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    Three of Swords Tarot Card Meanings

    Three of Swords Keywords


    Transformation, growth, understanding, healing, self-discovery
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    Recovery, release, emotional freedom, optimism, resilience
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    Three of Swords Description

    There are no stars today, everything is filled with rain and darkness. This situation symbolizes grief and frustration.

    Two black cats bang their swords against each other showing they don’t get along, depicting a relationship that does not work.

    The large sword held in the center tries to control the two conflicting sides but doesn't succeed.

    The cats’ tails entwine, trying to form a heart shape, but the sword in the middle forms a barrier and obstruction symbolizing a bad situation that comes in the way of a relationship.

    NOTE: The Tarot card meaning description is based on the Rider Waite cards.

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    Upright Three of Swords Meaning

    Some events have left you feeling heartbroken. You should not suppress the overwhelming emotions that you’re feeling - accept them, release them and with a bit of time you will be ready to move on. The only way out is through, so take time to experience grief and pick up where you left off. The sun always rises after the storm - keep your head high, better days are coming!


    Allowing myself to feel all the emotions right now is a path to relief and peace in the near future.

    Reversed Three of Swords Meaning

    This is your reminder to silence the thoughts saying that you’re not good enough. Being hypersensitive and wallowing in self-pity is taking you further away from your goals. Don’t let yourself be identified with the negative self-image and with the role of the victim. You are not defined by your past experiences and how other people treated you. Remember how your Higher Self sees you.


    I am not defined by other people’s thoughts and actions towards me.

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