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    The Devil Tarot Card Meanings

    The Devil Keywords


    Obsession, Addiction, Dependency, Materialism, Lust
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    Freedom, Facing Fears, Overcoming Obsession, Independence
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    The Devil Description

    The devil sits, watching a man and woman in chains and shackles betting on their choices. It is a difficult situation for the couple and can be seen from the distressed look on their faces.

    The man rolls a dice as a symbol of gambling against his choices and selfish feelings.

    The woman throws a knife aimed at the center circle of the game board below, trying her luck and chances at winning.

    The blazing fire at their feet is a symbol of hasty decisions and selfish choices.

    NOTE: The Tarot card meaning description is based on the Rider Waite cards.
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    Upright Devil Meaning

    Your ‚Äúdark‚ÄĚ side is taking the lead in your life. You might be interested, or even addicted, to something that is considered forbidden or bad for you, but you are enjoying it way too much to be able to quit quickly. However, you are aware of the consequences that this might have in the long run. Try to slowly take power over the desires that don‚Äôt serve you, but don‚Äôt restrict yourself too much - it can have the opposite effect.


    I am stronger than my addictions and I can overcome them by mindfulness.

    Reversed Devil Meaning

    It’s time to release your limiting beliefs, unhealthy attachments or thought patterns and make a positive change. It might be difficult to detach at first, but you will realize how much better you feel when you are free from the chains of negativity. Look deep inside yourself, your desires and emotions and face them without fear. Only by knowing yourself fully will you be able to reach your highest potential.


    I am detaching myself from everything that is keeping me away from being completely free.

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