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    Cancer and Scorpio Compatibility For Friendship, Love, and Marriage

    Cancer and Scorpio Compatibility For Friendship, Love, and Marriage

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    Suppose you are familiar with astrology, and you think about the Cancer and Scorpio compatibility. In that case, the first thing that may come to your mind is how perfect these signs are together because they are water signs. That may be true. However, even the most compatible relationships have problems, and this match is not any different. The Moon rules Cancer, as it is nurturing, emotional, and sensitive. Mars and Pluto rule Scorpio, as Mars, is aggressive and Pluto is transformative. Mars is fall in Cancer, as it does not feel welcome in too much of a nurturing sign. The Moon is fall in Scorpio, as it does not feel welcome in such an intense sign, but since both signs share the same element, that helps boost their compatibility.

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    How Compatible Is Scorpio To Cancer?

    How Compatible Is Scorpio To Cancer

    Cancer is associated with nurturing, emotions, and home; Scorpio is associated with intensity, passion, darkness, and secrets. Those born between June 22 and July 22 have the sun in Cancer, and those born between October 23 and November 21 have the sun in Scorpio. 

    The planets that rule both signs are incompatible, and based on that, that is what challenges the Cancer and Scorpio compatibility. However, Cancer is a cardinal sign, which means it is an initiator, and Scorpio is a fixed sign, which means it has the qualities to maintain anything initiated. That helps, whereas the modalities are different, which means there is no headbutting, and these modalities can work well together, especially if they are in compatible elements.

    Therefore, since both signs are water signs, they deeply understand one another. Let's discuss the Cancer and Scorpio compatibility percentage, Cancer man and Scorpio woman compatibility and vice versa, friendship, and sex. That way, if you have a lover or a friend who is a Scorpio and you are a Cancer, or vice versa, you will see that you have a lot going for your relationship. However, that does not mean it is perfect despite the high compatibility.

    Cancer and Scorpio Compatibility Percentage

    Cancer and Scorpio Compatibility Percentage

    As you can see, these two signs have a lot going for them, given that they share the same water element and their modalities can work well together. Therefore, overall, the Cancer and Scorpio compatibility percentage falls between 70 and 90 percent. The love between these signs falls closer to 70 percent, and communication falls to 80 percent. Friendship between these signs and sexual relationships falls around 90 percent. 

    However, the other area with these signs that can fall lower than 70 percent is trust. Since this duo is known to communicate well with one another, they can increase the trust they have. Trust is always the foundation for any relationship, whether romantic, business, or friendship. It may be confusing how this couple scores well regarding communication since Scorpio is so secretive. You have to remember that these are intuitive water signs. 

    For example, Cancer will intuitively sense that Scorpio is upset about something and will find a way to get them to open up. Therefore, that can lead to a profound conversation which can help solve any issues between this couple. Before delving into anything else, let's delve into the Scorpio and Cancer compatibility regarding friendship. 

    Cancer and Scorpio Compatibility Friendship

    Cancer and Scorpio Compatibility Friendship

    Cancer and Scorpio have a mutual understanding of one another, which is why they connect so well. Cancer is sensitive and appreciates Scorpio's passionate side and will support them through it. Scorpio enjoys Cancer's desire to have a satisfying home life because Scorpio is introverted and prefers to stay home rather than go out anywhere in places with too many people.

    Both signs are intuitive, and they can figure out what each other wants and do what they can to accommodate their wants because both signs value their friendships. The same would apply to those with entirely different sun signs but share those moon signs. That is because the Scorpio moon and Cancer moon compatibility is high, too. 

    However, there are areas of tension that affect both signs. Cancer is highly empathetic and does not like how Scorpio can be vengeful if someone does them wrong. They can get into heated arguments about that. Cancer can become cold towards those who do wrong, but Scorpio would take that extra mile and plot revenge, and Cancer disagrees that Scorpio should be wasting their time on that. Their attitude is that karma will catch up with them, but Scorpio is not satisfied with that, as they will want to be the ones who ensure that happens. 

    Another issue that this duo can face is that Scorpio finds it irritating that Cancer can dwell on their negative feelings. Scorpio does, too, so they need to plot revenge towards those who hurt them. However, Cancer cries and vents about it, and Scorpio does not have the patience for the "woe is me" moments that Cancer has. Other than that, this duo can be excellent friends. Let's now look and see the Scorpio man and Cancer woman compatibility. 

    Scorpio Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility

    Scorpio Man and Cancer Woman Compatibility


    The Scorpio man and Cancer woman pair would work quite well. A Cancer woman is artistic, imaginative, conscientious, intuitive, kind hearted, compassionate, caring, and family-oriented. Scorpio men are dependable, truthful, courageous, determined, and ambitious. This duo would enjoy being with one another, and they can find plenty of activities to do.

    A Cancer would not want to do anything daring, such as going to a haunted house or scuba diving, as would a Scorpio. Scorpio, however, would instead save that activity for a friend who is just as daring as them. The Scorpio man and Cancer woman compatibility work well as they can have deep conversations at home and go to observatories to see the stars and planets together. Both have water signs, so they would likely enjoy staying in a secluded cottage by a lake or pond during the summer.

    Another thing that this couple has going for them is that they can run a home business quite nicely because of the Scorpio man's ambition and the Cancer woman's creativity and money management skills. Despite being introverted, Scorpios can become convincing salespeople because of their determination. Additionally, Scorpio is adept at manipulating others. It will be the couple's determination that helps them succeed. Would it be the same if the roles were reversed? Let's find that out.

    Cancer Man and Scorpio Woman Compatibility

    Cancer Man and Scorpio Woman Compatibility

    What is the compatibility between a Cancer man and a Scorpio woman? The Cancer man is compassionate, empathetic, caring, intuitive, and initially shy. Dedicated, courageous, and brave, Scorpio women listen well and only wish to help others. She has a magnetic personality and can be pretty kind. It doesn't matter what they do together as long as they are comfortable with each other, as it would be if the roles were reversed.

    The Cancer man is more of a romantic and prefers home. Therefore, he would be the one to cook up his Scorpio partner a hearty meal and enjoy glasses of vino, followed by a delicious dessert. They would enjoy having a bubble bath together after an enjoyable dinner, which could lead to other steamy activities.

    The Scorpio woman would enjoy their intimate time together as she sees it as the best opportunity for them to create a bond. You know how this couple would get along as friends and in a relationship. Now, how are Scorpio and Cancer compatible for marriage?

    Cancer and Scorpio Marriage Compatibility

    Cancer and Scorpio Marriage Compatibility

    The Cancer and Scorpio marriage compatibility will work wonders if there is an equal amount of trust between the couple, which comes from effective communication. Both signs are intuitive, given that they are water signs, so they will know if one another is not being honest or if they are upset about something. Once either of them is confronted, they will speak up. 

    If there is a lack of trust, then jealousy will be a significant issue that can get in the way of their marriage. Either one will be possessive and jealous. The problem is that they will only come immediately and say it if confronted. Cancer will clam up and act cold if they are jealous. Scorpio will act neutral but think about plotting revenge, such as deliberately making their Cancer spouse jealous. 

    However, if this couple can communicate well and trust one another, this marriage will work wonders. It does not mean they would be free of problems. But they can make their home heaven on earth. The married couple would not hesitate to make time for romantic moments at home, and the potential for them to share a potent bond with a great family life is high. This couple is also very patient when raising their children and pets if they choose to have pets. 

    Cancer sees the home as a place that needs protection and will protect it like it is their fortress. Scorpio cherishes their privacy, and as long as their marriage is going strong, they can prevent any negativity from entering their home. They will know how to block out negativity and chaos after having a tough day at work or with the kids. So, as they spend time alone together, they can block everything else out. 

    Therefore, as long as this married couple works on building their trust and communication, this marriage can be paradise. Let's look at the Cancer and Scorpio sexual compatibility. 

    Cancer and Scorpio Compatibility For Sex

    Cancer and Scorpio Compatibility For Sex

    The sex lives of Scorpios and Cancers can be very satisfying. Cancer must, however, be on board with Scorpio's potential. Cancer and Scorpio have an intense chemistry. Mars is Scorpio's co-ruler, which makes them passionate in bed. Cancer's sexual passion is easily overwhelmed by Scorpio's sexual passion because Mars is fall in Cancer. Potential problems can arise there. 

    Cancer will lose their libido if Scorpio becomes too powerful, which frustrates Scorpio. A happy medium needs to be found for this couple. To be more tender, Scorpios must use their passion to connect with their emotional side. Cancer must use their emotions to connect with their passionate side to spice things up. The couple can have magical sexual experiences together if they are on the same page regarding sex.

    As mentioned previously, the couple would get into the mood strongly after a romantic bubble bath and chocolate and use other aphrodisiacs. Given that Scorpio is a fixed sign, they are patient, so they will allow Cancer to work up their passionate side so they can enjoy a magical time together.

    The Takeaways of the Cancer and Scorpio Compatibility

    The Takeaways of the Cancer and Scorpio Compatibility

    The Cancer and Scorpio compatibility is high given that both signs are water signs, which means they share the same element, which helps them connect well and understand one another. However, this couple can be just as flawed as any other. Even though they share the same element, they have incompatible planets. The nurturing Moon rules Cancer and is fall in Scorpio, whereas aggressive, intense, and transformative Pluto and Mars rule Scorpio, and Mars is fall in Cancer. 

    Therefore, that means Scorpio will not understand how Cancer allows their emotions to flow, whereas Scorpio struggles to handle them. They don't like it when Cancer becomes "too negative" when Cancer fully understands how to acknowledge and embrace all emotions. Cancer does not understand and does not like how vengeful Scorpio can become, so those issues can hurt their relationship. Neither of them is verbally communicative, so they could hold grudges and not say anything. They can be jealous and possessive, which also means there is a struggle regarding trust. 

    However, the good news is that they are intuitive and will detect if something is wrong and convince them to speak up. As long as the communication between Cancer and Scorpio is effective, they can have a lot of fun together as they will find things to do in common. They can find joy in the simple things in life and at home, which they prefer. Therefore, Cancer and Scorpio can become wonderful friends and lovers and make their marriage work as long as they are communicative and trust one another. 

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