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    Frankincense Essential Oil 1oz

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    Frankincense Essential Oil 1oz
    • 100% PURE — Calmoura pure Frankincense essential oil is a highly concentrated, undiluted extract that is steam distilled from frankincense gum resin. It is one of the most commonly used essential oils in aromatherapy practices. Get yours today!
    • HEAL YOUR MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT — Used since ancient times, Frankincense oil is famous for its distinctive scent which instantly conjures up feelings of serenity. Frankincense oil therapeutic effect have also been shown to soothe the nervous system. It is also a great essential oil for diffuser.
    • PROMOTES PEACE & OVERALL WELLNESS — When inhaled, Frankincense oil scent been shown to reduce heart rate and high blood pressure with no negative side effects. The use of Calmoura's 100% natural frankincense oil eases anxiety, strengthen your meditation practice and calms your emotions.
    • FIND YOUR HARMONY — Use frankincense essential oils in any way that will bring you a moment of peace and balance amidst the bustle of your life. Use Calmoura frankincense oil for face, for diffuser, soap making, bath oil, skincare/hair care, Chakra Balancing, massage, and aromatic bath time.
    • RELAXATION & TRANQUILITY GUARANTEED — Calmoura believes everyone deserves to add a touch of luxury to their lives. Luxury doesn't mean a long vacation - it is simply making the time and space to enhance your wellbeing. If, for any reason you’re not satisfied, (don’t stress) - we offer a 365-day money-back guarantee with all of our products.

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