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    Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card

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     “Good luck follows me every step of the journey called life.” - Trivedia Tarot Deck

    Don't you just love it when random luck suddenly strikes you? Maybe you hit the one in a million chance of winning the lottery, get the job of your dreams, or meet the person you are destined to marry while queuing for your Starbucks coffee. We all love and deeply thrive to experience those “meant to be” moments. This is what the Wheel of Fortune in Tarot is all about!

    But the Wheel of Fortune is also here to remind you that the rug can be swept from under your feet at any moment, and you can fall… hard. The point behind this card really is to learn to roll with the punches that we get thrown. The wheel, or clock of life, is going to spin regardless. Will you hit fortune? Will you fall? Who knows! 

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    Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Description

    Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Description

    “This is a reminder of a constant change in life. Life flows, and you should flow with it. Focus on the present moment and enjoy it - don’t try to grasp it as that cannot be done. Simply be mindful of it and enjoy it while it lasts. Ensure yourself good karma by providing good to others. Even though life can be unpredictable, by focusing on the good and being positive, good luck will follow you.” - Trivedia Tarot Deck Guidebook

    The Wheel of Fortune holds tales of fate’s fickle and unpredictable nature. You know those people that destiny spun into prosperity, right before they were casted back down? That's the nature of the wheel at play. You can see yourself in every spin, because you too have wavy up and down cycles in your life.

    I personally feel that the Wheel of Fortune should've been the “Rollercoaster” card. Up and down you go, never sure if another dip or rise is around the corner. But we keep moving regardless, just as life does and has for millions of years. In essence, this card wants us to accept that life forces us to bend and sway, but we will have more fun if we don't resist the ride.

    Change will always come, even at the very end. The best thing you can do to remain happy is to catch your breath during the pauses on top. And brace yourself for the leap to the bottom when the ground caves in beneath your feet. After that, have faith that life will take you back to the top again! 

    Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Keywords

    Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Keywords

    The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Upright Meaning

    When upright, the Wheel of fortune is giving you a pre glimpse, or a sight of some big shift coming your way. The Wheel of Fortune is about the spin in your favor! Unexpected events that will be putting you in line with your destiny are about to occur. Trust the process!

    Upright, this card is telling you that the cycle is turning in your favor. Lady luck is sitting on your shoulder, and you will soon be blessed when you least expect it. If you have been on a journey of personal improvement, the rewards will be even sweeter!

    Try to not hold on too tightly to plans made, and try to let go of some of that control. The direction you are meant to be headed according to the Wheel of Fortune might be a different direction to what you have initially anticipated. So give this card permission to take you to where you are destined, and trust the process, because holding onto resistance just makes it so much more difficult.

    Upright Wheel of Fortune Love Meaning

    Upright Wheel of Fortune Love Meaning

    Got Wheel of Fortune upright in a love reading? Be ready for cupid’s arrow to hit and sting you out of nowhere! Chance and change overflow greatly when it comes to relationships, and being open to new avenues presented to you in life is advised now.

    There is a surprising encounter or shift coming up in your love life, and it will turn your life in a whole new favorable direction. Better be prepared for this shift! 

    Let go of fantasies and dreams of your ideal relationship or Mr/Mrs right. Often, setting a standard too high prevents us from experiencing real love. The wheel might send someone to cross your path who is not what you have expected at all, but who will lead you to happiness and your destiny. An upright Wheel of Love promises only good things...even if the packaging isn't what you pictured at first. 

    Upright Wheel of Fortune Career Meaning 

    If the Wheel of Fortune appears upright during a career reading, your professional horizon is about to expand fast. Maybe you get a promotion, or your dream job lands in your emails. The wheel is setting the stage for you to share your gifts and talents with the world. No more hiding!

    Ideal professional opportunities are being created for you soon, and if you trust the process, you could be living the dream. It might not make much sense right now, but fate is making the right moves and putting the right people in your path to ensure you get where you need to be.

    Nothing great ever manifests by staying in your comfort zone, so be ready for some shifts that push you beyond limits you have always known. 

    Upright Wheel of Fortune Finances Meaning

    Upright Wheel of Fortune Finances Meaning

    Are you dealing with some risky financial opportunities and investments? The Wheel of Fortune is saying go for it! There might be an unexpected stroke of luck or windfall your way. If you have a passion project, the wheel could be your go ahead to start it and start making some serious cash.

    However be cautious, don't go making crazy steps like quitting your day job just yet. There might still be some important things that need your attention, and cash, before you put all your faith in the universe. But if you can maintain the perfect balance between responsibility, and putting your hands into chance, you can strike a sweet harmony.

    Stay open to different and unusual ways that you can increase your income. Opportunities that might seem weird and wacky to you could make you a millionaire. You never know where the Wheel of Fortune will be taking you! 

    Wheel of Fortune Reversed

    Wheel of Fortune Reversed

    “Certain events that occurred might leave you feeling discouraged. Now is the time to make a choice - will you let external events dictate your wellbeing or will you learn from your mistakes and make sure that similar situations don’t happen again? Remember that when you change the way you look at things - the things you look at change. Learn the lesson, rise like a Phoenix and move on!” - Trivedia Tarot Deck Guidebook

    Wheel of Fortune Reversed Love and Relationships Meaning

    When it comes to love and relationships, getting a reversed Wheel of Fortune card means that destiny will be throwing some roadblocks in the relationship sector of your life. Maybe someone you have been vibing with is ghosting you out of nowhere, or your dating ventures keep ending up in disasters. 

    This card hints that fate is testing your patience in love right now. Don't force connections if you feel they just aren't right. The best thing to do now is surrender control over what you want in love and let destiny unfold so that real love can enter your life exactly when the timing is right. 

    Wheel of Fortune Reversed Career Meaning

    Maybe some exciting job shifts you were waiting for fizzled out recently. Perhaps it's been tough finding the right job. When you see the Wheel of Fortune reversed in a career reading, it could mean that your professional plans are moving slower than expected, or might completely come to a standstill.

    But do not fear! Just because where you are headed is not super visible to you now does not mean that the universe does not have your back. There are great things unfolding behind the scenes! For now, focus on your inner work and building your skills and talents. Destiny wants you to refine the skills that will lead you toward the professional calling of your dreams.

    Wheel of Fortune Reversed Finances & Money Meaning

    Money might be abit tight lately, and you might find yourself counting pennies more often than usual. When the Wheel of Fortune appears reversed in a money and finance reading, it means that you are experiencing some temporary financial hurdles. 

    This is not the time to spend additional cash without thinking it through, and avoid investing in risky investments out of desperation. The point here is to dig yourself out of a hole, not deeper into one. Put time aside to reassess your budget, and look for practical ways to increase your income. Get crafty and work on your skills before taking big risks.

    Money luck will always circle back around in time. For now, focus on working on developing an abundance mindset and learning to find wealth and worth within. 

    “Every mistake is a lesson. I accept the situation, learn from it and move on.” - Trivedia Tarot Deck Guidebook

    Wheel of Fortune Yes or No Reading

    Wheel of Fortune Yes or No Reading

    You have a question in mind, and cast a yes or no card with your tarot deck. The Wheel of Fortune pops up. Is it a yes or no? When upright, the Wheel of Fortune leads toward a positive answer. It could mean yes, but the Wheel of Fortune also symbolizes the twists and turns of fate, so it can be “yes” for now, but “no” later down the line. 

    Luck could be in your favor for now, but factors can quickly and unexpectedly shift. So in essence, it means “yes”, but there can be some unexpected plot twists that eventually turn the yes into a no, so be flexible, as destiny’s ride can be up and down.

    Does the Wheel of Fortune Reversed Mean Yes or No?

    Delays and roadblocks become your reality when you get a reversed Wheel of Fortune in a yes or no reading. With this result, it hints more toward a “no”, but it is not for sure. It means you might have to wait a bit and pause and reflect. After this, no could turn into yes. 

    So your door is not closed but just temporarily obstructed, and it is up to you to figure out how to overcome the obstacles to open it. This card is saying “no for now, but check back in and try again later.” Wait and reassess the question while the wheel starts turning in your favor again.


    What Does the Wheel of Fortune Mean in Tarot Cards?

    The Wheel of Fortune tarot card represents the natural and unpredictable cycles of life we endure. Most events are out of our control, and going with the flow beats the stress of trying to control things. This card is also a symbol of hope, telling us that no matter the ups and downs of life, new possibilities are around every corner.

    What Does the Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Predict?

    The Wheel of Fortune tarot card predicts up and down changes that could lead to a stroke of luck or drastic shifts in your life circumstances. Most of these things will happen unexpectedly and completely out of your control. It hints to destiny unfolding and cycles shifting toward a new direction, and fresh opportunities emerging from chaos.

    What Does the Wheel of Fortune Refer To?

    The Wheel of Fortune in tarot refers to ceaseless cycles of change that all life and existence goes through. It points to the randomness of fortune and luck, as well as the randomness of ruin and tragedy. Both joy and suffering are transient qualities of our fluctuating lives.

    What Is the Action of the Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card?

    The action you must take that the Wheel of Fortune is telling you is to let go of a need to hold on to control and let life take you where it needs to. Maybe you are unnecessarily stressing yourself out holding onto a certain outcome that will never come to fruition. You are better off putting your hope and trust in destiny and following the path that is constantly unfolding and changing in front of you.

    Final Words

    Final Words

    The ancient wisdom locked in the Wheel of Fortune tarot card is the understanding of destiny’s inscrutable nature and the cycles that are always turning around us. 

    You may rise to great heights, but inevitably you must plunge down, surrendering to forces beyond your comprehension. It is telling to adopt the resilience needed to press forward, come what may. No matter how hard you fall into hardship, there will always be new opportunities to ascend waiting within the wheel of life.

    Embrace both the light and shadows cast upon your path, and know that each phase is a fleeting gift that is part of your soul journey. Accept rather than resist, and find the grace to ride out every cycle with wisdom, courage and gratitude. 

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