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    Lou Siday

    Hey, I am Lou, a writer, tarot reader, and witch from the northeast of England.  I have always felt a pull to anything mystical and magical, and my awakening occurred when I picked up my first-ever tarot deck over ten years ago. Since then, the cards have guided me throughout my life, helping me overcome lows and amplify my highs. My favorite tarot card is the Sun, and I try to live my life aligning with its optimism, awe, and wonder. Oh, and spend as much time lying under the sun's beautiful rays as I can, which is quite difficult in the rainy English north. 

    When I am not writing about spirituality, I spend my time working on my short stories and poetry and making jewelry out of my favorite healing crystals. My creativity drives me, and I am often found around my home city at craft events and poetry nights.

    My relationship with spirituality has evolved and changed over the years, from an existentialist phase during my philosophy degree (cliche, I know) to embracing the unknown and magical to come to where I am now. I love learning and exploring new beliefs and practices, and I am always driven by my curiosity and innate belief that we have the power to work with the universe, its spirits, and our intuition to better our lives. 

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