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    Five of Swords Tarot Card Meanings

    Five of Swords Keywords


    Strategy, perspective, lessons, experience, choices
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    Reconciliation, understanding, release, compromise, harmony
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    Five of Swords Description

    Five swords rooted firmly in the ground symbolize defeat and surrender.

    On the middle sword, there is a raven seated on top of the handle, symbolizing bad luck or bad news.

    A climbing serpent attempts to attack and scare the raven away, but the raven takes the snake’s eye, and it loses its vision, and remains unsuccessful.

    Two fallen flowers symbolize sadness and failure.

    In the background, are mountains that go up and down, similar to the journey of life, where there are peaks and there are falls.

    NOTE: The Tarot card meaning description is based on the Rider Waite cards.

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    Upright Five of Swords Meaning

    You might have been caught in the middle of a conflict or argument and you do not enjoy this feeling of defeat. To protect yourself from unnecessary suffering, it might be best to “agree to disagree” with whomever you are not getting along with at the moment. If that means to apologize even though you believe you’re right, you should do it because peace is more important than winning.


    The one who smiles rather than rages is always stronger.

    Reversed Five of Swords Meaning

    Some past conflicts are creating residual resentment. You want to move on but they keep pulling you back into their negativity. It’s time to decide if you want to be at peace more than you want to be right, and say no to everything that stands in your way of tranquility. Make a compromise or move on - either way choose what will make you feel the best. Nothing is worth your stress.


    I’m letting go of past resentment and starting fresh.

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