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    Dreams to reality
    Dreams to reality
    From Dreams to Reality - Manifesting Daily with Major Arcana Tarot
    For All Levels
    7 Lessons
    1.5 Hours
    Unlock Your Ideal Life Today!

    Start Your Journey as a Tarot and Manifestation Expert.

    $44.97 $60.00
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    $44.97 $60.00
    local_offer Economize 25%
    From Dreams to Reality - Manifesting Daily with Major Arcana Tarot

    Uninspired after finishing? Full refund, no questions.

    With the Tridevia Tarot Course for Daily Manifestation, a Bright Future Awaits You

    With the Tridevia Tarot Course for Daily Manifestation, a Bright Future Awaits You

    Every lesson in this course is a gateway to magical understanding, infusing the wisdom of the Tarot into your daily routine. Embark on this enchanting and transformative path with us! 🌈🔮💫

    Master personal growth with Tarot
    See your world with fresh eyes
    Illuminate your path to success
    Decode Tarot's hidden  connections
    Integrate tarot into your daily life
    Discover what your heart truly wants
    Embark on a journey of self-discovery

    A Life-Changing Experience

    "Embarking on this Tarot journey has been life-changing. The lessons were insightful, guiding me through self-discovery and personal growth. I particularly loved how each lesson connected with the next, making the Major Arcana truly come alive for me. The practical exercises helped me integrate Tarot into my daily routine, enhancing my intuition and decision-making. I feel more empowered and in tune with my inner wisdom. This course is a must for anyone looking to deepen their Tarot practice and manifest their dreams into reality!"

    - Tasha W.

    Tasha W.

    About the Creator

    Hey there, beautiful soul!

    I am Yulia, the guiding light and creator of this course. 

    Allow me to share a fragment of my journey with you; as you get to know me, you will find that the cards speak to your soul with a resonance deeper and more harmonious…

    Frequently asked questions

    Tarot is a tool that uses a deck of cards to provide insight and guidance. It can help you by offering a reflective mirror to your subconscious mind, helping you understand your life and decisions more clearly.

    Check out this video: 5 Tips How to Use Tarot Cards.

    Absolutely! The course is designed to be accessible for beginners, providing step-by-step guidance through each Major Arcana card.

    It's recommended to have a tarot deck, preferably the Tridevia Tarot Deck, as the course is tailored to work in sync with it.

    The course offers a comprehensive journey through the Major Arcana, providing insights into personal evolution and consciousness. It equips students with tools for introspection, decision-making, and recognizing life's synchronicities. The practical exercises and reflective activities enable students to apply Tarot wisdom in everyday scenarios, enhancing intuition and personal growth.

    Each video lesson is designed to be concise yet impactful, with 7 videos lasting 1.5 hours in total. Each video is approx. 12 minutes long.

    Yes, you can download PDF transcripts and mp3 audio files for each lesson, making it convenient to learn on-the-go.

    The workbook contains practical exercises that reinforce your learning and help you apply the insights from each lesson to your tarot readings.

    While the course does not currently offer a formal certification, completing it will significantly enhance your tarot reading skills and personal development.

    The course is designed for flexibility, allowing you to learn at your own pace. There are no deadlines, so you can take your time with each lesson to fully absorb and practice the teachings.

    This course uniquely blends the Major Arcana's wisdom with practical life applications, emphasizing personal growth and self-discovery. Its structured approach helps students to not only learn about Tarot but also to integrate its principles into their daily lives, fostering a deeper understanding of the self and the universe.

    Calmoura team is here to support you! Got questions?

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    Finding Balance and Wisdom with Tarot

    "This Tarot course has been an eye-opener! Each lesson was beautifully crafted, taking me on a profound journey of understanding life's cycles and my role in them. The emphasis on personal growth and seeing the world with fresh eyes has given me a new perspective on life. I’ve learned to appreciate the Tarot's wisdom in my daily life, making more conscious and balanced decisions. It’s not just a course; it's a pathway to a more enlightened, successful life. Highly recommend it for anyone seeking spiritual and personal growth."

    - Michele K.

    Michele K.

    Welcome to the world of Calmoura

    Trust in your magic. Embrace your journey.
    Celebrate your divine femininity.

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