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    Thieves Oil Blend (4Oz) — USDA Organic

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    Thieves Oil Blend (4Oz) — USDA Organic
    • 100% PURE — Our Thieves Oil Blend is a unique blend of cinnamon, cloves, orange, eucalyptus, rosemary, and more. According to legend, Thieves Essential Oil is a blend of five essential oils that protected four robbers from contracting the plague in France. Our spicy, vibrant blend is pure, natural therapeutic grade, and certified safe for cosmetic usage.
    • IMPROVE YOUR MOOD — Used since ancient times, Thieves oil is famous for its wide range of health benefits. Use it in a diffuser, increase your concentration and improve your mood. May also be used for pimples and to boost immunity.
    • LONG-LASTING — Large 120 mL / 4 OZ. Bottle of pure Thieves oil can be used by itself or combined with a carrier oil. Using the dropper, add some Thieves oil to Coconut Oil or Olive Oil. Additionally, a few drops of Lemon or Lavender Essential Oil can be added to this blend for a more pleasant scent.
    • FIND YOUR HARMONY — Use this Thieves oil in any way that will bring you a moment of peace and balance amidst the bustle of your life. Use Calmoura essential oils for diffuser, soap making, bath oil, skincare/hair care, Chakra Balancing, massage, and aromatic bath time.
    • RELAXATION & TRANQUILITY GUARANTEED — Calmoura believes everyone deserves to add a touch of luxury to their lives. Luxury doesn't mean a long vacation - it is simply making the time and space to enhance your wellbeing. If, for any reason you’re not satisfied, (don’t stress) - we offer a 365-day money-back guarantee with all of our products.

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