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    The Fool Tarot Card Meanings

    The Fool Keywords


    Spontaneity, Adventure, Innocence, Beginnings, Playfulness, Optimism
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    Naive, Overly Optimistic, Foolish, Careless
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    The Fool Description

    A man stands at the tip of a cracked moon, which he fails to notice due to his high self-confidence.

    The man is intuitively guided by two crows, both symbols of intelligence, who hold onto and move the guiding stars, steering the man in the right direction.

    He holds  onto  a  bag  of stars, which represent ability and potential.

    The flower on his hand symbolizes gentleness and the right time for change.

    The feathers on his forehead are a symbol of calmness and openness.

    The snake wrapped around his legs symbolizes intuition that guides him and prevents him from carelessness - the snake is a creature full of reason - and experience is what saves him.

    The sun behind him represents the truth, which he is oblivious too, and the floating clouds symbolize both high pleasure and high risk.


    NOTE: The Tarot card meaning description is based on the Rider Waite cards.

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    Upright Fool Meaning

    If you’ve been waiting for a sign - this is it! Step into the unknown, be excited for a new beginning with new adventures. Trust in what the Universe has in store for you and be carefree! Dance, laugh and have fun - not everything in life is supposed to be taken seriously. Play more and enjoy every step of the way. Be spontaneous and take risks, luck is on your side. Love life and it will love you back!


    I am enjoying life to the fullest by relaxing, laughing, dancing and having fun!

    Reversed Fool Meaning

    You might have a fear of the unknown and you are too cautious to do the things that your heart desires. Alternatively, you’re acting too reckless under the excuse of “living in the moment”. It’s true that you should enjoy every step of this journey as much as you can, but still be mindful of the consequences that your actions may have. Find balance between going with the flow and be mindful of all your actions.


    I am aware that the Universe has my back and I’m able to relax and enjoy the process.

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