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    Tarot Wisdom for Manifestation, Balance and Spiritual Growth | Ft. TarotDivine33 / tarotdivine33

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    In today's episode, we talk to Tarot Divine, a seasoned tarot card reader with over 12 years of experience. Tarot Divine reveals the secrets to balancing family life with a spiritual career. She shares her profound insights on moderation, self-care, and patience, essential for nurturing mind, body, and soul harmony.



    Full Transcript:

    Yulia: Hello, beautiful souls. My name is Yulia and today we are hosting Tarot Divine in our podcast. She is a beautiful spiritual advisor and she's a practicing, experienced tarot reader, special treat for all of you.. So, dear Tarot Divine, could you please introduce yourself, maybe more, letting us know what you are currently focused on, what you are starting today, what is your main area of starting?

    Tarot Divine: Alright, well, I am Tarot Divine, and you can find me on Tiktok. I am a tarot card reader. I've been reading tarot cards, well, probably about 12 plus years now. Um, and I specialize in just general love and money readings. My thing that I want to provide to my following and just potential followers in the future is that I want to provide like spiritual advice, spiritual guidance.

    Um, just, I want to say a relief. But some form of relief, you know, some of that you got to do on your own. But I mean, I'm just here to help. That's, I'm here to be of service to, to the world pretty much. But then it's also, you know, I'm here to heal myself. So I'm going through the journey and I'm here to teach others or help others do their own personal spiritual journey.

    Yulia: So speaking about the spiritual journey, how did it all start for you? Because you mentioned spiritual journey, spiritual advisor. So I know that we all here go through certain pathway spiritual pathway here, and I'm really interested when this spiritual awakening really started for you specifically, and what was the trigger which allowed you to change that course of direction in your life and start doing those changes?

    Because I understand that we all kind of like bump into specific events here, which kind of like, Oh, I need to change something in my life. And it seems like you were there.

    Tarot Divine: Right, right. Well, I mean, there's now that I think about it, there was actually two main events in my life that kind of triggered it for me.

    Um, I've always been into like the supernatural and like ghosts and aliens and all that stuff ever since a young age, but I think it kind of started at age 12. And that's when I started Like candles and like, um, like just spiritual meditating. Like I was 12 years old trying to learn how to meditate and use candles and stuff like that.

    And then it kind of rolled over to like Oracle cards. And I remember I got my first Oracle card deck. It was like a flower day. And I still remember, I actually still have it to be honest. Um, but, um, I started out with that and I started just practicing reading. I didn't know what I was doing. I'll be honest.

    I had no idea what I was doing, but I still did it. And then, you know, throughout the time, like when I got older, I started dibbling and dabbling and other things. And then I had a scary experience. And I put it down for a little bit. So I was just like, Hey, maybe this isn't for me right now. So, um, I came back to it, uh, later on in life.

    Uh, um, my son, I got pregnant with my son in like 2000 and, um, 2014. So really around that time, like when I was just at home, I kind of just said, you know what? I've been watching, I watched tarot card reading. Um, I have, I had a few favors back then. I was like, you know what? I could do this, I could read tarot cards. I was like, I see them do it all the time.

    So I kind of started learning watching people on YouTube. And then one day I just, I sat at my kitchen table. I got my index cards. I got my notebook and I just started writing down, you know, things. And then I kind of moved over to, that's when Facebook kind of started coming out and started becoming a little bit popular.

    And I started, uh, giving readings to my friends and my family, you know, for free, you know, I didn't charge back then. Like, why would I charge? I'm just starting. So, um, but I started doing that. And then after that point, it kind of expanded. I got my confidence with reading because I mean, it is kind of intimidating when you're giving people readings about their life and their situation.

    So I kind of had to learn how to do that, but I got my confidence. And then ever since then, I've just been building and creating and becoming bigger. Which leads me to Tarot Divine right now.

    Yulia: How long you are in the Tarot world?

    Tarot Divine: What is that?

    Yulia: How long are you in Tarot world?

    Tarot Divine: I'm in, um, the Tarot world kind of like, oh, hmm. So 2000 and, I'd say probably about Tarot world, probably about, like, really into Tarot world, I'd probably say about 9 years. Wow. Yeah, yeah, since my son was born.

    Yulia: Oh my God. So, we have the privilege to really observe today this beautiful evolution of a very experienced tarot reader guys. So, we have a special treat today for sure. So now let's get deeper into that. So you mentioned that when you do those tarot readings for others, you kind of, have to probably do certain cleanse procedures, right? With you, because it's a tremendous responsibility. And there was something in what you were saying that it is like that responsibility thing, which you must instill in yourself before you do those readings. Is that correct?

    Tarot Divine: Right, exactly. Yeah. Um, and you know what, when I was like first starting out doing tarot reading and stuff, I really didn't know much about protecting your energy and giving your energy and the reciprocation of energy and stuff like that. I've just like recently, like really started understanding what that means, you know, to, to give that energy and with people coming in, trying to feed off your energy and whatnot.

    So, um, I mean, I, I lately, like I've been like, I got my little sound bowls, I do sage, I do payload. I feel like the energy is off. It's like, I'll get little signs and secret identities from like the universe, you know, in certain ways, like my music will stop playing or I'll start getting interruptions, like in the frequencies, like if I'm vibing and then all of a sudden it's like, I don't know, it's kind of weird to explain it.

    But I've noticed that when I do go and do readings, especially on mine, there's a lot of energies that come in and out of there. All right. And it's like, sometimes I can definitely pick up when there's somebody there who is either there to either try to test my intuition because they come in there and try to see if I'm legit, you know?

    And then it's also those people who come in and they just, they're trolling or they're being rude or they're just being nasty. And it's like, even though they're paying for a reading or getting a reading from me, it's just like, they still coming in with that nasty energy. So I've learned like.

    Yulia: How do you deal with that? Let's. Say you have the client who came to you with that nasty energy, as you mentioned, with the energy, which is negative, right? So what, what do you do in that particular situation?

    Tarot Divine: In that particular situation, like I've recently just had that happen in a live, um, and I really didn't notice like how net, like negative they were being like until like almost end of the reading.

    But, um, I did block them after that, but it's just like, I have to correct them. Like if they're coming like rude and disrespectful, I'm like, Hey, this is a safe space. space for everybody. You know, you can't come in here with that negative energy and I have to pretty much correct them because there's a way to present yourself when you come in here.

    Um, so when that happens, I just, I'm professional. It's professionalism. I properly escort them out of the line, you know, or I do what I gotta do to get them out of there because just muting them really doesn't do much. So I have to block them. That's what you gotta do with your own energy. You have to block the energy.

    So I have to block the energy from coming back into the line.

    Yulia: How do you do that specifically? When you block that energy, because you know, most of people who right now are listening to us, they are probably very energy sensitive like you are like me as well. So once we start like really ascending in that understanding of the world, we become really energy sensitive.

    All of us, it's like one of those gifts, hidden gifts. So how did you manage to block that energy, which is not tuned to you?

    Tarot Divine: All right. Um, normally, well first. I don't even tell anybody that I do this, but it's like, I envision that white light, you know, that, you know, protecting myself, protecting my energy.

    And then I do pull out my sage or my payload, whichever I have on hand or my sound bowl. And I just, I just, that's how I cleanse that energy. And I make sure I do breathing techniques, that breathing technique as well, because I feel like that, I don't know, it relieves tension that's in my body. And then the energy that's in the room and we just cleanse it.

    And everybody's just like in the chat being positive. So it just, it picks back up after that, but you can definitely tell when those energies coming and out.

    Yulia: So you observe, in fact, did you see those energies even physically? Are you capable to see these stuff or you just feel them?

    Tarot Divine: Uh, I would say I see them. I see them and I feel them, to be honest.

    Go ahead.

    Yulia: I'm sorry? So you said you see them? It's got a special color or?

    Tarot Divine: Uh, well, when I see them, it's just like, it's more like I see images. Or I'll get like things in my head like things will pop into my head like downloads and it's like I'll get certain images or certain situations or certain songs or certain feelings okay and then I'm like oh okay now I'm picking up on where this person is coming from because I don't know it's like I tune right into it because it'll take me a little while to catch them but once I catch on I'll be like okay.

    I don't know. It just, it just triggers and I just know how to identify it.

    Yulia: Was it always that way or you kind of developed it within you?

    Tarot Divine: I developed it. I developed it. Um, and also it also happens like when, when I'm done with readings, like if I have somebody come in and I don't necessarily catch them, they may be negative or have a negative energy with them.

    I'll, after the reading, I'll start getting images. I'll start getting feelings and stuff like that. I'm like, okay, now I know what might be going on, but, um, it's something that I did learn and I feel like it has. Strengthened definitely over this last the solar eclipse and everything we've just been going through Mercury retrograde, everything going crazy right now. So, um, I feel like it has strengthened and now i'm really being able to use my discernment with picking up on energy Like almost as soon as they start interacting with the chat So yeah.

    Yulia: Can you read on the distance like let's say we are interacting with you right now Or it's important for you to feel the person like physically in your space?

    Tarot Divine: I would say, I think I could do distance because I mean, I do live readings all the time and it's like, yes, no, yes, no.

    Or I'll do like general love money readings, like right there on live, like full reading. So I feel like that's a form of distance reading. And I didn't realize that till now that I'm like connecting with people, like not even in my same environment, it's energetically. And that's kind of cool now that I'm thinking about it.

    But, um, yeah, that's how I do it.

    Yulia: You know, I'm thinking about, these beautiful twist which you are providing to all your clients as, uh, like these spiritual advising plus tarot reading. So it's kind of like spiritual tarot reading. And based on what you told me right now, I understand the technology. So you kind of like provide that energy healing at the same time. Do I understand it correct?

    Tarot Divine: Yes. Yep. Perfect. Perfect.

    Yulia: Have you ever been doing Reiki?

    Tarot Divine: No, and it's funny that you said that because I was just thinking that. I was just thinking Reiki. I was just like, I was like, I've never really thought of, I mean, I've thought about it. It crossed my mind, but then I was like, okay, well then how do I do it?

    It's just like how you learn how to do Tarot. You can learn how to do that too. But, um, it's crossed my mind quite a few times and like crystal healing has crossed my mind. a few times and I guess, like, I guess distant healing, I mean, I guess I am doing that, but it's just like, I still have to strengthen myself, myself, you know, so before I do that, I think.

    Yulia: Hmm. You know, I'm so honored to talk to you right now because honestly, when we go to a certain mastery in a specific craft, and I consider like tarot cards is like part of that craft, right? We start twisting it with certain areas of interest and investigation in our life. So for example, you are twisting it clearly with energy, like energy healing, and that's what you call probably the spiritual advising.

    Do you understand, uh, do you mean something else under spiritual advising? Or, uh, just like, I would love just to clarify this.

    Tarot Divine: Um, I guess, I guess, I mean, if I'm, okay, I don't know, I guess I just provide like spiritual advising to me is just providing like just giving advice and just healing. I mean, I don't know if you could reframe that or like say that again so I can understand what you're saying, I guess.

    What's the question?

    Yulia: Yeah, so you told like spiritual advising along the tarot reading. So based on what I heard here, you kind of like provide this energy healing at the same time. Right? Because you, you know, how to kind of like tune yourself to, to the person who is here, but you also know how to cleanse yourself from all your, like, uh, your energy and probably just to balance it out.

    Do you understand it? Correct.

    Tarot Divine: Right, right. Yeah. Correct. Yep. That's exactly, that's exactly what I would say. Um, that's exactly the process, honestly. , so, yeah.

    Yulia: Mm-Hmm. Do you use some other techniques? Uh, along the tarot reading? Like, well,

    Tarot Divine: You know what? There are a few other things that I do specialize in that I guess I just kind of forgot about, but honestly, I'm going to be completely honest.

    I consider myself a true manifester because I've manifested a lot, a lot in my life. Like this.

    Yulia: Oh my gosh, share with us your framework. I want to see that.

    Tarot Divine: Yeah. Yes. Um, I've manifested a computer, a phone. Um, and iPad, like the place that I'm living in right now. I manifested this place and I, I have, I like the service that I offer about teaching you how to manifest, but I also, I also have a service where I teach you what preventing you from manifesting, because I mean, cause a lot of people don't understand that it's a process. to go into, you know, manifest. You can't just say, Hey, where I want this. And it's just going to show up. Like sometimes it's about how you're thinking and what you're putting out there to the universe. So I teach that, but I do teach people how I manifest it. I have proof and I show the proof to the people like this is what I've done.

    And I've done a lot of it. I won't lie. Do the, um, the manifesting journal, the three, six, nine journal. I've used that. And I kid you not, I manifested multiple, multiple things out of that journal. And I've shown people like here, this is this date. This is what I did it. And then here it is. Right. Right here.

    All right. So I keep telling them every time I do readings, like you are the creator of your own reality. All right. So if you want it, you can have it. Maybe it might not be here today, you know, but it could be here next week, next year. You never know, but you got to keep visualizing that so it can come to you. So I guess I specialize in manifestation as well.

    Yulia: Oh, my God. So you're a powerful magician. I believe so. That's, that's what I'm talking about. Right. So I am super curious. Because you are not just saying it, it's kind of like you are living and breathing it. So, what are the principles of effective manifestation?

    We all want manifestations.

    Tarot Divine: Well, the principles I would think for me personally, what I use is just You know, having faith, believing in it, believing in yourself, believing in your powers, believing in the energies in the universe and frequencies and, you know, like just the law of attraction. You know, there's a lot of things that you should be aware of in regards to the universe because the universe is always working and knowing that, you know, what goes around comes around karma.

    So it's like, I'm just mindful of what I'm putting out there and what I'm projecting and my thoughts and my feelings and stuff like that. And it's just like, there are certain laws. There are certain rules that you have to follow in order to manifest what you desire. I mean, you can't just say, you know, give this to me, you know, because people are like.

    Yulia: What are the laws? I am really curious.

    Tarot Divine: Right? What do you say?

    Yulia: What are the laws for manifestation?

    Tarot Divine: The laws is just like, uh, I guess, I guess, I don't know all the laws, but I know it's just like, you know, the law of visualization, the law of, um, I just know a lot of the law of a visualization, the law of patient, um, I would say, I mean, I, I don't know.

    It's like, I never actually wrote them down and thought about what the laws that I use or the laws that I follow to be able to manifest because I've just been doing it. I've never, you know, had to put it on paper.

    Yulia: Intuitively, you know, I'd love to add one more law here. It's the law of clarity, right? It's just like, you know, now I am thinking about, let's say you are poisoned with your body.

    and you're just like going like a crippled person through life you have lots of poisons in the body you cannot see what to manifest but you have lots of wants now clarity provides you that glance right so when we want just to live a vibrant life here we want to glance first is that so so what if we start with clarity right what do you think about this uh clarity first And did you experience the power of that law in, uh, in your life? Maybe you can.

    Tarot Divine: Make clarity first. I mean, yeah,

    I mean, yes, I've had actually, you know what? I mean, I didn't really start getting like clear clarity until like recently, like within the last year or so. Like I kind of seen it and I got like glimpses of it. But it's just like I was so confused in a way because I was still learning, you know, and like I always say you're always a student and a teacher at the same time.

    So it was just like I was teaching others but I was still learning about how to use that. But um, I really started getting clarity about how I really have to like set my sights and actually know what I want. Like clearly see what you want so that you can ask for what you want specifically and you can get that.

    So yeah, it took me a while to tune in to have clear, clearer clarity is what I would say.

    Yulia: Mmm. So how do you bring yourself and set yourself up for clarity. Let's say you go to Tarot reading session. Obviously you start from clarity, right? You don't wrap up like certain types of myths and energies from others.

    You must also clean yourself. So is there some kind of maybe set of affirmations or steps? Or something, what you do to balance yourself to bring yourself to that clarity? Maybe some set of questions, I don't know your process.

    Tarot Divine: Well. Um, yeah, I mean actually before I go into any reading or before I even go into live reading, I do have like a little prayer that I says it say, it's not too long, you know, it's not too complicated, but it's something that I say in my head and I speak out to my angels, my ancestors, guides, universe and all that stuff.

    And I just, you know, say, you know, uh, anything that doesn't belong here is not welcoming to this reading it and things like that. And then I'll say that, and then that's how I'll go. to the readings and I won't lie, like I still have anxiety, like, because I know I'm going into it. It's like going into like a boxing ring or something like that.

    And it's like, you're going into all this energy. So you're, it's like, I got to prepare myself and that's like, I get nervous and I get, I get anxiety, but I still go on and do it. But once that first few minutes is up, then, you know, I'm a little bit cooler, but it's like, I'm still a little bit hypersensitive, I guess. I would say at that point in time.

    Yulia: It's interesting that you mentioned here and anxiety because like I was suffering throughout all my childhood and then adolescence, like period, through, uh, with anxiety, I was even going to the suicidal modes, like, you know, low, low, low. And I'm always interested in people who are dealing with the same.

    How do they bring themselves out of that anxiety mode? Probably you have some kind of toolkit for yourself, which works for you.

    Tarot Divine: Well, um, I really like this. I've noticed, like, I think this was like last year sometime. I realized that sometimes when I was going on live and I started like getting really nervous or I started sweating or I'm getting confused, I noticed that that was to me, I felt like that was an anxiety attack or a panic attack, you know, like right on live.

    And I don't know where it comes from. Sometimes it just, it just happens. Or maybe it's because all the energy that's coming in the room at that point in time. It's like, and then I have to, honestly, I have to log off. I have to log off to get myself. Cause I can't be on screen and everybody's seeing me like literally having an anxiety attack pretty much is what it is.

    So I just log off and then I get myself together. I get my energy together. If I got to come back later, you know, people understand the people that I, you know, gravitate towards, you know, or I'm the community that I have. They understand like, Hey, take care of yourself first and then come back.

    Yulia: It's very powerful and I can fully connect to it because you know, I remember, uh, like how I was dealing with it and it's still coming back here and there, like those weeds, you know?

    So it's, it's always here. Like, so we have to deal with those weeds of anxiety crippling here, like in your reality. Even if you manage to remove the big load of it, you always have to cleanse it. It's like, if you allow the parasites in your body to flourish, they will take it over.

    Tarot Divine: Right. Is that right?

    Yulia: So it's a maintenance thing. So what I found for myself is also like you mentioned a log off. So whenever I feel like that are like that feeling that, Oh my God, I have this problem with my chest. I cannot breathe or certain like sensations in my belly. I feel it's coming. I feel it's coming or the depression. Let's say it's another level.

    You know, when you are not interested in life, is it something reminding you about something? So it means too much knowledge, too much addings, in my reality. Not so long ago I read in Tao Te Ching, there is a powerful book like this, a very small one, it talks about how we have to bring ourselves back to that balance. Clarity, like the tower way of creation. Interesting enough, it reminds me tarot, tarot tower.

    Tarot Divine: Yeah. Right.

    Yulia: Tower of tarot yeah. And it was talking about the importance of that balance. And if we talk like your language right now, it's literally logging off, like, like turn off everything because you add, add, add more knowledge. You learn, learn, learn to, uh, kind of like find the solution for your problem.

    But it adds. It adds to your reality and it feels more pressure. So I also turn myself off because I want just to bring myself back to some kind of emptiness and I can relate to what you say so much.

    Tarot Divine: Right. Yeah. And sometimes when I do come back from that, you know, from that break, it's just like, I feel like I have to like, I'll go back on, but it's like, I have to redeem myself.

    And that kind of sounds weird because I feel like, I don't know, maybe I let someone else I haven't let anybody down like I know I haven't but that's just I guess what I feel so I go on there and then I'm like back at it and then that's like the flow start going people are coming in it's five and like everything's going the way it's supposed to flow and it's just like I have a good ending that usually I do well on those days but um yeah I do redeem myself um after that sometimes I might just say like I don't sit and think about how my days went, you know, um, but I know it's like if I sit in that energy for too long, I get angry or I get depressed or I get, you know, like down on myself.

    So I try not to stay in that energy for too long.

    Yulia: But I know you have a child, right?

    Tarot Divine: Oh. What'd you say?

    Yulia: Do you have a child?

    Tarot Divine: Yeah, I have four.

    Yulia: Oh. Oh my God. So how do you manage to log off? Explain to us.

    Tarot Divine: It's hard. It's hard. It's hard to um, because my business like the business that I do tarot card reading. It's hard to be a mother and still have my own career, you know, with tarot card reading and spirituality and stuff like that.

    Because I'm a mother first, you know. So it's just like I have to take care of those things and I have to make time to, you know, go live. And that's why people are like, well, why aren't you live? Why aren't you live? Why aren't you making more video? Why aren't you putting it? It's because I have, I'm like, I'm a single parent too.

    So, I mean, that makes it even more hard. Yeah. So, and, and, and then I also have a, um, nine year old and he's on the autism spec, so I'm like, I got all these things coming at me and it's just like, and I got teenagers. It's just like, it's a lot, but I still make time. Yeah.

    Yulia: No, wait, wait, wait. I want to understand.

    How do you manage to log off from this and still get back to your center?

    Tarot Divine: I just, I don't know. I guess I just do it. I guess I just do it because it's, I've done it for so long and it become a pattern and it's just like, now I know what I need to and what I'm that I need to do, but now I've been trying to break out of that, you know?

    Um, only being able to do it certain times. I'm still trying to work with the situation, you know, instead of having to work against me or taking time off, it's like I have to intertwine the two so I can go live. It's like having both, both world worlds. It's kind of what I'm doing. Like I can be a mom, but I can still do my readings at the same time. But sometimes I do got to just completely log off for a time, you know, a little bit of time so I can just take care of my kids and make sure that they're good, they're not hungry or whatever, and they have what they need. And then I'll come and to, you know, do my, um, tarot card reading or going live, or I'll wait till they're at school, like I'm doing now.

    Like I wait till they're at school to where I don't get distracted. And that's how I get a lot of my work done.

    Yulia: It's just very powerful. So you remind me here, like a wonder woman. So she is combining on combinable things. So, guess what guys? She has four children, right? And she is very successful in her tarot readings.

    She has a tremendously amazing channel in TikTok, and she is a single parent. So, I would love to hear your advice, Tia Tarot Divine, for us all. What are the three aspects of your kind of like success in combining these uncombinable things? Like, what would you give as an advice? To all of us here, because we all want in some kind of sense to combine our family life, what we do at home with our careers.

    And it seems like you've managed to work it out.

    Tarot Divine: Okay, well, um, a few words were popping in my mind, and a few cards. I got your cards, they're sitting like right in front of me. I actually did a reading, um, before I came on here and I told everybody I was coming on here. Um, the temperance card popped up in my mind.

    So moderation, I mean, that's something that I think is important. Um, an even flow, you know, of the energy, mind, body, and soul. Um, I would say self care. That's one thing that I would have to say, you know, we're trying to get a balance. And then also know that, you know, give yourself patience, or I guess they call it grace, you know, give yourself grace, you know, so you can have time to do the thing.

    Don't put so much pressure on yourself to get things done or having to have everything going all in, you know, your way. It's like sometimes you just got to go with the flow and maybe things may not go according to plan and you have to be okay with things not going according to plan because I get interruption all the time, all the time and it does irritate me, but I've started teaching myself, okay, this is going to happen.

    You know, it's inevitable, you know, so it's just like you got to work through it. It's only temporary, but yeah, those are the three things that I would say, moderation, self care and patience.

    Yulia: I love it. It's so amazing. And you know, it's echoing also with one of the previous conversations, which I had with another beautiful lady.

    Um, her name is Darya and she has a beautiful, beautiful channel as well. Wildfire ASMR. Uh, she was doing lots of also spiritual healing through that channel in YouTube. It's a very successful channel. And she has a beautiful soul. And she mentioned, Yulia, once you are on the right pathway, like you do not pressure yourself.

    You just know it will be done and it's just like I hear right now what you are seeing and it's the same thing because I was thinking like all this Dust is coming from pressure. Pressure. We lock ourselves into this reality. In this circle. And we get irritated if something is not done for our wants. Is that so?

    Tarot Divine: Right.

    Yulia: So, it's amazing that you mentioned the same thing. You girls don't know each other, I'm pretty sure. But you mentioned the same thing. same thing just in you.

    Tarot Divine: Wow.

    Yulia: And I believe so when we go to any kind of, let's say, panic attacks, anxiety, I don't know, depression, it's all about that pressure, pressure of the external world, of the external demands, right?

    And then we need that guidance. And then we come to people who can help us with that. Let it be tarot readers. or we go to some energy healing or we go to a twist of both or whatever and we search for that clarity for that guidance but again I want all of us here to have that clarity that we start from clarity we start from balance because imagine if we let's say like put the plant the seed seed in not a nourishing environment, like, and it is like this what will grow out of it?

    Something tangling. It will, it will break, but if it is stable, right? What will be out of that? It's very aligned with temperance. Is it so?

    Tarot Divine: Yeah. Yeah. And I'm also thinking about, um, like in the traditional tarot, I'm thinking about like the, the seven of pentacles because when I do give readings, I say, you know, it's important to continue planting seeds, but not only do you plant those seeds, but you have to nourish them.

    You have to take care of them. Okay. Because those are like, they're just going to die. They're not going to grow. All right. So what's the point of even doing that, but just investing yourself first and foremost, but make sure you're investing in your garden so that it continues to grow or flourish is what I would say.

    Yulia: Oh, I love it. Investing in your garden. It is amazing. It feels like, you know, investing in my garden, but also it expands Investing in the garden of life, right? Whomever you deal in here, you kind of like, you know, I heard the same thing. Like many times, like I'm just giving things away. My husband keeps asking me like, how are you doing it?

    Do you expect maybe something in return? And I was just like, honey, I just give to life. I know it will bring me back. You know, I just invest. And then you said investing into garden. Oh my God. It's so speaking to me right now.

    Tarot Divine: Yes. Yes. Very much so.

    Yulia: Yeah. Because masculine principle, guess what? It's very transactional.

    It's like our, it's our brain. And then I keep explaining to my husband. Hey, honey. You can just give to life and it's okay,

    Tarot Divine: Right, right. And I'm like, I mean, now, now I'm sorry. I keep thinking of all these cards, but as we're having conversations, like the cards are like, like popping up in my head and you're talking about, you know, reciprocity and stuff like that, then the six of pentacles, you know, when you're helping others, it's like you're giving to, you know, others, you're giving service, but then you're getting blessed by the universe, you know, because you're helping others.

    Okay. You're making it balanced. All right. So, cause it has the skills in that card. It doesn't have it.

    Yulia: Yeah. One of those, those aromatic principles. In fact, I really love that as above as below, right? So everything is zeroed out in the end of the day. So we kind of like bounce back our goodness to ourselves.

    And when somebody is saying to me, Yulia, why are you giving that much? And I really was like this since childhood. Just like, don't you want just like to do it or expecting something from return. He's like. You are nuts? Which kind of return you are talking about? For me it's obvious that it will bounce back to me.

    Tarot Divine: Right, exactly. Yeah.

    Yulia: Oh my god, it's so, so amazing that we are synchronized with you that way and I'm pretty sure it will talk to so many right now. So, dear beautiful souls, Whenever you want more gifts in life, principle number one, give gifts to life.

    Tarot Divine: Right, right.

    Yulia: So tell me one thing, what's next in your spiritual journey?

    Tarot Divine: You know, what's next in my spiritual journey? It's like, honestly, I'm gonna give you my honest answer. I don't know. I don't know what, what, what to come. It's just like, I can, I can think of what I want it to be, but I know there's going to be unaffected things that still haven't been revealed to me. To me yet, because I'm not supposed to know, you know, I'm not supposed to know, like, I mean, I'm, you know, I guess a fortune teller or I can read the future or whatever the case may be.

    But I feel like there's some stuff that is meant to not to be revealed, if that makes sense. I mean, so, um, but I guess if I just say, you know what, I can visualize myself, I feel like I'm, I'm gonna be expanding. I know I'm gonna be growing. I don't know. I don't know. I know I'm gonna always be into spirituality, but I don't know if I'll ever, you know, I'll be a card reader, but I wanna expand from the card reading it.

    It is like a while ago I did a business. my own spiritual shop, like my own spiritual store. And it's kind of crazy because I manifested that too. I actually got it. I went to, um, I was in class intro to entrepreneurship and we had to come out with a plan and I named it Tarot Divine Spiritual Shop, and then I went back and read it and I was like, Oh my God, what I wrote in this is happening on TikTok. Right now.

    I just don't have a store. I just don't have a store. So I feel like that could be something that I may do. I may be pulled in to teach others. I mean, I feel like I am going to be teaching others. I don't know exactly what, but I feel like I'm going to be able to teach. I'm going to have to teach others.

    I'm going to have to, one day I will possibly set down the car, but they won't be sat down forever because I'm still gonna be teaching others how to do it.

    Yulia: Yes.

    Tarot Divine: If that makes sense.

    Yulia: If it is, uh, if it is like that fire, it is attracting your attention within you, you just must follow it. So let it be at twenties, thirties, fifties, sixties, eighties, doesn't matter.

    There are so many successful stories here of all the beautiful souls. Who actually started something at a certain period. It's not about even age. We all need a specific period, in fact, to boil down that juice to show you the world, right? Oh my God, this is so amazing. Now, if you would allow me, I would pull out the card for you as a message specifically for you.

    I would want to just tune to it and read maybe just a small message for you.

    Tarot Divine: Okay. All right sounds good.

    Yulia: Let's do it. Let's do this beautiful thing in life. Here we are. So let me know when I should stop.

    Tarot Divine: Stop.

    Yulia: Stop. Yeah. Alrighty. So we have. Strengths reversed in here guys So the first thing which I see I see This symbol around her head and do you know why I paid attention to it?

    It reflects Miholnir. So from we have kind of like negative message immediately from Miholnir from the perspective of, uh, kind of reversed strength, right? Every kind of reverse card is there. But guys, when we start reading intuitively, we must read the symbols and where our focus goes to. So in this particular card, I immediately, as a reader for our Tarot Divine, I paid attention to the wholeness around her head.

    So she is right now actually scanning, trying to search for direction where to serve to people. But at the same time, she's heading there. In the comfort and doesn't really pressure herself. So, she learned, do you see it? She learned how to actually be in that space with herself. So, did you notice, uh, my dear Tarot Divine that you mentioned that you actually, like, trying to search that direction?

    And it's like, do you remember these, uh, hand man? So, we can look at the hand man, like, from positive and negative aspect, but the positive aspect, you're kind of, like, panning around. All right, it will come, it will come and it's odd enough, but I'm as a reader noticed right now specifically that like circle around the head of that lady holding, holding the line.

    So, and it was like this reversed position, like she's okay with that. It seems like it's fine. It's very reflecting you right now and it's like keep on doing that. You will find your direction. It is fine. Just keep on doing what you are doing and just don't pressure yourself because in the moment you start pressuring yourself with finding that purpose, it will kind of like misdirect you from that inner voice, right?

    So you only want to be like searching for that divine, divine guidance. Within you in that comfort of your zone. Don't go like too much there and here. Sometimes, as you've mentioned, log it off. Yeah. So again, if I would summarize it for you, you are kind of like searching for that inner voice. You will definitely find it.

    But the way to find it is not to pressure yourself, but continue that inner voice search within you. It will come. I don't need to be a fortune teller here, right? So guys, right now you observed how you can read reversed cards and not be afraid of them.

    Tarot Divine: Right. Yes, yes, yes. I try to tell people, you know, they're not always bad.

    So it's just how you interpret the card, but you did hit on a few, a few pointers about the, um, getting in the flow of things or finding my, my position or what my purpose is because with that, the shift of the, you know, solar eclipse and everything, I felt like I kind of like, was like, floating I was like trying to get into a way if that makes sense so I can catch on to it.

    And then you're talking about, um, you know, not pressuring myself. Like before I actually went on live that day, I said, don't pressure yourself with these readings because you know, you, you, you expect people want to expect out of you a lot out of you. So it was like, don't pressure yourself. Just go ahead and do it.

    It may not be perfect, but you know, you know, you can do it. And with that, you know, trying to find my purpose, find my way. It does kind of affect my confidence in some way, because it's Sometimes I may not think like I'm ready for it, or, you know, I have the strength to do it, or the confidence to do it, or whatever the case may be.

    So, I mean, that card does make sense with it in the reverse. That's how I would interpret it and some of the things that you say.

    Yulia: You can reverse it back to the direct just by following that theme, your inner voice, without pressuring yourself, right? So the way it is reversed, it can become direct.

    So it is another way of reading. In fact, you stop reading these cards based on just these collective consciousness books and, uh, like our Tarot Divine can confirm it, right? You are very experienced in that. And I remember how I just, started like my tarot reading sessions 10 years ago. I remember I was just like really into learning, learning those books and I was so attuned to them.

    Then it took like a while to unlearn all this stuff.

    Tarot Divine: Right.

    Yulia: Did you go through the same thing?

    Tarot Divine: Well, you know, I told, I mean, well, I honestly, when I actually do teach, well, I taught tarot lesson one on one. Like I said, I think I might be meant to teach, but it has been a few times where I do have a tarot lesson one on one and I'll go on live and I'll teach people about how they could learn how to read tarot from themselves and not, you know, don't try to, you know, memorize everything in the book because there is a such thing as too much information, you know, and you know, too much areas where you can go to get information.

    I said, learn the traditional meaning or learn the general meaning, but also develop your own into the book. Meaning of the card because what you might feel of the card may not be what's in the book or what people may be saying About that card. Okay form your own Interpretation is what I would say.

    Yulia: Oh my god. It speaks so much to me because guess what if we again a look at this circle around her head it creates pressure. Every new adding creates pressure.

    So, I actually, what I experienced after just learning, learning, learning already too much pressure, and I was addicted to that. It's just like you start learning a new language, you learn so much grammar, you know, but then you still cannot speak. You cannot speak, you know.

    Yes. Yeah, you have to immerse yourself into the environment.

    I remember I was learning French, so I had to live in France for a while, uh, just to pass my test to Canada, to move here. And, uh, then I just realized I learned too much grammar. I have to start speaking to people, you know, intuitively. Something. Right. Yeah. Yeah, I really, really love it. So, my dear Tarot Divine, it was It's such a pleasure today to have you.

    I would love only to ask you in the very end, could you give a piece of advice to all our beautiful beings here who are listening to us today? What would be the one thing you would give them as a gift today to succeed in their lives, to move forward, to feel that progress? Because it seems like we are having here Wonder Woman in front of us.

    Tarot Divine: Right. Okay. Um, I would say. Be your authentic self. Don't feel like you have to be someone else. Don't feel like you have to mimic other people to be popular because people who are meant for you are meant to see you or connect with you, will connect with you with you just being you. So that's, I would say be authentically yourself.

    Yulia: All right. Thank you so much. Wishing you all an amazing day. Let's. Let's keep it live and let's make sure that we use that advice from our beautiful divine being here. Thank you again. All right.

    Tarot Divine: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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