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    Tridevia Golden Foil 78-Card Tarot Deck with Enlightening Affirmations in a Luxury Collector’s Box
    Rich symbolism
    Premium quality
    Limited edition
    Empowering twist of Rider-Waite tarot deck

    Immerse yourself in the beauty, sophisticated artistry, and premium quality you deserve to experience.

    $59.97 $69.97
    100% no-risk money back guarantee
    Tridevia Golden Foil 78-Card Tarot Deck with Enlightening Affirmations in a Luxury Collector’s Box

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    What makes our deck superior to others?

    We can tell you in one word:

    Serious inner spiritual work may sound tedious and demanding, but is exciting to the spirit, which is eager to return home.

    David R.Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.

    From our customers

    Reviews about our Tarot Deck

    Great for Starters on Magick Journey

    This was my first tarot deck ever, bought for me by my dear friend who knew I was starting my journey on discovering my own divine feminine nature. I love it and I buy it as a gift to my fellow truth-seekers!

    Inspirational Guidebook

    As I collected many decks over the years, I came across some wonderfully designed cards but poorly written guidebooks. With this deck it’s quite the opposite, the book is very inspiring and I LOVE the affirmations. They offer great wisdom and show that even if the card might not be 100% positive, there’s still a lesson to be learned through the situation.

    Makes me believe everything is possible

    Every time I need inspiration I reach out to my Tridevia deck. Makes me feel so powerful and instantly gives me clarity. I own many decks but this one speaks to me the most, the symbolism just resonates with me.

    From Tridevia Goddesses

    “Aligning with your inner self bestows immense clarity and strength in your life journey.”

    Frequently asked questions

    The Tridevia Tarot Deck cards are 2.75 x 4.75 inch (7 x 12 cm).

    Yes, click here to watch it yourself.

    Tridevia Tarot deck is thoughtfully designed to make you feel empowered and awaken the Divine Feminine within through its rich symbolism and positive affirmations in the guidebook. Golden foil provides you a luxury feel and the cards inspire you to get in touch with your intuition and connect with your Highest Self, embracing who you truly are and making effective decisions in Life for drastic changes.

    The tarot is a tool of divine guidance, primarily tapping into the divine feminine energy. You can ask about personal growth, relationships, or even career paths. However, it's essential to ask open-ended questions that foster growth and understanding rather than seeking fixed answers.

    Absolutely! The tarot is more than just a deck of cards. It's a gateway to understanding oneself and the universe around us. Their true objective is to guide us towards enlightenment and alignment with our higher self, offering insight, clarity, and empowerment.

    Yes, concentration is key. While shuffling, picking, or laying out the cards, keep your question at the forefront of your mind. This helps align the cards' energy with your intent, allowing your higher self to guide you to the answers you seek.

    While tarot is a powerful tool for insight, it's essential to approach it with respect. Ethical readers avoid predicting specific health outcomes, exact financial figures, or exact future events. Tarot is about guidance, empowerment, and alignment, not deterministic predictions.

    Every card in the tarot has its purpose, including those that might seem negative. Remember, the cards reflect life's natural ebbs and flows. Challenging cards can be an invitation to tap into your higher self and embrace empowerment. They're not there to scare you but to make you aware and help you grow as a beautiful soul.

    Absolutely not! While understanding the traditional meanings can be helpful, tarot is also deeply personal. As you connect with your deck, you'll find that your intuition and unique connection to the divine feminine will guide your interpretations. Embarking on this journey, you'll not only learn the cards but also discover more about your beautiful soul. Remember, tarot is as much about growth and empowerment as it is about knowledge.

    Each tarot reader has their personal preference. While some believe that only the owner should touch their deck to maintain its energy, others feel that letting others draw can enhance the connection. Trust your intuition and what feels right for your beautiful soul.

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