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    Queen of Swords Tarot Card Meanings

    Queen of Swords Keywords


    Clarity, independence, sharp mind, communication, truth
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    Coldness, miscommunication, guardedness, isolation, bias
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    Queen of Swords Description

    A regal woman sits on a throne carved with crows on either side, symbolizing intelligence - as crows display a high level of intellect.

    The sword in her right hand is a symbol of readiness, and the scales and light in her left hand are symbols of justice and straightforward thinking.

    The flying birds formation on the top left represents following a strategy in exploring life.

    NOTE: The Tarot card meaning description is based on the Rider Waite cards.

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    Upright Queen of Swords Meaning

    You are confident, stable and assertive in your communication. Your intellect and logic are currently predominant over your emotions and your opinions are objective and decided upon by facts. Some people may turn to you for guidance, as you can provide them wise advice. You are upfront and honest in your views, which you expect from others as well. Because of this, many people value your opinions.


    I am logical, practical and strategic but I let others see my softer side as well.

    Reversed Queen of Swords Meaning

    You are either overly-emotional or cold-hearted. Balancing your male and female energies is what you need right now. Tune into your emotions to find the root cause of your current situation - maybe there’s some past experience which left you feeling troubled. Align your heart with your head and work on being mindful about how you treat others. Practice empathy and be less critical.


    I find balance between my head and my emotions in order to make optimal decisions.

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