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    Your Ultimate Guide to Angel Card Readings

    Your Ultimate Guide to Angel Card Readings

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    If someone had asked you if you knew about angel card readings, unless you are the one who does them, you might think they are the same as tarot cards.

    The thing is that there are many types of cards that readers use for divination or self-reflection. The only reason you may think of tarot cards as the cards that all readers use is because, throughout history, tarot cards or even playing cards have been portrayed as the tools that psychics or fortune-tellers use to predict the future.

    However, there are many other types of cards that readers use for divination, and one of those common types is angel cards. 

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    What Are Angel Cards?

    What Are Angel Cards

    Angel cards are a type of oracle card, which are divination cards with a specific theme that have sets of cards with images from the angelic realm that can help you connect with your intuition, provide you with the guidance you need for any current situation, or help you make future decisions.

    Angel cards can also be helpful to you when you need inspiration or encouragement. Not only does each card in an angel card deck have images of angels, but there are also usually texts on them as well. Some angel card readers use them because they believe these cards are message conduits between them and those in the angelic realms. 

    There are different types of angel cards. For example, Debbie Malone has a set of angel cards that lists powerful affirmations sent by angels, and they don't serve any other purpose. However, another angel card creator, Diana Cooper, has a deck of Archangel cards that contain messages from the Archangels when you do an angel card reading with them.

    She has another card deck, Angels of Light Cards, and they include cards with in-depth messages from entities in the angelic realm. Kyle Gray has another angel card deck called The Angels and Ancestors Oracle Cards, which contains divine messages from Celtic, Earth-based, Aboriginal, and Native American ancestors.  

    Based on those few examples, you can see that there is not only one type of angel card deck, as there are many, the same that there are many types of tarot decks with various themes and purposes. On that note, you may wonder if angel cards are similar to tarot cards. Let's discuss the comparison between the two types of cards. 

    Are Angel Cards Similar To Tarot Cards?

    Are Angel Cards Similar To Tarot Cards

    The truth is that only some readers or seekers can relate to tarot cards, as they do not resonate with all readers and seekers. Even though angel cards and tarot cards are both used for divination and guidance for self-reflection, these sets of cards are different. Firstly, unlike the tarot, angel card decks do not have other suits or a Major and Minor Arcana.

    Also, there are always 78 cards in a tarot deck, whereas the number of angel cards in a deck can vary based on the type of angel cards. 

    The other thing is that there are no angel cards that contain frightening images, unlike some cards in many tarot decks. Think about cards such as the Tower or the Ten of Swords in many tarot decks. There are also no texts on tarot cards, except the title of the card and the number. The exceptions are some decks that contain a few keywords of what the cards mean. However, most of the time, tarot cards do not have text except for the title and number, as many angel cards do contain written messages on them. 

    The other main difference between angel cards and tarot cards is that tarot cards take a long time to learn and to be comfortable with, whereas angel cards are very easy to interpret as, most of the time, the messages are right on the cards. Quite often, you don't usually use angel cards to predict the future unless it involves you deciding based on something you want to do for the future. You can use tarot cards to predict the future if you take a particular path. 

    The future is always flexible, as you have free will to change paths if you do a tarot prediction reading and do not like the outcome of your current path. The tarot is helpful when it comes to gaining that type of insight. However, suppose you are looking for affirmations, straightforward angelic messages, or messages from Archangels or any ancestral being in the heavenly realm. In that case, angel card readings are a better fit for your needs. Both types of cards are also excellent to practice for developing your intuition and psychic muscles. 

    If you want to learn how to do angel card readings because you are unsure if tarot is right for you, or you are a tarot reader who wants to explore different ways to use cards for divination or insight, let's now talk about how you can start doing angel card readings by starting off on how to get a deck of these cards. 

    Where Do You Get Angel Cards?

    Where Do You Get Angel Cards

    The first thing you need to do is to purchase a deck of angel cards, and you will want to find the ideal deck for you. Where do you find the best deck for you? If you have a metaphysical shop nearby, you can always head there to see if there may be a deck of angel cards that you may feel could be one you could work with, as your intuition will guide you. 

    If not, search on Etsy or Amazon for angel card decks because there are plenty there, and there is a good chance you will find a deck that feels right for you. You can also go to an online metaphysical store that may be further away from you and purchase one that way. By the way, if you believe that you cannot do angel card readings if no one gifts you a deck, do not believe it because you can always buy one. 

    Once you have your deck, you will want to cleanse it, as you could place the deck on your window sill for a few hours in the day to soak up the sunlight. You can also put the deck on the window sill overnight during a New or Full Moon, as the New Moon energies can cleanse it, and the Full Moon light and energies can do the same. You can also soak it in a bowl of sea salt overnight, but ensure you keep it somewhere dry so no moisture sets in. 

    Once you cleanse your deck, familiarize yourself with the imagery and messages on there. Touch your angel cards as much as possible because you want your energies to soak into them. Some readers sleep with their decks underneath their pillows to do that, but that is unnecessary. After being familiar with your deck of angel cards, you will want to begin doing some readings. 

    How Do You Do Angel Card Readings?

    How Do You Do Angel Card Readings

    Now that you have your set of angel cards, you will want to know how you can do a reading. The first thing you will want to do is to ensure that you have a clean space where you can soak in the messages that you receive from the cards. 

    Too much dirt or clutter will impede your intuition, so you will not get the most out of your reading if you do it in a space that distracts you. That means if you want to do the reading at your deck, ensure that the area around it is clean and there is no clutter. It does not matter where the area of your home or apartment is as long as it does not distract you and you feel comfortable. Also, turn off the TV and put your phone or tablet away and on silent. 

    You want to feel calm and comfortable when you do the reading, so choosing a clean and inviting area is essential. If you have objects around there with vibrant colors, that can help, but it is unnecessary. You can also take crystals or sacred items into the area where you want to do the reading if you choose, but again, that is optional. Those objects may help fine-tune your intuition or improve the energy in the area, but it is your choice to use crystals or any sacred item near where you do the reading. 

    You can burn sage or spray a sage spray in the area before doing the reading, as it is a good idea to banish any stale or negative energies around. Lighting or using electric candles can also be helpful to set the mood, and putting on soft ambient music in the background can also help. Those are some ideas for developing a ritual before you do the reading. 

    Whether you use crystals or sacred objects, surround the area with candles, or put on light music, it is still recommended to go into an area with no distractions, cleanse the area, and prepare yourself to do the reading there. 

    You can say a prayer before you start the reading and begin doing some deep breathing and meditation, envisioning all of the clutter in your mind moving away from you as you surround yourself with protective white light, which helps you connect with your higher self while you are at your highest vibration. Then, reflect on the questions that you want to ask the angels. 

    Always ask open-ended questions, as "yes, no, maybe" responses are not what you will receive when doing an angel card reading.

    Some questions you can ask your angels are:

    • What is there to know about my situation with my __  (job, relationship, finances, family relations, etc)?
    • What is there I need to know about my spiritual path currently?
    • I am considering changing jobs, and is this job that I want to do right for me?
    • Is __ in alignment with my highest self? (such as moving to another location, for example)
    • What are the challenges in my life teaching me right now?
    • I am stagnating in my current situation; what can I do to move forward and remove the blockage?

    Those are examples of some questions you can ask your angels. Close your eyes briefly, and then ask your angels to guide you. Open your eyes, take your deck of angel cards, and begin to shuffle them. 

    After you shuffle them, allow the angels to guide you to create the spread you want by placing the cards you feel urged to pull face down. As you do that, envision the cards glowing with a white light. As you pull the cards face up, begin interpreting the messages that you receive from the angels through the cards, and your intuition will help you do that. Take notes on what you receive so you can reflect on them later. 

    After completing the reading, thank your angels for guiding you, and then put the cards back in the deck. You may wonder now where to put the cards after doing the reading. Let's review that. 

    What Is The Proper Way To Store Your Angel Cards?

    What Is The Proper Way To Store Your Angel Cards

    After your angel card reading, you will put the cards back into the deck. However, don't just place them in a drawer or your closet that could be full of stagnant and negative energy. You also want to avoid placing them in an area full of dust or somewhere that could expose too many UV rays from the sunlight (that is why when you cleanse these cards, you only put them in the sunlight for two to three hours maximum). 

    What you will want to do is place your deck in a tarot cloth bag or a special box that you can make or purchase online to protect it from surrounding energies. Metaphysical shops, Amazon, and Etsy sell boxes for angel cards if you want to buy them. Sage the box, too, before putting them in there. 

    Then, you can place the box anywhere you choose, but it should be somewhere out of reach from pets or children if you have any. The box or a cloth bag will protect them from negative energies and UV rays. You can put them on a shelf, as long as they are safe, or in your closet. Now that you know how to do angel card readings and how to take care of your cards, how do you know if you are truly ready to get a reading?

    How Do You Know If You Are Ready To Receive An Angel Card Reading?

    How Do You Know If You Are Ready To Receive An Angel Card Reading

    Learning to do angel card readings may sound intriguing or fun, but how do you know if you are ready to start doing that? Remember that the messages you receive during these readings are from the highest beings in the angelic realms. It is a lot more than you digging into your intuition from your higher self. You are using your intuition to receive messages from angels. 

    You must also be prepared to realize that when you do an angel card reading on yourself, you must suspend your ego. That means the messages you receive may be ones that you may not like to hear. When that happens, you must remember that the angels are looking out for your highest good, not to send you messages of things you want to hear. 

    For example, suppose you are unhappy in your marriage because your partner is no longer a good fit for you, and you are considering leaving. In that case, you may expect to receive a message encouraging you to go because there is no sense in staying in a marriage that does not make you happy. 

    However, if you do an angel card reading, you may end up receiving messages that are contrary to that, which may disappoint you. The messages from the angels could be encouraging you to work on your marriage, communicate better, and get to know your partner again. You must be prepared not to let your ego get in the way and to truly be at your highest when you receive an angel card reading. 

    Maybe you are not ready to learn how to do angel card readings, and you are unsure if you want to pay a reader to give you one. However, if you are curious about what they are, you can get a free angel card reading online. 

    Can You Get A Free Angel Card Reading Online?

    Can You Get A Free Angel Card Reading Online

    If you are curious about these readings but are still deciding whether to buy a deck of angel cards or hire someone to give you a reading, you can get a free angel card reading online. All you need to do is a Google or Bing search for the key phrase "free angel card reading," and you will find plenty of sites pop up that will offer that for you. 

    However, there is one thing to remember regarding readings generated by AI. You are not getting a genuine reading, as AI cannot connect with your angels and guides. Therefore, you are not getting an accurate angel card reading, but it is still helpful to see what to expect when you get one and gain inspiration. These online readings also help you become more comfortable regarding learning how to do angel card readings yourself and inspire you to buy a deck! So, therefore, give it a try. 

    Angel Card Readings Takeaways

    Angel Card Readings Takeaways

    If you are a tarot card reader, astrologer, or psychic who is looking into doing other forms of divination, then consider doing angel card readings. Angel cards are different from tarot cards, as an angel card is a deck of oracle cards that contains images of those in the angelic realms and messages. There are various types of angel cards, and if you are looking for a deck, you will want to find one that matches your nature and preferences. 

    When doing an angel card reading, the purpose is to get a message from your angels and any high being in the angelic realm that can help you so you are at your highest good. You want to do the reading in a quiet and comforting space, with no distractions, and you can create a ritual when you do an angel card reading. 

    Be prepared to suspend your ego when you do the reading because these messages are from the highest realms, and they are meant to help you be at your best, and you may not always like the advice you get. However, these readings are excellent to learn and to get when you are looking for ways to improve yourself so you can be the best version of yourself. 

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