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    The Tower Tarot Card Meanings

    The Tower Keywords


    Disaster, Upheaval, Sudden Change, Chaos, Destruction
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    Averting Disaster, Resisting Change, Time to Grow and Move On
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    The Tower Description

    A large tower is struck by a powerful thunderbolt which destroys the entire structure.

    The fallen flag at the peak of the tower symbolizes broken independence, and that nothing can fight the wrath of nature.

    The falling man and woman represent the collapse of a relationship, which is also shown by the falling constellations in the background.

    The sun in the bottom right is witness to this fall, and signifies that no one can interrupt what is happening.

    The crashing waves at the bottom of the tower signify difficult situations, and even though both the man and the woman try to escape, there is no safe place, when change and destruction come.

    NOTE: The Tarot card meaning description is based on the Rider Waite cards.
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    Upright Tower Meaning

    An unexpected, sudden change will occur that will disturb the comfort of your daily life. Even though the traditional meaning of this card usually insinuates upheaval, reassure yourself that there’s a meaning in every chaos. It’s up to you to find it. If your dominant vibration is high and you are in tune with your inner guidance system, the inevitable transformation can be a positive one, and lead to revelations or a spiritual awakening.


    Change is inevitable and based on how I react to new circumstances - it can turn out to be positive.

    Reversed Tower Meaning

    You are resisting an inevitable change, even though deep inside, you are aware that it’s necessary. This change can refer to your thinking and belief systems. Do not be stubborn and resist this change as it will only be postponed, but will happen anyway, because it’s necessary for your growth. Rethink your recurring patterns, change or let go of what doesn’t serve you and you will experience positive transformation.


    I welcome fresh energy, new thoughts and a positive wave of emotions.

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