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    The Empress Tarot Card Meanings

    The Empress Keywords


    Divine feminine, nature, nurturing
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    Lack of progress, insecurity, dependence
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    The Empress Description

    A fertile woman sits on her shell throne. The shell, with the woman in it, is a symbol of femininity and she is the pearl herself, symbolizing fertility and the Goddess Venus.

    She grasps a wand with a pearl at the end which represents how precious fertility is over time.

    The fallen pomegranates, the fruit with a crown, represent ripeness and fertility at the right time. The red color of the fruit symbolizes fertility and love.

    The branches ripe with fruit in the woman’s left hand symbolize readiness and care.

    A solo star shines brightly over her head - she is a role model and a star among other stars.

    NOTE: The Tarot card meaning description is based on the Rider Waite cards.
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    Upright Empress Meaning

    She’s the archetype of Gaia, Mother Earth, and is a reminder to ground yourself, connect to nature and realize that you’re a part of it. Beauty and abundance are all around you and you are feeling very sensual and people are naturally drawn to you. Treat yourself and experience pleasure through your body and soul. Life is meant to be enjoyed and now is the right time to experience it!


    I am expressing myself creatively and enjoying all the pleasures life has to offer me.

    Reversed Empress Meaning

    It’s time to focus on yourself and make self-care a priority. You might be too dependent on others, so it’s good to remember that all the resources for you to be happy are already within you. You are too critical of yourself and should replace negative emotions with self love. Only when you’re kind to yourself can you be good to others.  Focus on your own needs more.


    I am prioritizing self love, knowing that doesn’t make me selfish.

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