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    โ€œA rare and beautiful tarot deck that's designed for the modern seekerโ€
    Anna S. - Tridevia Tarot Customer
    Tridevia 78-Card Tarot Deck Set and a Booklet with Affirmations in a Luxury Box
    Rich symbolism
    Premium quality
    Limited edition
    Empowering twist of Raider-Waite tarot deck:

    Immerse yourself in the beauty, sophisticated artistry, and premium quality you deserve to experience.

    $69.99 $89.00
    100% no-risk money back guarantee
    Tridevia 78-Card Tarot Deck Set and a Booklet with Affirmations in a Luxury Box

    What makes our deck superior to others?

    We can tell you in one word:

    Serious inner spiritual work may sound tedious and demanding, but is exciting to the spirit, which is eager to return home.

    David R.Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.

    From our customers

    Reviews about our Tarot Deck

    Great for Starters on Magick Journey

    This was my first tarot deck ever, bought for me by my dear friend who knew I was starting my journey on discovering my own divine feminine nature. I love it and I buy it as a gift to my fellow truth-seekers!

    Inspirational Guidebook

    As I collected many decks over the years, I came across some wonderfully designed cards but poorly written guidebooks. With this deck itโ€™s quite the opposite, the book is very inspiring and I LOVE the affirmations. They offer great wisdom and show that even if the card might not be 100% positive, thereโ€™s still a lesson to be learned through the situation.

    Makes me believe everything is possible

    Every time I need inspiration I reach out to my Tridevia deck. Makes me feel so powerful and instantly gives me clarity. I own many decks but this one speaks to me the most, the symbolism just resonates with me.

    From Tridevia Goddesses

    โ€œAligning with your inner self bestows immense clarity and strength in your life journey.โ€

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    The Tridevia Tarot Deck cards are 2.75 x 4.75 inch (7 x 12 cm).

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