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    The Ultimate Guide to Yes or No Tarot Spreads: 4 Ways To Answer Questions in a Snap

    The Ultimate Guide to Yes or No Tarot Spreads: 4 Ways To Answer Questions in a Snap

    Sounds like you've got a lot of questions buzzing around in that head of yours. Well, you're in for a treat because we're diving into the fascinating world of yes or no tarot spreads. 

    You're trying to decide whether to go out on a date or stay in with ice cream and movies. What do you do? That's where the yes or no spread comes in handy. It can cut through all that confusion in a snap.

    But it's not just about picking cards. This is about connecting with your inner wisdom, the kind that knows when the last piece of cake is really a good idea.

    We'll also talk about asking the right questions because something like ‚ÄúWill I win the lottery?‚ÄĚ might not be the most useful thing to ask, even though we can all dream.

    So grab your deck, get comfortable and let's get started on this fun journey with Yes or No Tarot spreads! 

    Table of Contents:

    4 Ways To Answer A Yes or No Question Using Tarot Cards

    Remember that Tarot reading is a bit like shopping on sale days. Sometimes you find exactly what you need and other times you end up with something you'll never use but can't return. Just go with the flow and have fun exploring it! There are a few common Tarot card reading styles or spreads you can give a go to get started.

    1. The first is called the Single Card Draw. You'll just focus on your question and draw one card. A positive card means yes, a negative card means no.
    2. Next we have the Pendulum Method which gets a little Harry Potter-ish. You hold your card deck in one hand and use a pendulum or necklace over the cards. Ask your question and see which way it swings to get the answer.
    3. Then there's the Past-Present-Future spread where you draw three cards to represent the past, present and future. This gives you some context around your question and helps explain the yes, no or maybe answer. Sometimes the maybe is just as useful. 
    4. For more details you can do the Five-Card spread where you lay out five cards in a certain pattern and interpret them together.

    Yes or No Indicators For Major and Minor Tarot Cards 

    Card Name

    Brief Meaning

    Yes or No

    The Fool

    New beginnings, adventure, potential


    The Magician

    Manifestation, resourcefulness


    The High Priestess

    Intuition, unconscious knowledge


    The Empress

    Abundance, nurturing, fertility


    The Emperor

    Authority, structure, control


    The Hierophant

    Tradition, spiritual wisdom


    The Lovers

    Relationships, choices, alignment


    The Chariot

    Willpower, victory, assertion



    Courage, persuasion, influence


    The Hermit

    Introspection, searching for truth


    Wheel of Fortune

    Change, cycles, fate



    Fairness, truth, law


    The Hanged Man

    Pause, surrender, letting go



    Endings, transformation, transition



    Balance, moderation, patience


    The Devil

    Bondage, materialism, ignorance


    The Tower

    Upheaval, awakening, chaos


    The Star

    Hope, faith, rejuvenation


    The Moon

    Illusion, fear, anxiety


    The Sun

    Joy, success, celebration



    Reflection, reckoning, awakening


    The World

    Completion, accomplishment, travel


    Card Suit

    Yes or No for Aces

    Yes or No for Court Cards

    Yes or No for 2-10 Cards (Even Numbers)

    Yes or No for 2-10 Cards (Odd Numbers)





















    How to Do The Single Card Random Draw Yes or No Tarot Card Reading Spread

    Ready for the easiest way to get some guidance? Let me tell you the simple, quick and effective process of getting an answer through the single card draw yes or no tarot reading.

    1. First, take a deep breath and clear your mind. I know it's hard when your brain has a million tabs open. Just focus on breathing in and out.
    2. Now hold your cards and think of a yes or no question. Keep it simple, like ‚ÄúShould I go out tonight?‚ÄĚ The cards can't tell you lottery numbers so don't ask about winning the lottery.
    3. Shuffle those puppies up good. Put your energy into mixing them up. If a card jumps out, that's your clear answer calling out to you. Pay attention to any signs!
    4. When you're ready, draw the top card. A positive card means yes, negative means no. If it's neutral, the cards are saying ‚Äúit's complicated!‚ÄĚ
    5. Take a moment to think about what the card is telling you. Go with your gut feeling on the meaning.
    6. If you want more clarity, shuffle and draw again. But don't overdo it, the Tarot doesn't like indecisiveness.
    7. And that's it! Whether you're deciding what to wear or who to text back, the Tarot’s got your back with some guidance. Enjoy the journey! 

    How To Do The Yes or No Tarot Card Reading With The Pendulum Method

    Remember, the Tarot is like a wise old aunt, sometimes cryptic, often enlightening, and always worth listening to, even when she's a bit off her rocker. Let’s dive into how to take advantage of the Pendulum Method for yes or no tarot card reading.

      1. Find Your Pendulum: First things first, grab your pendulum. Don't have one? No problem. A necklace with a decently heavy pendant works too. 
      2. Get Comfy and Center Yourself: Find a comfortable spot. If you're like me and your idea of meditation is thinking about what to have for lunch while sitting quietly, just try to relax as best you can. Deep breaths, clear your mind, you know the drill.
      3. Prep Your Tarot Deck: Now, take your Tarot deck and spread it out in front of you. Make it look pretty, aesthetics are half the fun, right?
      4. The Big Question: Think of¬† your yes or no question. Keep it simple. ‚ÄúWill I have a good day?‚ÄĚ is great. ‚ÄúWhat is the meaning of life?‚ÄĚ Not so much.
      5. Pendulum Time: Hold the pendulum (or your necklace) over the cards. Keep your hand steady, this isn't time for interpretive dance movements.
      6. Ask Away: Ask your question out loud. Watch the pendulum swing. If it moves in a circular motion, the spirits are still deciding. A back and forth motion over a card is your answer. Yes or no, depending on the card it hovers over.
      7. Interpret with Caution: Look at the card. Is it a traditionally positive card like The Star? That‚Äôs a ‚ÄėYes‚Äô. A more challenging card like the tower? That might be a ‚ÄėNo‚Äô. Got the Fool? The cards might be telling you to take a leap of faith, or its just having a laugh.¬†
      8. Thank Your Pendulum: Once you’re done, thank your pendulum with a heart full of gratitude.

    How To Do The 3 Card Yes or No Past-Present-Future Tarot Reading Spread

    1. Find Your Calm: Firstly find a place where you won't be disturbed. It may be a bit challenging but it's definitely worth the effort. Take a breath. 
    2. Shuffle with Purpose: Give those cards a thorough shuffle while focusing on your question. Make sure your question is specific such as "Will my blind date turn out to be someone or not?" Remember that Tarot cards offer insights than serving as search engines like Google.
    3. Draw Three Cards: Draw three cards. Arrange them in sequence; past, present and future. Think of it like creating a timeline of your life.
    4. Past Card: The first card represents the influence of the past. This card sheds light on how your past experiences are shaping your situation.
    5. Present Card: The second card focuses on the moment. It's like getting a snapshot of what's happening that might be influencing your question. 
    6. Future Card: Moving on to the last card, it offers a glimpse into what lies ahead. Think of it as peering into a crystal ball. Consider it as a sneak peek to the next chapter of your life.
    7. Connecting The Dots: Now let's connect the dots between these cards like solving a mystery. Does the previous card shed light on your situation? Is the future card encouraging you or waving a warning flag?

    The Five Card Yes or No Tarot Card Spread

    If you really want to get into the nitty gritty of the whys behind your yeses, and the cautionary tales behind your no’s, try out the five card yes or no tarot card spread. Instead of giving you a straight up answer, this spread dives into why it's giving that answer so that things are a lot more clear to you.

    1. Set the Stage: First find a quiet place. This may be as challenging as finding a matching pair of socks on laundry day. But this is important. If possible, create an ambiance, like preparing for a moment of divine intervention and wisdom.
    2. Shuffle with Intention: Shuffle your Tarot deck while focusing on your question. Make it specific like ‚ÄúWill my recent online shopping spree be successful or not?‚ÄĚ Avoid asking questions, the Tarot provides insights but it can't read minds.
    3. The Exciting Reveal: Draw five cards and lay them out in front of you. Each card brings its element.
    4. Card One: The first card represents your situation. It sets the stage for the overall tone and vibe of the reading.
    5. Card Two: The second card reveals any obstacles or challenges you might face. This is the twist to discovering that your blind date actually shares their home with three cats and a pet snake.
    6. Card Three: The third card delves into your aspirations and anxieties. It tells you the deeper feeling that is beneath your skin that you just can't seem to touch upon.
    7. Card Four: The fourth card reveals what is in your favor. It reveals everything you have going for you in the spiritual and physical realm.
    8. Card Five: Lastly the fifth card predicts results. It shows you what happens if you follow through with what is advised by the cards.
    9. Putting it Together: Now consider all the cards as a whole. What story do they tell? How do they interact with one another? 
    10. Reflect and Decide: Ponder over the reading and its implications for your questions. Keep in mind that the Tarot functions as a companion offering guidance, its ultimately your choice how to utilize that advice.

    Yes or No Determination:

    • Mostly upright cards: Leans towards a 'Yes.'
    • Mostly reversed cards: Leans towards a 'No.'
    • Balanced upright and reversed: The answer is not clear-cut; factors may still be unfolding.


    When to use a Yes or No Tarot Reading?

    The best times to use a yes or no Tarot reading spread is when you have a question on your mind you need a straight up yes or no answer to. I like to keep my Trivedia tarot deck in my handbag handy. This allows me to quickly pull a random tarot card for some yes or no guidance.

    What is The Yes or no Tarot Card Reading Spread Wheel?

    The yes or no tarot card reading spread wheel is an application that has all the major arcana tarot cards laid around a wheel. You then spin the wheel, kind of like roulette, and then where the arrow lands is your result. Depending on the meaning of the card, it can mean yes or no.

    What is the Yes or No Tarot Horoscope Reading?

    The yes or no tarot horoscope reading is a reading where you get a yes or no answer with some additional insight. To do this reading, shuffle your deck, then draw your card. Is it a yes or no card? Then, consult your tarot guidebook to see the message the card has for you.

    Where can I get a free Yes or no tarot spread reading?

    There are many online websites that offer a free yes or no tarot spread reading. To find one, simply google ‚Äúfree yes or no tarot reading‚ÄĚ and the top results should link you to a yes or no tarot card picker.


    With Tarot, something you find exactly what you are looking for, other times you end up with advice that doesn't mean much to you.

    But most importantly, Tarot is about connecting with your intuition. It helps you find guidance, a little fun, and maybe some deep insights along the way. It's not a magic ball that tells the future, but a tool to help you think and choose your own path in this crazy life. 

    So, whether you're wondering about love, career changes, or just thinking about taking a pottery class, let the cards guide you. Shuffle with love, ask questions with curiosity, and interpret with humor and care. Keep shuffling, keep laughing, and remember, in the Tarot, you're always the queen of your own story.

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