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    Virgo and Libra Compatibility Percentage for Friendship, Marriage and Sex

    Virgo and Libra Compatibility

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    If you are knowledgeable in astrology, the first thing you may think of regarding the Virgo and Libra compatibility is that their personality differences are so vast that you could not believe how this couple could ever work together.

    Mercury rules Virgo, which is the planet of communication, travel, and movement, and Venus rules Libra, which is the planet that rules relationships, beauty, and love.

    These planets rule different things, meaning those with these signs would have other desires and may not see eye-to-eye on many things, which can create friction.

    However, does that mean that Virgo and Libra couples are as incompatible as you think? Let's delve into this further.  

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    How Compatible Is Virgo To Libra?

    How Compatible Is Virgo To Libra

    Those born between August 23 and September 22 have the sun sign Virgo, and those born between September 23 and October 22 have their sun in Libra. Libra is a cardinal sign, which means the modality represents initiation and beginnings, whereas Virgo is a mutable sign, and that modality is all about adaptability and change. The modalities between the signs can work because it is natural to finish something after beginning it, which is why cardinal and mutable signs work well together; as long as they are in compatible elements, the issue with Virgo and Libra is that they are not. 

    Virgo is an earth sign, and Libra is an air sign, making the elements incompatible, as earth and air do not work well together. What happens when you expose air to earth? You end up with a dust storm! Virgo can be picky, and Libra does not want to face confrontation until they are ready to explode, and then you have that "dust storm." 

    However, does this mean that there is zero Virgo and Libra compatibility? Not at all, as both can work together if they want to work out their differences. Let's now discuss the Virgo and Libra compatibility percentage, Virgo man and Libra woman compatibility and vice versa, friendship, marriage, and sex. Therefore, if you have a partner or friend who is a Libra and you are a Virgo, or vice versa, you will see that you can have a successful relationship with them. 

    Virgo and Libra Compatibility Percentage

    Virgo and Libra Compatibility Percentage

    You already know that the Virgo and Libra compatibility can be quite complex as you have two different signs in incompatible elements, making it that way. Let's break down the Virgo traits a little more. Virgos are reliable, efficient, great communicators, and will complete a job they need to do quickly, but they can be overly picky and be perfectionists. Since the virgin represents the sign of Virgo, those with this sign are known to be modest and will only develop an intense emotional connection with a partner or friend who proves to them that they are loyal. Virgos do not trust someone immediately upon meeting them as they want to see how trustworthy the other individual is until they see a reason to trust them. 

    Virgos are practical and grounded, which correlates with their earth element. They constantly analyze situations and people, so they guard until they see a reason to lower it. This means they see that the other individual who may become their partner or friend is earning enough of their trust to do that.

    As far as Libra goes, since Libra is the ruler of Venus, those with this sign enjoy the finer things in life, which Virgo does not care about at all. The Greek goddess Themis is associated with fairness and justice, and having connections with Aphrodite and Venus is also associated with Libra. Hence, Libra is all about beauty, fairness, and balance, which explains its representation, the scales.

    Relationships are also significant to Libra, and they are overly trusting, whereas Virgo is not. Since Libra is a social sign connected to the air element, which is also naturally friendly, they can come onto others they meet strongly with a lot of charm. That right there would be a turn-off for Virgo, who keep their guard up when they first meet someone because they need to analyze them before they deem them trustworthy. Virgo is an earth sign, and earth signs are not known to be sociable as they are practical and more solitary. It is not a surprise as Venus, Libra's ruler is fall in the sign of Virgo, which means the planet does not feel welcome in that sign. 

    Libras are excellent conversationalists, which can help bring some compatibility between them and Virgo since communicative Mercury rules Virgo. That is because the element of air is about communication, which can be an asset to the Virgo and Libra compatibility. Even though Libras are great conversationalists, they are uncomfortable with confrontation. Virgo wants to be the one to hash out problems so they can analyze and solve them, which would cause Libra to want to run, which can lead to problems. 

    Based on a brief analysis of these signs, the Virgo and Libra compatibility percentage is around 40 percent. They score very high regarding intellect, finding shared activities, and sex but lower on values, trust, and emotions. Now, let's examine Virgo and Libra's compatibility friendship before looking at anything between these signs. 

    Virgo and Libra Compatibility Friendship

    Virgo and Libra Compatibility Friendship

    Virgo and Libra enjoy making intelligent and rational choices but have different desires. Virgo likes to make choices to be productive, whereas Libra makes choices that will help provide them with peace, relaxation, and balance. Despite that, both signs appreciate culture and organization, and they may share interests in common, such as topics involving world events, history, and art. Even though Virgo does not care for luxuries and beauty, they still have some appreciation for aesthetics if it involves cleanliness and organization. Therefore, this friendship can work when having plenty of intellectual conversations. 

    They can talk about their interests for hours on the phone or at a cafe. Another thing that both have going for one another is that they are good listeners, and Virgo purposely listens because of wanting to analyze a reason to trust who they are with. Libra is a good listener because they are people-pleasers and want who they are with to know who they are by listening. 

    They may enjoy many shared activities such as going to the cafe, art museums, watching history documentaries, or being anywhere they can talk. However, friction will arise when Virgo is too analytical, making them appear controlling. That will cause Libra to shut down and behave in a passive-aggressive way, indicating they do not want confrontation. Virgo does not have the patience for that. That always ends up turning into a fighting match. Virgo is not crazy about conflict, but they will have it if they question loyalty or honesty. Let's review the Virgo man and Libra woman compatibility.

    Virgo Man and Libra Woman Compatibility

    Virgo Man and Libra Woman Compatibility

    Are Virgo men and Libra women compatible? It is possible for that to happen. The Virgo man is dependable, honest, intelligent, and supportive. Besides being diplomatic and understanding justice well, Libra women are charming, friendly, patient, and excellent listeners. The Libra can make Virgo feel comfortable enough to speak up despite being shy and not speaking up often. As well, that is a critical aspect of a successful relationship. Validation is important to Virgos, even if they say they don't. Libra can make Virgo feel heard since they want to be heard.

    As with many other couples, this couple will also enjoy various activities. Virgo does not enjoy going to parties as much as Libra does. The Virgo will make a compromise to attend one for the Libra, however. In particular, Libra has made other sacrifices for Virgo. It is not a problem for Virgo to leave their comfort zone to accommodate Libra, as Libra would be the one to make sacrifices of their own. 

    When Virgo is upset and needs to talk about something, Libra cancels a girls' night out to spend time with him. The relationship is characterized by 'give and take' and mutual respect. What will happen to the couple with reversed roles?

    Libra Man and Virgo Woman Compatibility

    Libra Man and Virgo Woman Compatibility

    Can the Libra man and Virgo woman get along? Libra men are known for their romantic traits, intellectual ability, charm, grace, and flirtatious nature. The Virgo woman is known for being patient, accountable, creative, dependable, intelligent, wise, ambitious, conscientious, and committed. They can work together. Like the reversed-role couple, they will behave similarly. In this relationship, the Virgo will help Libra make decisions, which is one of the things you will notice. 

    It can be more difficult for the Libra man to make decisions than for the Libra woman. This leads to his extreme indecisiveness. His Virgo partner knows he can count on her for help. She should, however, refrain from commenting on his indecisiveness, which can hurt his ego. Even though she is patient, her Libra partner's indecisiveness can frustrate her, and she may become very critical, which she will need to work on if this couple has a future together. Apart from that, Virgo can quickly adapt to any wish Libra has because of the mutable nature of the sign.

    Virgo and Libra Marriage Compatibility

    Virgo and Libra Marriage Compatibility

    You already know that Libra and Virgo, with work, can make their relationship work together even though many differences can cause friction. You know that they can be great friends if they stick with communication and enjoy some of their shared activities. However, marriage is a significant step forward from friendship, which means the couple commits together for life. Is the Virgo and Libra marriage compatibility strong enough for that to happen?

    If Virgo and Libra can respect each other's feelings, they can have a potent psychological connection, but it will take a lot of work, time, care, and communication for it to happen. The thing with marriage is that it involves a partnership that is surrounded by many responsibilities, including finance, homemaking, and work. If kids are in the mix, it can complicate things. The in-laws and friends can also do the same. 

    Virgo may be critical and judgmental about some of Libra's friends or family or Libra's choices, which should be celebrated since Libra struggles with decision-making. However, suppose Virgo is openly critical, and Libra stays quiet because they don't like confrontation. In that case, that resentment will fester and worsen, leading to many heated arguments, and Virgo does not want that either. 

    Another thing that can be problematic is that Virgo would be highly analytical about money and would be quite frugal. Since Libra loves luxury and beauty, they would be happy to spend money on anything that makes them look or feel good. That could cause friction. 

    On the flip side, Libra may not be happy with some of the things Virgo does, as they can become too analytical and obsessive about specific items, such as constantly putting Libra's stuff in a particular area. However, Libra will also stay quiet until Virgo pushes them enough that they explode. Therefore, this couple will consistently have to keep working at communicating effectively and putting themselves in each other's shoes since they have differing perspectives. Now, let's review the Virgo and Libra sexual compatibility.

    Virgo and Libra Compatibility For Sex

    Virgo and Libra Compatibility For Sex

    Virgo and Libra can have an awkward sexual relationship. Nevertheless, they can make their sex life work with work, just like any other couple. It is important to remember that Venus is fall in Virgo, which can make them seem aloof and cold. In addition, Virgo is a mutable sign, making it adaptable; Virgo is an earth sign that adapts slowly. 

    As an air sign, Libra would desire a fast-paced and romantic sex life. Libra, however, won't get that from Virgo. Saturn exalts Libra so that Libra can move at a comfortable pace for Virgo. 

    There is a tendency for Virgos to be self-conscious, and that can extend to their sex life as well. As Libra moves forward and encourages Virgo to be romantic, Virgo will be receptive to Libra's sexiness. 

    When the couple develops a sexual life, it will be low-key, with little passion involved, but they will find ways to meet each other's needs.

    The Takeaways of the Virgo And Libra Compatibility

    The Takeaways of the Virgo And Libra Compatibility

    The Virgo and Libra compatibility is imperfect as Virgo is an earth sign, and Libra is an air sign, as those elements are incompatible. As an earth sign, Virgo is practical, analytical, and shy but will trust when there is proof of loyalty. Libra is an air sign, which means this sign is a lot more sociable. While Virgo can be frugal, Libra likes the finer things in life, so they could overspend, which can also frustrate Virgo, considering they are highly analytical and obsessive. That alone can cause problems in the relationship. 

    It is also important to note that Venus, Libra's ruler is fall in Virgo, which means it does not feel welcome in the sign, which is also why this couple has a lot of differences. However, what they do have going for them is the ability to connect very well and push through their differences if they focus on communication. Mercury rules Virgo, and Libra is an air sign, which means Mercury is associated with air. Since both don't like confrontation, this couple needs to work very hard at communicating if they are upset with one another. They will develop mutual respect and a powerful bond if they can do that. 

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