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    Hey there, beautiful soul!

    I am Yulia, the guiding light and creator of the Tarot deck you now hold close to your heart. 

    Allow me to share a fragment of my journey with you; as you get to know me, you will find that the cards speak to your soul with a resonance deeper and more harmonious…

    always seeking‚ô°life is a journey ‚ô°always improving ‚ô°life is a discovery ‚ô°

    always seeking‚ô°life is a journey ‚ô°always improving ‚ô°life is a discovery ‚ô°

    Connect with the Divine Feminine

    This deck, nurtured with love and divine energy, seeks to be a guide, encouraging you to build bridges with others and foster meaningful relationships through a shared journey in understanding and empathy. By acknowledging and celebrating the divine feminine that resides within us all, we forge a path of harmony, nurturing our spirits and drawing closer to the true essence of our beings.
    With a heart brimming with love and spiritual insight, I encourage you to join this dance of divine connection, where every card is a step towards deeper understanding, a celebration of life in its most vibrant and mystical form.

    With boundless love and luminous energy,

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