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    Navigating Love, Career Shifts and Travel Dreams with Tarot | Ft. Jacqueline Brett / JacquelineBrett

    Navigating Love, Career Shifts and Travel Dreams with Tarot (Thumbnail)


    In today's episode, we talk to renowned tarot expert, Jacqueline Brett. Known for her intuitive tarot readings that focus on love and personal growth, Jacqueline has created a thriving community across social media platforms where she shares spiritual insights aimed at empowering her followers. Dive into our discussion as she reveals how tarot can profoundly influence relationship dynamics and enhance personal well-being!


    Full Transcript:

    ÔĽŅYulia: Hello, beautiful s So, so here we are today, this amazing podcast, and we are hosting Jacqueline Brett. She really caught my attention with her interesting content about tarot readings, which are devoted to readings about love, how to find your beloved one, your significant other. So Jacqueline, could you please elaborate a bit more, what are you doing today in life?

    What is your area of study? And, uh, just like what can you help, like, uh, to all beautiful women who come to you? Because I understand that you have lots of clients.

    Jacqueline: Yeah. So basically my, my passion is, um, to, to help women with their love lives. And, and also men, I, I get male clients as well. Um, I find that a lot of my audience are really struggling with their love lives.

    Um, they may have broken up with somebody special to them or they're just, they're just wondering when they're going to be with somebody who they want to be with. Um, I find that, yeah, there's a lot of people around the world struggling with that. So I aim to put readings out there, um, just with messages that I receive that can help people with their love lives.

    Um, cause I think tarot has really like really insightful messages. Um, and you know, spiritual messages. Lessons that we can learn from relationships, um, and lessons that we can learn from, you know, patience and, and positive thinking. And yeah, I just think this whole journey, like the whole, whole journey, um,

    Yulia: Yeah, it's like the holistic whole journey.

    I have what you wrote actually, uh, tarot readings that inspire, you know, when I just started reading tarot just 10 years ago, I remember how I was horrified by a few cards. I just entered one of those metaphysical stores and, you know, it's when I saw the, uh, the Tower card or the death card. And when you read from the classical deck, right?

    All these readings, all what is written in the guidebook, you are horrified by what is written there. So when I, um, just got stumbled into your account and. I saw this small message, tarot readings that inspire. I got really interested in, could you please let us know how do you use this interesting tool, right?

    How do you use it to inspire?

    Jacqueline: Okay, yeah, it's funny you said that, because before I started doing tarot, I actually was really scared of those cards as well, and I was, I was scared of tarot, full stop, but um, Yeah, once I, once I got into it and, um, really started playing with it and learning and getting better at it, I actually get excited by those cards now, the tower and the death card, because it means that, you know, things are moving and things are shaking up and, you know, that's, that's the whole purpose of, um, why we're here to learn and grow.

    And those two cards, you know, are symbolic of that. Um, yeah, I, I found that when I was learning tarot, um, and I haven't been doing it that long compared to some people, I actually started. doing tarot seriously around about the time of the pandemic. So, you know, we were locked down and there wasn't really anything to do.

    And there was also a lot of uncertainty. So I had a tarot deck and I thought, yeah, I'm really going to get into it now and see what happens. And, um, yeah, I just started to find that, um, the messages I was getting were actually really positive and, and inspiring, like, you know, Um, showing how, how you can work through an issue.

    Um, I mean, often Tarot gives you messages about why things aren't going the way you want them to. Like it can be your, your mindset, um, or limiting beliefs, uh, or feeling like, you know, there's, there's no way things can get better. Like that's another limiting belief. And yeah, the more readings I did for myself and then started doing for other people, the more I realized that Tarot, it's not meant to be scary and it's, it's not meant to be, um, negative.

    It's, it's there to show you, Hey, this is, this Could be where you're going wrong and, and this is what you can do to get back on track to get what you want. Um, yeah, and there's also a lot of really, really interesting spiritual messages in tarot, I find, you know, like morals of the story, I call it. And, um, yeah, and

    Yulia: To you, I come, I come to that understanding that you do more so called like intuitive tarot reading.

    Yeah, that's correct. Do you like the guidebook more or you just do the readings from the heart based on the symbolism?

    Jacqueline: In the beginning I was actually um just looking up the meanings online like I had a I had a few I didn't go to the guidebook I had a few websites that I went to regularly and just sort of looked them up as I was learning, um and and now I can look at the cards and kind of understand instantly, like what, what the meaning of that card is.

    But sometimes another message will come through about the card. Like maybe it could be the literal, um, image on the card. Uh, how do I explain it? Like,

    Yulia: I'm sorry.

    Jacqueline: Oh, no, it's okay. Yeah. I was just thinking, you know, like sometimes a card will come up and I'll think that's, you know, The typical meaning isn't the right meaning here.

    Like I'm supposed to be looking at the actual image on the card to, to get the message here. So yeah, it's just whatever comes to me at the moment, I guess, you know, it could be the, the traditional meaning, or it could be an image, or it could be color, or it could even be the way that the card fits in with the rest of the cards in the reading. Um, I just go with whichever feels the most accurate.

    Yulia: Yeah, it feels like you are more intuitive tarot reader already. And it's just like a, I wanted to pay attention to all our listeners here, that look, she just started not that long ago during the pandemic, and she's already reading it intuitively well.

    So this is an inspiration for all the beginners here, that when you just go deeply, you get involved into the topic, how far you can go. And look, this girl is already practicing. She is really having clients. She has a decent audience. I can see it in Instagram. And it's quite interesting messages, which she is portraying there.

    It's all about, uh, how can you either restore relationships? How can you heal it? Uh, whatever, it's just from the perspective of your heart and how can you balance it out within you so that the world around you would reflect you back and smile you back, right? So your messages are really kind, really intuitive and really beautiful.

    I would highly recommend all of you guys just to check it out. Now, I'm still really interested, what made that shift? So you started during the pandemic, you started probably from the classical deck, right? From Radiant Rider Waite?

    Jacqueline: Yeah, I started with, sorry, just got to plug this in. Um, I started with Rider Waite and, um, and then I found that when I started combining Oracle card with Tarot, the, um.

    The readings were just getting even more accurate because I'd have, I'd have my tarot cards that I pulled out and then I'd pull out the Oracle cards and they would actually, uh, match exactly what the tarot cards were saying. So I was like, Oh wow. It was almost like a validation, like, okay, that's exactly what this reading means.

    And yeah, I started to get, you know, even deeper messages when I threw some Oracle cards in there as well. But yeah, Rider Waite was the first deck that I started with. Um, and I, it's actually what I learned with, like I did an online tarot course and use the Rider Waite. And yeah, I just kept, I just kept using it because I was so familiar with the cards and the, you know, the colors and the symbols.

    And yeah, I thought that was a good way to learn. And now I use your card.

    Yulia: But how, how did you, uh, how do, did you make that shift from that fear to receiving those, you know, Tower, Death, I don't know, like Wheel of Fortune, these types of cards? How did you break the pattern? Uh, and started, um, how to say, perceiving and receiving the inspiration from the cards, because we all start, you know, we'll start reading and we have that internal fear inside us.

    Oh my god, what if I receive, you know, this death? What if I receive hand man, you know? So what actually was that trigger, which is like was a ha moment for you, just like, Oh, now I can use it differently. Now I should not be afraid.

    Actually reading it and just like, you know, with trembling knees, they are under the table that what if there will be this card, you know?

    Jacqueline: Yeah. Well, I think what it was in the, in the past, I had actually gotten tarot readings and I was terrified, like terrified of the answers. Um, and, and what, and I was watching tarot readings online as well. Like, and like you were saying, you know, getting really scared when certain cards came up and, and then I don't know, one day I just thought I want to understand this.

    Like I want to understand tarot, like I need to know. And then I became really determined to learn it. Um, and I felt like I didn't want to give my power away to someone else. Um, you know, like I wanted to understand the cards and be able to do my own readings and have, have that power myself to be able to, um, to understand.

    So yeah, um, hang on, my lights are going off. Sorry, just a second.

    Yulia: So you see guys, basically the inquiry matters. She wanted to understand. She wanted to figure out how it actually works. and not to give her power away. I see those two tremendously powerful statements here. I want still my power be with me and I want to understand.

    I am curious. And this is, this is, if we really look at it, do you remember the card, the Fool? So the Fool starts from that curiosity, right? This is a beautiful card. That's how we start our way in here, in that cycle.

    Jacqueline: Yeah. Yeah. So I think. Yeah, it was a lot about, you know, taking, taking my power back. Um, and I just, I felt that something intuitively, um, wasn't right with the, the readings that I was getting.

    Like, I think maybe saw the post that I made yesterday about tarot readers who are negative and can give really harmful messages to people. And I think, yeah, I, I wanted to understand tarot myself. And maybe counteract that like, you know, do tarot readings for good and uplift people because there just seemed to be so many, so many tarot readings out there and tarot readers who were really making people upset.

    And, and I've had messages from people who've had negative readings and, and asking me, you know, am I going to be okay? Is this true? And. And yeah, it's just really, it's just really sad.

    Yulia: Um, yeah, totally, totally true here. I think every uh, tarot reader who starts going into that spirituality aspect of their soul, right, we start rising spiritually.

    We have that internal code of conduct. So we don't go into any kind of tarot readings unless we cleanse ourselves fully. Because otherwise it's kind of like, imagine you go and you have that tremendous responsibility in front of another party and the party is listening to you and I don't know which type of consciousness is in front of me because every person has their level of lens through which they look at the world.

    Now you have your lens. Imagine if your lens is dirty and you put it on,

    that's it, and, you know, then you transmit that message to another party and that beautiful soul sits like this in front of you and then it takes the one message. In this way, we guys, by the way, we start accumulating negative karma because we gave the wrong advice, not even knowing that the message was through the dirty lens, you know, so being very, very attuned to that cleansing aspect.

    How, by the way, do you cleanse yourself in between tarot reading sessions?

    Jacqueline: Um, I used to have, you know, a big ritual, you know, with sage and crystals and, um, and now that I've been traveling, I just, I basically just ask the angels to to cleanse me and cleanse my cards and yeah, and, and before every reading, I always ask a higher power for help with my readings.

    Um, and then I find that I, I often get the most accurate readings when I do that and the most insightful. And yeah, when I do that, the readings are never scary. They're always, you know, encouraging and gentle.

    Yulia: Who is your favorite angel? Who is your guardian? Um,

    Jacqueline: I call on Archangel Michael a lot, and Gabriel, um,

    Yulia: and also Archangel Michael as well.

    I love him. I really love him. He stands still. Look at this. How he stands in the mirror. He has a sword, but the sword is hidden, you know, so he stands firmly on the ground, and he has a shield, but he has wings as well, you know, so. There is so much symbolism here, right?

    Jacqueline: Yeah, wow, where'd you get that from?

    Yulia: I think I took it from one of those metaphysical stores.

    There are a ton of here in Toronto, you know, so every time I just bump into something.

    Jacqueline: Yeah, oh yeah, I've got to stay away from those stores because I don't, I don't have any more room left in my suitcase. I can't be tempted to buy any more things.

    Yulia: We are all new collectors. If you go into Tarot Realm, you become a real collector.

    How many decks do you have, by the way? And don't worry, I'm not a woman who has 500, so.

    Jacqueline: Um, how many do I have? I don't have that many at the moment, probably about six or seven. Um, I used to have more, but it was strange. I, I had a break in in my home and they actually stole, they stole my oracle cards, which was really weird.

    So yeah, and other things, but I thought, hmm, that's going to be bad karma for you.

    Yulia: That's interesting.

    Jacqueline: Stealing my oracle cards. Yeah. But I have, yeah, I, when I'm traveling I have about four decks that I travel with, um, because I can't fit any more in my suitcase, but yeah, overall I think I have about seven at the moment, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to buy a heap more.

    Yulia: By the way, guys, she's a professional traveler already for two years. I, I just, uh, opened up this secret. She's from Australia and she's traveling for two years. Can you imagine? What a life! Reading Tarot on the way! What's the life?

    Jacqueline: I think it's coming up to two years, so I've had to improvise because I can only fit so many cards in my suitcase, so I have a, I have a, like a makeup bag and I took all my cards out of their boxes and just put them all in the makeup bag, so yeah, it takes up a lot of room now.

    Yulia: You know. I've been traveling for 10 years and I know that once you start traveling, it's kind of like a deep spiritual self journey because you keep interacting with the world and you have to change or you will suffer. So, so I just wanted to ask about your personal experience. How did you actually find that courage within you to start that traveling?

    What triggered you because you were sitting, let's say in Australia, right? So, but somehow you started that journey. What triggered you and what did you learn along the pathway during these two years?

    Jacqueline: Yeah, well, I guess the pandemic had just finished and I was in a nine to five office job. And I'd been in that job for about seven years.

    And I just, I was just getting this urge every day, like growing stronger and stronger. I've got to go do something else. And finally, um, it was 2022. Yeah. I quit my job and sold all of my stuff. I would like to start


    Yulia: Oh my God. It's so courageous.

    Jacqueline: Yeah. Yeah. And, and I took off, um, yeah. Went to the, started in the States and yeah, started traveling around and I think I just had this real, um, urge to prove to myself that I could do it and that, um, I, I could do challenging things and, you know, even just hiring a car and driving on the other side of the road in LA in like the work.

    You know, on the busiest road that I've ever been on. Um, just, just things like that. Um, yeah, I just, it just made me feel kind of proud of myself and yeah, proving to myself that I can, I can do anything really. And, and yeah, working my way up, like I'm in Washington now, I went through Oregon, Seattle, and now I'm sort of in the north of Washington, about to go into Canada.

    And yeah, every day is an adventure, like every, every day is different. And, um, yeah. You know, having to learn new, uh, transport systems and, um, meeting new people and yeah, I just, I just like those challenges, like, you know, setting myself challenges and overcoming them and that was something that I've always, like, I've always been, I've always felt like I'm, I'm only truly happy when I'm traveling.

    So yeah, I don't know if it's that freedom or. new experiences every day. But yeah, I, it was just a, it was just a matter of me having been in the one place for too long and just really feeling like I have to go out. Yeah.

    Yulia: That's interesting. So you were having, like, that's what I wanted to ask you about. What actually triggered you to move out of one place? And now you mentioned that you had pain in one place, right? Or you were being in one place. How did you hear it well? So, What actually triggered you to fly out? Because, you know, we all sit and wait for something and we all think tomorrow I will do it.

    You know what? I will do it. And I hate my nine to five job, you know, just something like this. I will, I will start traveling. I will start writing books. I will start just doing impact into the world. But you know what? You started actually doing it. So I want to What was that trigger which actually pulled you and made you do it because we all actually do dream about Which you believe right now, you know, so I just want you to basically elaborate it Maybe in such a way thinking about that Those beautiful souls who are right now listening to us, to help them, to help them to do that first step.

    What do they need to know? What do they need to hear from you to do that step? And what is that framework, maybe, like, which allowed you? to do that step, because you know, there are so many girls here and guys who are struggling with manifestation. They visit so many manifesting courses, but it still doesn't work.

    They, they pay a ton of money for this course, another course, and that course, but it just doesn't work, you know, and then we, we just sit, you know, like this and we, we feel pity for ourselves and okay, there is another course and another one, but guess what? Here is the real girl, Jacqueline. And she made it.

    I want to understand what allowed you to actually make it happen. What is the framework?

    Jacqueline: Yeah, well, yeah, it was something I've been thinking about for a long time. And I don't know if it was like the stars aligning or something astrological, but at one point I just, I just got to the, I just got to the stage where I'd, I just can't do this anymore.

    Like I could feel it in my body, you know, my body felt really heavy and I just constantly felt like I should be somewhere else. Um, and I was scared, you know, I'd been in my job for seven years and you know, I, I just didn't know what was going to happen. Um, but I mean, at that time I was also getting right into tarot and doing my own readings and that also helped me, um, so.

    You know, I do readings for myself and ask, if I do this, what's likely to be the outcome? And, you know, I wasn't, I wasn't getting scary cards. I was getting positive cards, you know, like go for it.

    Yulia: Angels were guiding you. Your angels were guiding you.

    Jacqueline: Yeah, I was, you know, I was using tarot to help guide me through the process and, and I was always getting positive messages about it.

    So I thought, okay, it's safe to do this. Um, and yeah, one day I came into work and I was like, okay, I have to, I have to resign today. Like, I just felt like I cannot do one more day. And, and I also feel like that was my soul as well, like talking to me. Um, not, not just me being sick of what I was doing and where I was, but some, it was like, I don't know, like a high power saying you've got to, you've got to go now kind of thing.

    And I opened my computer at work and I clicked, I clicked the resign button. We have a, like a, online system and you can go in and resign. And so I clicked the resign button and I just felt so much relief. Like, I just felt like this huge weight had been lifted off me and I was like, I'm free. And at that point I wasn't, I wasn't feeling scared.

    I was just ecstatic. And yeah. And from, from then on, I, you know, I started selling everything and that, that all went smoothly and I applied for a visa and that went smoothly and I was like, okay, everything seems to be falling in place. And, um, Yeah, then I had a farewell party and I took off. Um, but yeah, as for the framework, um, yeah, like I said, Tarot definitely helped me. It helped reassure me that everything was going to be okay.

    Yulia: So wait, you kind of like already were earning, uh, online? Or, uh, it was like, or you had just some savings at that moment.

    Jacqueline: Oh, I had savings.

    Yulia: So look guys, she had savings. She pushed the, uh, resign button. And she was interested in Tarot. And then she made the farewell party and she took off.

    Okay, so I'm just trying to build here the sequence what happened. So, yes. action steps, right?

    Jacqueline: Yeah. So what I find with manifesting is like things aren't going to just fall into your lap. It's also, you know, you've got to plan as well and take steps towards what you want to do. Um, yeah. And I find that when you, when you, when you take steps towards what you want to do, the universe will step in and help you along the way. And

    Yulia: There is grace. There is grace when you start doing action steps. Actions is the language of this universe, right? You are the living representation of it, in fact, because guess what? Many here talk only about energy, and actually, I support energy alignment. I really love this thing. Without energy alignment, it's hard to do things in life.

    It's actually a basic, a foundation to start seeing things clearly, right? But if you just sit under the tree board here, and you just align your energy, nothing will happen, you know, so you need to do something. Guess what? This girl, she had some savings, so she thought about this before, probably, I, I guess.

    Number two, so intelligence matters. Number two, what she has done, she pushed the resign button. It's also important.

    Jacqueline: Everyone should push the resign button.

    Yulia: But before pushing it, they need to have some savings, right? So we don't want our beautiful souls here to be left on the streets. It's important. And

    Jacqueline: I think I also, I also sold everything as well.

    Like I sold, I sold everything that I owned, so that, that helped me, you know, build up some more funds. And I think that was also saying to the universe, okay, I'm ready to just let go of everything and take off.

    Yulia: Yes. You said it also with your actions, in fact, because you didn't say it just sitting under your desk, you know, uh, in your house or in your work.

    You also said it with your actions. So that's what I noticed in my story as well. Yeah. Yeah. When I just started doing certain things in life, then things started happening, happening, but you never do without intelligence. What I love about your story here is that you accumulated a certain amount of money, something to support you.

    You also sold things to also support you along the way. You had some area of interest. You didn't go to nothing. It was also the pre planned something, probably the way I see it. So you want to go somewhere. and pre planned it. For example, my husband, he sold his business and I remember he didn't think, uh, what will be next.

    He had like around one or two years of deep, deep frustration, depression, not knowing what to do next. And it was like, it's really, it was really hard time, you know, so I would never recommend anyone to sell their business or to be like in that limbo. You know, when they are in between jobs, they don't know what to do.

    You need to pre plan it. Intelligence matters.

    Jacqueline: Yeah, yeah. And you also, like, you also want to have a backup plan or something to fall back on. Um, just so you don't have that, yeah, like that.

    Yulia: What was your backup plan? Well,

    Come on, it's inspiration for, it's inspiration for our beautiful souls here. Because they want to have that self talk as well.

    What if, you know, what if? I will share mine as well.

    Jacqueline: Well, what I, well, my, I had two backup plans. So my first backup plan was to apply for a visa that would allow me to work if I had to. So that there was that to fall back on. Like if I was, you know, if I, if I went broke while I was traveling, I could. I could still work.

    Um, and also there was the other plan where I, you know, worst case scenario, I just go back home and work again, you know, and I'd just be back where I started, but I wouldn't be any worse off.

    Yulia: Exactly. That's exactly the plan, which I had actually, because I sat down with myself with a sheet of paper, you know, with some journal and I just asked myself, what will be the worst case scenario?

    It's not the scenario when I will not have food on my plate. You know, I will still have something when I get back to my parents house or even if I don't have parents, let's say someone doesn't have parents and they say, Oh, it's easy for to say to you, but I have some skillset. And even if I don't have anything, I can go and be a janitor, you know, just something I can do something and earn money, you know, just for some basic job and start living somehow.

    So I mean, like, uh, it's not the situation when you will end up being completely hungry and not knowing what to do with your life. Let's be one with ourselves. And that is giving enormous freedom, isn't it?

    Jacqueline: I mean, you might, you know, you might lose out on a promotion in the job that you're with, or, you know, in my situation, I actually, I sold my apartment and Now I'm not on the, the property ladder anymore, but at that time I just felt like it was a burden, like, uh, you know, all the bills that were involved with it.

    And, uh, I just felt, it felt like I was trapped. So I thought, you know, you don't, I can, I can always start again. Like I've done it before and I. You know, much younger age and I can do it again. So what

    Yulia: I love it. I absolutely love it mentioned property ladder It feels so heavy and then I thought career ladder It's just it feels heavier.

    Really imagine if you've got one And you're just like property ladder, career ladder, relationship ladder, I don't know. It's just continuously you're, you're striving, you're striving. What if we release, we loosen up a bit ourselves, you know, then it's so much easier. What is the course of all desires, if we ask ourselves?

    Jacqueline, can you tell me? What is the course? What do you think is the course of all desires?

    Jacqueline: To be happy?

    Yulia: I mean, uh, this is an interesting answer, but my question was, I would say, consider desire is a fruit of a tree, okay? What is the root of that tree? What actually, you know, let's say we, desires are usually concrete.

    I want to just write a book. I want to do impact. I want to just, uh, become this person. I want to become a dentist. I don't know. I want to travel the world. I want to go to Canada. I don't, I don't know. I want to go to Antarctica. These are all desires. But the interesting thing is today, let's say the desire got fulfilled, but tomorrow we have that small release, but we are getting tension.

    So how can we break down that tree? That's what I'm thinking. Did you ever think about this? Like, what, what is the root? What is the root of that poisonous tree of desires?

    Jacqueline: Yeah, I suppose when it comes down to it, it's about being happy in the moment, um, you know. The power of now, I find that when I'm, you know, when I'm truly happy in the moment, not thinking about the future or the past, then the desires don't matter so much.

    Yeah. But it is hard, you know, cause we're, we're so conditioned to thinking about the future and dwelling on the past and yeah, it can be hard to be in the now. But I think, yeah, if we can, if we can get to that point, then yeah. All those desires don't have as much of a hold on us. What do you think?

    Yulia: I, I, I actually, you know, I thought a lot about this topic.

    I'm sorry, I'm just crying because of lots of light, electrical light here. My eyes cannot handle this electrical electricity already. So desire, desire is an interesting thing. So I actually was thinking and contemplating a lot. So think from that perspective. If we, like, we need to have still desires to manifest some things here.

    Um, but, but, um, I loved what you said. What if I stop and I observe myself, right? What if I stop and just observe the moment? And I, I contemplated about it because when we stop and we observe the moment, we automatically go to this space together, right?

    Together with ourselves. And when we are in the moment, when we are like with ourselves, we kind of like feel that losing state.

    Not pressured, but loose, right? So I, I actually very, I relate to what you say. Why? Because when I'm in loosened state, guess what's happening? I can see better. It's even like if we look from the eyes perspective, pressure in the eyeball creates lots of eye diseases. When eye is pressured with muscles like the people, that's why they don't see, they have, uh, like myopia, astigmatism, like all these farsightedness, nearsightedness, whatever it is.

    But why? Because there is some, these balances with the eyeball, right? So, I, I was thinking this pressure, pressure, because we perceive this game kind of like too, too much, we, we, we perceive that that's all what exists. What if we perceive that that's just a role in the game, it's just one of the roles. I, for example, I was married already for nearly 10 years and you know, like before I, I just like, was always thinking about this role of a wife, now my role is a wife, you know, it's my first role.

    And I know it's a role. I got loosened in it. So I loosened in that perspective. I stopped overthinking stuff. What is more important, my career or my husband? My career or my husband? No, I'm very loosened. I do like this. I wake up, I first serve my husband, then I do whatever I need to do to be happy today.

    So tell me your approach, by the way, because I was thinking from Desire's perspective, really that thing like loosening. And then I was thinking now about these priorities. Do you have a boyfriend or husband?

    Jacqueline: No, I was married, but, um, but I'm not anymore.


    Yulia: So you kind of like in that silence mode at this, at this time.

    Jacqueline: Yeah. Yeah. I mean, now I'm

    Yulia: Beautiful time. I loved it so much. Enjoy it.

    Jacqueline: Yeah. Yeah. It's nice to just be able to, you know, go wherever you want and do what you want.

    Yulia: Yes. I think you are like that beautiful flower, which I see right now in my garden, in my backyard here, because flowers need that time.

    need that time to be in that silence before they start opening up and attracting, attracting their bees, you know. We have, by the way, let me show you the tarot card. Do you remember, you have my deck, right? Yeah, yeah, I've got it here. Do you remember the card, the, uh, the love, lovers? I just wanted to show you something which is specifically related to what I'm talking about right now.

    There is like Eve there, you remember, and Adam, Eve and Adam, they're like in the paradise. And Eve, she has like a beautiful rose flower in her,

    yeah. In her pussy area. So she, she has, she has that flower there and then, um, he, he has the bee, so, Mm-Hmm. We don't have it . We, we don't have it in the classical Rider Waite deck.

    Let me find it. It's just like, it's hiding from me in here. It is just such a tremendous time.

    Jacqueline: Were you inspired to create it that way?

    Yulia: Yes, because it's really, look at this, look at, do you see it? I don't know if

    Jacqueline: it's, oh, a little bit blurry. Oh yeah, yeah. So

    Yulia: Do you see like he has and he is main, main part of his body, he has a bee and she has these beautiful flowers.

    So it was designed specifically because kind of like there is this part when we, when we are reunited into that really truly amazing unconditional love, everything is God is like, it's constructed in such a way that it fits one another perfectly. Well, you know, so we don't need to work or do any love or work relationships.

    It's just like that flower, which attracts your bee.

    Jacqueline: Yeah. I feel like, yeah. I feel like since I've been on my own traveling and, and just, I've been doing things that I would never have done before. Um, and like, you know, even tarot, like I, I would never have stepped out and, you know, started my own Instagram page about tarot.

    Um, you know, I was, when I was married, it's just not something that I, I don't know, I just, I felt kind of shy about it. But now that, now that I'm on my own, I'm like, yeah, what the heck I'm just going to do whatever I want.

    Yulia: So each and every win which you do in life, it reinforces you, in fact, to do something more. Do I understand you correctly?

    Jacqueline: What was that, sorry?

    Yulia: I mean, each and every act what you do, and you kind of have a small win, it reinforces you to do more in life. Because you told me right now, like, Hey, what the heck? I will start this Instagram page.

    Jacqueline: Yeah. Yeah.

    Yulia: Look at this girl. So she's amazing. I love, I love it that she just does actions.

    Those actions reinforce her, right? I'm pretty sure that there will be that special bee attracted to that flower.

    Jacqueline: Thank you. I think I was very self conscious before and worried about what people think and, um, Yeah. And now, now I'm just at a stage where I just do, I mean, I think also cause I was, you know, I'm, I'm in my forties now.

    Yulia: Oh my God you look so young.

    Jacqueline: I find that at this age, I just care less and less about. What people think. And I just do what I feel. Yeah, I think it's a good age.

    Yulia: This is a beautiful, beautiful age, you know, especially, you know, I don't think that the age today matters. We're in the new age. If we really think about this because guess what? Look how you look like, right? I start seeing more and more really like people who are in their fifties, sixties, they look amazing. They look amazingly young. It's not what we got used to in the past, you know? And when I see such tremendously amazing examples, I'm just like, Oh my God, this is a truly new age here.

    Jacqueline: Yeah. Well, yeah, the same, like I've met people and I've, I just assumed that they were younger than me and you know, they've told me that they're in their fifties. I'm like, what? That's not right. But yeah. Yeah. Nobody really looks at age anymore. And I, you know, I just thought, is that, is it just me that's thinking that, but yeah, it just, you just can't tell anymore.

    Yulia: Yes, because if you think about this, what is even time? What is time if not just a circle? You know, they created a calendar, and by the way, there are different calendars. There is Russian calendar, there is Jewish calendar, there is Chinese calendar, there is Indian calendar, there is Roman calendar, there are different calendars here.

    And what it is, it's just, you know, the circle, Maya calendar, whatever, we were expecting the end of the world when the Maya calendar was ending, you know, so, but it's still continuing, you know, somehow.

    Jacqueline: Yeah, well, I read this interesting quote, like, I think it was something like, is, does time even exist? Is time even real?

    Or is it something that we've created?

    Yulia: Perception, True.

    Jacqueline: Because, you know, does time really exist or, or, Do our bodies just get worn out after a lot of use? It's like, um,

    Yulia: Yes

    Jacqueline: he decided he created time and decided that time, you know, was a thing. It's one of those things. that you start to look at along, along with a lot of other things.

    And, you know, is this, is this real or is it just something that was constructed? Um, yeah, I think there's just so many things in life that we've been told are real. Um, but you know, someone, someone in history decided that it was real and we have all just adopted that, that belief. But, you know, is it real?

    Does it really exist? Yes.

    Yulia: it's very interesting. That's a very interesting question because, you know, not so long ago I saw an interesting movie which is called Hypnosis or something like this. So it was about how this whole world, uh, like is made based on mental constructs. So they were using different mental constructs making people leave their constructs.

    In the movie, and that's how they were manipulating. It was not like a beautiful movie from that perspective. But for me, like as a scientist of this life, it was really interesting because I was just like, Oh, so basically it's a mental construct where I am living. These, these walls around me, right? What you see here around you, blurry stuff, but there are walls.

    So it's some kind of a cubicle, right? So we construct it for ourselves. That's quite interesting. Just to start seeing it that way.

    By the way, uh, Jacqueline, I really, really enjoyed our topics today, which we touched, it's just really lodged in my perspective. and I hope for everyone around us here. I don't want to take too much of your time.

    I see that you are quite, quite busy woman. So just because of that, I want to thank you for absolutely all these insights, which you brought here. Before I let you go, I want some kind of a gift from you, from all those who are listening to us today, which kind of advice, just one thing you would give to them So that to inspire them to take action, you know, to take action and do really really fast things in their life, let it be love, relationships, career uplift to change, start on traveling, whatever it is.

    Jacqueline: Well, my advice would be to always listen to your heart. I mean, it might not, it might not always seem like the easiest thing to do or even the right thing to do, but your heart always knows more than what your brain knows. So, yeah, even if it feels uncomfortable, um, you know, even if everybody tells you that it's wrong, just follow your heart because your heart knows the big picture and it'll, yeah, it'll always work out if you follow your heart.

    And yeah. You know, if you're in doubt, you know, pull out your tarot cards or get someone to, someone that you trust to pull cards for you. And, and you'll, most of the time you'll find that the cards actually validate what you feel in your heart, um, telling you that it's, it's the right thing to do. So yeah, that's my advice.

    Yulia: Thank you so much. It was a really, really exciting talk. I hope that these messages will serve all of you beautiful souls in a tremendously wonderful way. And I, for example, I really love when I meet some living representation who did that, who did that, so that I could learn from them just in the spot.

    Thank you, Jacqueline. It was amazing.

    Jacqueline: Thank you so much.

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