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    Five of Cups Tarot Card Meanings

    Five of Cups Keywords


    Transition, change, personal growth, emotional evolution, life lessons
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    Healing, release, positive outlook, acceptance, new connections
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    Five of Cups Description

    Tears flowing from one cup to another symbolize a ripple effect, emphasizing the impact of one thing on another, which disturbs many things.

    All the surrounding support is not yet moving to help contain the suffering.

    Tears become water flowing from the woman's eyes facing to the left, which symbolizes being left alone, lost or abandoned.

    The withered roses symbolize restlessness and sadness, and the water running down and over the skull suggests a feeling of sadness and grief that floods the mind.

    NOTE: The Tarot card meaning description is based on the Rider Waite cards.


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    Upright Five of Cups Meaning

    If you have recently faced some loss or disappointment, you must overcome feelings of guilt and defeat. By focusing on negative emotions you will not be able to see all the good that is still left. You should move on and leave behind everything that doesn’t serve you. Not everything is lost and by intentionally focusing on your blessings will give you hope to move on.


    I am ready to overcome the emotions that don’t align with what I want to attract in my life.

    Reversed Five of Cups Meaning

    Something from the past is keeping you feeling stuck. Try to release the tension, accept the situation and forgive yourself and others. Move through the sadness, don’t resist any emotion and as soon as you let go you will be free. Soon enough you will notice that something that used to bother you, doesn’t seem to be so important anymore.


    I welcome change by putting focus on the future I want to create.

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