioning yourself.

    Start questioning yourself.

    Yulia: So Darya, uh, you are a really inspiring example of a woman who found her flow in her career. So if you could maybe just walk us through your day. You wake up and how does your working normal day starts until the evening? Just could you walk us through? through just through some kind of stages.

    How does it look like? How do you feel through the day? It would be so amazing for maybe women who are sitting here in front of us and who just want to be there, if you could just envision that world for them. If they start using that framework, which you mentioned, the framework of really explicit shadow work with yourself and beholding yourself through the process of that journaling, so could you just envision that part of your world?

    Darya: So, the thing is, like, everybody's different, so, I mean, my, how my day would start, it would be so different to somebody else's day, you know what I mean?

    Yulia: I just want you to use it as a small inspiration, how does it feel like?

    Darya: Um, so I mean, I think the biggest thing is just my, like I said, I'm very, I'm a huge, I am a huge believer in God.

    Like I said, um, I, whenever I wake up, I am immediately, I immediately feel love. I immediately feel comfort. I immediately feel happiness because I have.

    Yulia: Do you have some reminders for that love and happiness, maybe somewhere on the wall, maybe you have some kind of affirmations.

    Darya: No, I, like, I mean, my only affirmation is I love God and God loves me and I'm always connected to God.

    And I feel that within me consistently every single day with every fiber of my being. Um, and the biggest thing is shadow work, the more trauma you heal, and I think the biggest thing is being honest with yourself. Like, honestly, like, That's the biggest.

    Yulia: That's the message. Be honest with yourself.

    Darya: Be honest with yourself. Be honest with what you're happy with. Be honestly what you're not happy with. And don't lie to yourself. There was things that I did for years that I tried to cover up mentally and tell myself, this is totally fine. This is totally fine. This is totally fine. But on the inside, I was screaming, screaming.

    Screaming, saying, no, I don't want to do this. I don't want to do this. Why are you forcing me to do this? You know, and I was literally going against my inner core beliefs and inner core values, you know, like seriously, don't do that to yourself. If you're truly screaming on the inside, stop for the love of God.

    Stop. I don't want to do this. Listen, listen to yourself literally just for the love of God and for the love of all that is good and Holy and right in the world, listen to yourself. If you're internally screaming, this is not what I want to do. Who cares? stop what you're doing and do something else that will feed your soul because how you feel on the inside is going to reflect the outside.

    Yulia: But I have a question for you here. We all actually have that inner voice screaming here and there, here and there. And I have one of the clients, she is currently stuck in New York, honestly, and she doesn't know what to do with her life. At this moment, she kind of has that inner voice saying to her, just do something around it.

    And Um, in some sense, I feel like she's running in circles. She has that voice, but she's running in circle, keep coming back to that comfortable zone again and again, but that zone is still painful. She comes back home. She doesn't like the life where she is right now. She tries to, uh, to meet her both ends, like meet, but at the same time, she doesn't feel happy there.

    She doesn't like the environment. She doesn't like people around. Nothing brings her joy. So it's kind of reality is shrinking day in day out. Day in day out and everything feels overwhelming. So what you tell is kind of like she hears that in the voice inside. It's saying, get out of this reality. But what would you recommend to her, for example, because she hears it, but she's still like, cause you know, she's glued to that reality, to that comfort.

    Darya: So, um, one of my favorite sayings is, uh, the comfort zone is where things go to die. My favorite sayings. Because it's true. When are we the most comfortable? When we're dead.

    Yulia: Mm. I love it.

    Darya: Where do you thrive and where do you learn and grow when you're uncomfortable, right? I mean, they're called growing pains for a reason, you know, like even when you're doing exactly what you love and, you know, There's still growing pains to that because there's still things that you have to learn, like how to become better, what to do better.

    And it's true. Like you might, I think it's called the type two fun, I believe it's called, um, maybe you're like type one fun or something like that. But, um, it's basically where, like, for example, there's some things that I have to learn currently, um, that I'm not necessarily like a big fan that I have to learn it, but I need to anyway, because I know that it's gonna help me.

    Right. But I have my entire objective. And my mindset on the fact that it's gonna help me grow, it's gonna help me become better and eventually get to exactly where I wanna be. You know much about.

    Yulia: Big why. Big, why, right?

    Darya: Exactly. So that's, so what is this? So, so I read this other book, um, what was it called?

    I think, I don't remember like the last book that I read. Um, I don't know. I have it somewhere in my fricking on my bookcase. But basically the biggest, ah, thing I got from that book is remind yourself of your why. Why are you doing this? Why are you doing this? What is the purpose? Because as a human, we all need purpose. We need a reason to do something, you know, and it's a blessing when we finally, um, you know, realize our purpose.

    And it, and when you, I feel like when you truly realize your purpose, you're living life. Like, you know, it's that saying, once you finally do what you love, you never work a day in your life. It's actually true. Like, I did not believe in this at all whatsoever. I didn't, I just thought it was some fiction that people made up, but I actually have been fortunate enough to experience that.

    Yulia: Yes, I can truly connect to it. When you do what you really love, it's like, you become like a crazy nut. I don't know, the energy is like, beaming out of you. You're coming, in this state all the time.

    Darya: Exactly. And you know, that's when you truly have found your purpose when you, when it doesn't even feel like work because you actually love what you're doing day in and day out. And you're just.

    Yulia: Oh yeah. This is so true. This is so true. Do you know, you said that you started studying. So many interesting directions in, uh, like knowledge, in terms of knowledge. Did you read scriptures?

    Darya: Um, wait, what do you mean by scriptures? What kind of scriptures? Oh, the Indian scriptures. So Yeah, so, yeah, so, um, I studied a lot of Ayurveda. I went on a lot of Ayurvedic fasts.

    Yulia: Yeah, do you remember living yogi in action there? Do you remember that term? Living yogi in action?

    Darya: Uh, living yogi in action.

    Yulia: Yeah, so there is either like you go and you meditate onto the tree board here. You know, just like, you become like that passive meditator. There are two pathways to ascend in this world. Or you become super active, like living yogi in action. And I don't remember the name of that specific book, but it was specifically like noted again and again. There are two pathways. One, when you go through passive meditations, And that's what many here think is the only way for essential. But the other way, when you become extremely active in these lives, just like chariot, so there is a card chariot, you are determined.

    You are really active. You remember, it's just like, and uh, that's what I feel those vibes out of you. You are really moving from the lovers to chariot right now. That's just my energy determination. Oh my God, your girl have so much to give to this world. I'm really excited to see a new channel. I think you are. You are in the process.

    Darya: Yeah, yeah. So I'm like, I'm in the process of, um, like creating it right now. Currently, um, like literally my computer's open right now is in the process earlier today. And, um, the one thing just like with, I feel like once you finally find whatever it is that you truly want and love to do, you take your time with every step.

    Step because you don't want to rush anything anymore because you're like, wait a minute, this is exactly, you just, you, you have this internal knowing that this is exactly what you should be doing. This is exactly where you need to be. So there's nowhere and no need to rush anymore because

    Yulia: No feeling of competition, right? So it's just like,

    Darya: It's just growth and it's just happiness. And it's more, you don't want to compete. You want to share and you want to, you just want to give. And you want to share and you want to, the only thing you want to take is take the, you know, what other people have experienced. You want, you know, you want to take their knowledge, you know, and you just want to share and give and share and give.

    And so just, it's a whole new dynamic. Where you start to actually just love what you're doing, you know what I mean? It's it's a you know, you don't work anymore. Literally like once you find your purpose, you don't work anymore at all. You don't feel like you're working. There's some things that you have to like work with and do but what like you're whenever You're truly meant to do something it doesn't feel like it's work because you have this internal love for it and You're just a natural literally you're a natural at it and you can do it easily and sometimes it takes years to get there. Like it really does because you need to prepare yourself for it.

    Like god needs to prepare you for it You know what? I mean? Um, it took me years to get here

    Yulia: It's so beautiful what you mentioned and those preparations. It's in fact all those pains which we are coming through Is that so? So we can use it as, in fact, some stories with which we heal and connect to others.

    Is that so? Because how can you impact others if you don't have those scratchers inside you?

    Darya: Exactly. I mean, there's, you know, uh, there was this thing I saw on Instagram. This woman, she was saying, if you didn't make it in your 20s, then you'll make it in your 30s. You make it in your thirties. You'll make it in your forties and fifties and fifties and so on and so forth.

    And literally if that's true, because everyone's calling is different. And because it's different, the amount

    of preparation is different. You know, for me, It was a decade of trauma and pain and knowledge and reading to finally prepare me for, hey, okay, you have all this, now this is what you're supposed to do.

    Yulia: Oh my God, it gives so much hope and inspiration, I think, for everyone who is listening to us today, because I'm pretty sure absolutely every beautiful soul here can connect to what you said because we all have that pile of shit in

    our life upon which we can build. Right? So it's not mine. We can use it as a strong foundation, a strong foundation, as an inventory of stories with which we influence the world.

    Wow. Absolutely love it. I love it. So the last question, what I want just to ask you is what's next in your spiritual journey?

    Darya: Um, just continue getting closer to God. Um, continue journaling, continue, uh, thriving, becoming a better version of myself. And more than anything, continue to share my knowledge with others so that the, so that something that resonates with them, at least one thing, you know, in any of my videos, in any of my posts, in anything, if at least one sentence, one word resonates with you.

    I'm a happy camper because what I've learned is there has been so many times where I was getting the same like lesson, right? Or the same, I guess, like phrase from, from so many different people from so many different times. And then finally it took one random stranger to tell me this exact same thing on this, on this specific day at this specific time.

    And everything finally clicked. It was just that aha moment. And it was, I finally realized, Oh my goodness, that's what that means. You know, and sometimes it just takes, you know, it takes you a long time to finally get there. But, and, um, it takes a completely random person or a completely random post to finally get this lesson through your head, you know, so it's happened to me many times, millions of times, and it's probably going to happen millions of times, no doubt about it.

    And so, you know, that's, that's my biggest thing is just to kind of help anyone in any way that I can, you know, become just a better person of themselves today than they were yesterday.

    Yulia: I love it. So if you give just one tip of advice for absolutely everyone who is listening to us right now, what would it be?

    Just one sentence.

    Darya: Oh, I have so much advice.

    I think my biggest piece of advice is, um, Have faith. Have faith. Open yourself up to God, or the universe, or the divine, whatever. Just have faith. Know that there is a higher power, and it's always working for you, um, and get out of your own way.

    Yulia: I love it. It's so resonating to, even in the Indian scriptures, to the ancient wisdom, because one of the main pieces of advice which was given there, no matter which kind of demonic circles you are currently in, it was written there in ancient scriptures guys that whenever you give some kind of request from the bottom of your soul, guess what's happening? Answer is given. It's written in the Bible, whenever you ask, you shall be given. Alrighty, thank you so much, Darya. It was a real pleasure to meet you today, and I do not have doubts. That you will inspire and spread light to so many souls, all the joy and all the light towards your way.

    Darya: Thank you so much. Thank you so much for having me on your channel. I am very, very, very grateful. Uh, thank you so much for everyone who's listening. Um, thank you so much. I appreciate it.

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