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    How To Manifest Money Fast (It's Not What You Think)

    how to manifest money

    If you are as online as I am, you have probably come across numerous reels and TikToks that claim to have the secret to manifesting money effortlessly. They say you only need to do one simple thing to gain the financial security and empowerment you crave. 

    The internet is brimming with these ‚Äėget rich quick‚Äô manifestation guides, and you might have even experimented with a few. But did they truly live up to their promises?

    Probably not, and we are going to tell you why. Yup, today you will learn the truth about manifesting money and discover how you can make it work!

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    What Is Money Manifestation? 

    Money manifestation is the act of focusing your thoughts and visualizing your goals in order to make them a reality. It works with the Law of Attraction, which states that positive thoughts bring positivity into the physical world. People often see manifestation as a self-care exercise that works with meditation and mindfulness to allow us to open up to our potential. 

    When we manifest money, we connect our spirit to the physical world and send positive vibes into the universe. However, manifesting money isn’t about the things you do and say but about the energy within you. It would be great if we could simply write a certain number in our journal every day to become millionaires. But it isn’t that easy! We need to change the energy within us. 

    What Can Go Wrong In Money Manifestation? 

    With the wealth of money manifestation tips and tricks out there, you would think we would all be rolling in the cash! But learning how to manifest money is a process that changes your mindset and allows your soul to grow. The skill of manifestation doesn’t happen overnight, and there are things that often go wrong when we try to manifest money. 

    Knowing what not to do and what issues you may face is helpful before you begin your manifestation journey. 

    You Don’t Know Yourself 

    Firstly, money manifestation often goes wrong because you don’t believe in your ability to make money. Remember how we said that manifestation is all about the energy within? Well, before we do manifestation rituals and routines, we need to align our energy with positivity and openness. If we don’t do this, and we don’t believe we have the power, we will not be able to find abundance in our lives. 

    The inner work doesn’t just stop there! To manifest, you need to really get to know yourself and your true dreams. Yeah, of course, we all want money. But why do we want money, and will the money actually feed your soul? 

    Manifestation is a spiritual tool, and money can sometimes deter us from our spiritual path. Because of this, the universe sometimes simply ignores our manifestation methods. To manifest money, you need to ensure you are aligning with your spiritual energy and embracing enlightenment and growth. 

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    You Aren’t Doing the Mundane Work 

    You want money, and you want to manifest money, but have you thought about how that money will actually come into your life? Many spiritual practices, such as witchcraft, talk about the mundane. Okay, this doesn’t sound pretty magical! But the mundane is super important. When we manifest, we link the magic with the mundane and create an energy flow between them. 

    how to manifest money affirmations

    Sometimes, money manifestation can go wrong if you aren’t doing the mundane work. For example, you may want a promotion or a pay rise. You do your manifestation methods, such as vizualisation, but are you doing the mundane work? Are you asking for a promotion? Are you working harder at your job?

    You Quit too Quickly 

    It's totally normal to sometimes feel negative and want to quit your manifestation process. When things don’t happen quickly, you may be upset and believe that money is just not going to come your way. These feelings can be pretty hard to deal with, and there is no judgment here for having them! Too many manifestation teachings put so much blame on the individual, and we aren’t about that. 

    Instead, we want to remind you that you do have the power to manifest money, and we know that, in most cases, money manifestation doesn’t happen quickly! If you feel you want to quit, take a break. When you are ready, come back to the manifestation process with a fresh mind. 

    How To Manifest Money Into Your Life 

    Manifestation can be divided into two categories: external work and internal work. Internal work comprises the majority of the process and refers to self-discovery through introspection. External work refers to methods used to manifest money, such as affirmations and crystal healing. 

    So, where do you begin? You begin with the internal stuff!

    Connect With Your Truth 

    Okay, connecting with your truth does sound pretty daunting! But, this is the step people often overlook, which means that their money manifestation doesn’t work. Before we do the external work, we need to turn inwards, examine our truth, and connect with our intuition. 

    By discovering more about yourself and your true goals, you will feel more confident about who you are and why you are manifesting the money you want. 

    There are different ways you can do this, but a great way is through tarot. Yup - our beloved divination cards can help us manifest money! Practicing tarot daily allows you to discover more about your truth and connect with your intuition. The cards guide you through your spiritual journey and help you dive deeper into your soul.

    how to manifest money fast

    Journaling, particularly shadow work journaling, is also a fantastic way of learning more about yourself. By using shadow work prompts and working through the feelings and thoughts that arise, you can explore the depths of your subconsciousness. 

    Our manifestation course will help you connect with your truth and learn more about how doing so can allow you to manifest money into your life. This course will help you align your energy with the universe and boost your manifestation. 

    Pinpoint Your Goals 

    The first part of the process, connecting with your truth, is the most important one and will probably take a while. Take as long as you need to really dig deep, and when you are ready, it is time to pinpoint your goals. 

    Realizations and personal truths may have arisen, and from here, you can examine them and get to know what you really want from life. How will money better your life? What will the money be spent on?

    Once you have pinpointed your goals, write them down in your journal, and be specific! Don’t just ask for more money. Ask for a specific amount, be realistic about where it may come from, and say what you will spend that money on. 

    Visualize Your Future 

    Now, we come to the external stuff. Here, we are connecting all our inner work with the universe to send our intentions out there! Like the internal work, there are different ways we can do the external work. We recommend trying different things out to see what is right for you. 

    Visualization is a fantastic way of manifesting more money and it involves taking your mind into a meditative state and picturing your future life as if it is currently happening. When doing so, pay attention to every feeling that crops up. Be grateful, be fulfilled, and be happy for the money you have received. 

    Use Crystals, Tarot Cards, and Magical Objects 

    Some people find visualization a bit difficult and need a tangible expression of their manifestation desires. Thankfully, there are so many magical objects that you can infuse with your financial intentions to help you manifest money into your life!

    Certain healing crystals, such as Citrine and Pyrite, are connected to abundance. Holding these stones while you meditate or having them in your home will boost your money manifestation. They also serve as a physical reminder of your goals. 

    You may also benefit from picking certain tarot cards out and placing them somewhere you will see to enhance your manifestation. I love the Sun, and when I need a boost of confidence, I will always pick it out and put it on my altar. Certain cards in the Suit of Pentacles are great for money manifestation, as they hold the energy of abundance and prosperity. Go for the King of Pentacles to manifest financial security or the Ace of Pentacles for more money opportunities.

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    Some herbs and flowers amplify our money intentions. Bay leaves are beloved by many magical folks because of how they help manifestation, and you can even write down your intention onto the bay leaf to send it out into the universe! Personally, I work with cinnamon a lot to boost my career and financial goals. Its fiery, powerful energy gives me loads of motivation!

    How to Manifest Money Affirmations 

    Affirmations are also a fantastic way to align your energy with the universe and enhance positive vibrations. Plus, they are super easy to do! 

    how to manifest

    By repeating money affirmations out loud, you are reprogramming your mind and boosting positive energy. Try to repeat affirmations associated with what you need from your finances at least once a day. This keeps your attention on your goals and amplifies them to the universe. 

    You can create your own money affirmations by summing up your goals in a single sentence. Here are some for you to take a look at and gain inspiration:

    • I deserve financial security.¬†
    • Money flows towards me.¬†
    • My life is filled with abundance.¬†
    • I am open to wealth.¬†
    • I am grateful for the financial opportunities that come my way.¬†
    • I deserve to make more money.¬†
    • I have control over my finances.¬†

    Know That Money Does Not Define You 

    Our last tip on how to manifest money is all about your attitude towards your finances. It is pretty common for us to feel conflicted about our bank balance and have a lot of self-blame when it doesn’t look how we want it to look! However, these negative feelings aren’t good for manifestation. 

    To manifest money, you need to stop defining your self-worth by the money in your bank. You are more than the money you have - so much more - and you need to unlearn what society has told you about wealth and gain. 

    You are a wonderful person who gives so much to the world, no matter how much money you have. Money makes life easier, but it isn’t the only thing that is important. Make sure you are spending time on your other spiritual practices to ensure you are balanced, happy, and healthy!


    Why Am I Not Manifesting Money?

    You may not be manifesting money because you have not done the necessary inner work. Make sure you are exploring your subconsciousness and learning more about your truth throughout the manifestation process. Furthermore, you must be doing mundane work to bring more financial opportunities into your life. 

    What Colors Attract Money?

    Gold, green, and yellow are great colors to attract money. Using these colors in your manifestation process boosts abundance and luck.

    What Is the Lucky Number for Manifesting Money?

    The lucky number for manifesting money is 888. According to numerology, the number 888 holds vibrations of financial abundance and prosperity. Work with this number in manifestation by writing it down or repeating it out loud.

    Manifest Money and Reap the Rewards 

    Are you ready to begin your manifestation journey? We hope this article has helped you gain the confidence to dive into the process and begin to manifest money. Remember, it is a journey that begins with inner work. Once you know yourself and your true goals, you are able to work with the universe to turn your dreams into a reality. 

    If you need more guidance, check out our manifestation course, which will explain how you can manifest your goals with tarot. Our course helps you do the inner work necessary for manifestation and kickstarts your journey!

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