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    King of Swords as Feelings Upright and Reversed Explained

    the king of swords as feelings

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    The King of Swords is the epitome of intellectual prowess, clear thinking, and authority. With his no-nonsense attitude, this king cuts through the fog to get the right answers. But what does it mean if the King of Swords as feelings crops up in a tarot reading? 

    You may think that receiving this logical figure in a reading is a bad sign when it comes to feelings. He isn’t famous for being a romantic! However, the real answer to the King of Swords as feelings is quite interesting, and we are here to break it down for you. So, what does this card want you to know regarding feelings for someone, an ex, and a current relationship?

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    The King of Swords Tarot Card 

    Before we get into the real meaning of the King of Swords as feelings, we should remind ourselves of what this card is all about. Ruled by the element of air, this king listens to his head over his heart. Logic and reason are essential to him, and he navigates the world through an objective lens. 

    The King of Swords represents a mature and level attitude. He doesn’t get carried away with mindless drama, and you would never find him reading the celebrity gossip pages in the magazine! Instead, he is the kind of guy who pours himself a cup of tea, flips to the puzzle section, and gets a crossword done.  

    king of swords

    In the Tridevia Golden Foil Tarot Deck, the King of Swords sits firmly on his throne, holding an upright sword in his right hand. His other hand lays open, revealing his calm and honest nature. He knows how to balance the power of the mind, represented by the sword, with his authority over others and, therefore, is respected and honored by many.

    There is an emotional detachment in the King of Swords, and we must consider this aspect of him when asking the tarot about feelings. His love for practicality and logic sometimes affects his connections with others, and sympathy is not his strongest point. Sometimes, the King of Swords needs to loosen up a little and let his heart speak for him. 

    The King of Swords as Feelings Upright 

    The King of Swords is a complex card to receive when asking the tarot about your feelings or the feelings of others. The core message is quite positive and highlights the importance of honesty, trust, and integrity in romantic relationships. However, the card also suggests that there may be a dismissal of true feelings, and the tarot wants you to pay attention to what your heart is telling you. 

    Let’s break down the King of Swords as feelings when this card appears upright in a reading to understand what the tarot wants you to know!

    The King of Swords as Feelings for Someone 

    If you want to understand your feelings for someone, receiving the King of Swords is usually a good sign. It shows you that your romantic feelings are honest and respectful, and there are a lot of positive vibes flowing right now! The person in question feels the same and wants to build a relationship with you based on open communication and trust. 

    The King of Swords is a practical figure, which is reflected in how you feel about this person. You want to show them how you feel through acts of service and quality time. They also want to do right by you and be a rock in your life. 

    king of swords as feelings

    However, to get this relationship off the ground, you need to balance this practical energy with a more carefree, romantic attitude. There are exciting feelings of romance and infatuation, but you are scared to show them! Perhaps logic and reason are getting in the way, and you want to keep your heart safe. But love is a leap of faith.

    It is time to embrace the illogical and sometimes confusing aspects of budding love and throw yourself into the connection you share. 

    The King of Swords as Romantic Feelings in a Relationship 

    If you are in a relationship and receive the King of Swords of feelings, take a moment to celebrate the deep connection you share! Representing honesty and clear communication, the King of Swords shows you that you are on the same page as your partner. You both feel good about the progress you are making together and know you have each other's back. 

    The King of Swords highlights the more practical aspects of love. Yup, hot dates and fireworks are great, but to make a relationship last, you also need to be supportive, respectful, and truthful. Your feelings align with these aspects, and you want to help your partner in whatever way you can. 

    But of course, you shouldn’t forget the hot dates completely! Do you need to inject a little bit of romance back into your relationship to ensure the spark stays alight? The King of Swords can sometimes struggle with spontaneity and grand gestures of love, and maybe you do too.

    The King of Swords as Feelings for an Ex 

    When appearing to represent your feelings for an ex, the King of Swords represents clarity and truth. Since you and your ex have broken up, both of you have gained an understanding of your true feelings for one another. However, your practical side may be stopping you from reaching out. 

    Perhaps you have realized you still love them, but your head is telling you to get over them. You are trying to be reasonable by telling yourself that the relationship is over and you should just let go.

    However, the tarot wants you to listen to your heart. You don’t want to be haunted by what-ifs for the rest of your life! 

    The King of Swords may also be showing you that you don’t want to get back with them, but there are lessons to be learned by the clarity the breakup has brought you. Breaking up with someone is never easy, but a breakup provides you with a chance to grow, learn, and reassess what you really want from love. 

    The King of Swords Reversed as Feelings 

    When reversed, the King of Swords represents a selfish and manipulative individual. He still holds power, but he wields it in a brutal and controlling way. The reversed King of Swords is all about his own personal gain and will do everything he can to achieve his goals. 

    king of swords reversed as feelings

    Because of this energy, the King of Swords reversed as feelings is all about ego and domination. It often suggests that your feelings are not pure and that there are selfish motives feeding you. Let’s dive deeper into the King of Swords reversed as feelings to understand the messages hidden within this tarot card. 

    The King of Swords Reversed as Feelings for Someone 

    Regarding feelings for someone, the reversed King of Swords suggests that your motives are not pure, and you need to reassess why you are actually interested in this person. You have romantic feelings towards them, but these emotions are marred by selfishness. 

    Perhaps the person you are wondering about has status and money, and you know that being with them will make other people respect and value you more. Or, maybe they are in the same field as you, and you think being with them will enhance your career. 

    Before moving forward with this person, it is time to do some soul-searching and reflect on what love is all about. Of course, it is totally normal to consider these factors when it comes to finding a partner, but we shouldn’t base our decisions about love on these feelings. 

    Take time to dig deep into your feelings and work them out. Pinpoint why you have romantic feelings for this person and if they come from a genuine place. A relationship built on selfish gain is not built to last. 

    The King of Swords Reversed as Romantic Feelings in a Relationship 

    If you want clarity on your romantic feelings in a relationship and draw the reversed King of Swords, the tarot is shedding light on feelings of resentment and disappointment. Perhaps you feel let down by your partner, and feel as if they are acting in a selfish way. Maybe the romance you once felt has faded away, and you feel distant from them. 

    If you are having these feelings, it is important to remember that it takes two to tango! Are you blaming your partner for the lack of romance when your actions have also contributed to the current state of your relationship?

    But don’t worry too much - everything is not lost. If you once had that deep and wonderful connection, you can work together to bring it back.

    Why do you feel so distant from your partner? Are external obligations and priorities taking your eyes off the ball? 

    Have an honest and open conversation with your partner about your feelings, as they can probably feel that disconnect, too. No relationship is perfect, and it is totally normal to have ups and downs as you experience life together. By recognizing your feelings and explaining them to your partner, you are able to overcome the current situation and come out of it stronger. 

    The King of Swords Reversed as Feelings for an Ex 

    When appearing to represent your feelings for an ex, the reversed King of Swords suggests that you are not being totally honest with yourself about what you actually feel. Perhaps you are missing them and want them back. But, deep down, you know that the relationship wasn’t right for you. Or maybe you are ignoring the love you feel for them, choosing to pretend that you are fine with the breakup. 

    king of swords as romantic feelings

    Whatever it is, you need to take time to really work out what you feel about your past relationship and what you want to happen. Is reconciliation on your mind? And if so, why do you want to get back with them? Is it because it feels like the easier choice, or is it because you still love them? 

    The reversed King of Swords also wants you to be aware of selfish and egotistical thoughts that are influencing your feelings for your ex. It is pretty normal for us to hide our real feelings to protect our ego, but this can ultimately bring us more pain. 


    What Does the King of Swords Mean in Love?

    When it comes to love, the King of Swords represents the practical side of romance. It reminds us to stay grounded in the search for love and often reflects a connection based on intellectual compatibility. However, the King of Swords can often hide his true feelings, so this card reminds us to always pay attention to what our hearts are telling us!

    What Does the King of Swords as His Feelings for Me Represent?

    The King of Swords represents respectful and honest feelings and suggests that he is feeling positive about you. He wants to treat you well and support you, and isn’t one to play any games when it comes to love! However, he may not be that forthcoming regarding his romantic feelings, so you may need to give him time to really open up to you. 

    What Does the King of Swords as Romantic Feelings Mean?

    The King of Swords as romantic feelings represents honesty and integrity. It suggests that the feelings you have towards this person are pure, and you want to show your love through support. 

    Embrace Your Feelings with the King of Swords 

    The King of Swords is an intriguing card to receive in a tarot reading about feelings. He is not really a ‘feelings’ card, as he is more of a thinker. However, his energy represents important aspects of a romantic relationship and reminds us that we must always be honest and respectful regarding our feelings. 

    Whether you want to understand your feelings in your current relationship or are wondering about an ex, I hope our guide to the King of Swords as feelings has helped. Let him guide you, and remember to go through life with the same integrity that he has!

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