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    The Queen of Pentacles as Feelings for Someone or an Ex (Upright and Reversed)

    Queen of Pentacles

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    The Queen of Pentacles embodies the woman who does it all. She balances her career with her home life, showing love to those around her while constantly remaining effortlessly glamorous. She is the kind of person who always has her nails done but isn’t afraid to roll up her sleeves to get her goals ticked off. Oh, and she will always give you that warm cuddle when you need it!

    But what does the Queen of Pentacles as feelings represent? If this powerful figure has appeared in a reading to reveal more about your emotions and the feelings of others, read on to discover what the tarot wants you to know!

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    The Queen of Pentacles Tarot Cards 

    Before we dive into the Queen of Pentacles as feelings, let’s remind ourselves of what this court card is all about. Ruled by the element of earth, this Queen has a deep connection with the material world. She has worked hard to get to where she is and now sits comfortably in her abundance. 

    The Queen of Pentacles Tarot Cards

    In the Tridevia Golden Foil Tarot deck, the Queen of Pentacles sits on a throne, surrounded by jars that represent the assets that she has collected and preserved. But she isn’t restricted by materialism and greed - the security she has gained through her hard work allows her to care for and support others. 

    The Queen of Pentacles is defined by nurture and stability. She is generous and warm, with a knack for words of wisdom and advice. As one of the mother archetypes of the deck, she represents our need for safety and guidance. She has created the life she has always dreamt of and wants to support you as you do the same. 

    The Queen of Pentacles as Feelings 

    Our feelings can be pretty confusing, but tarot can help us break them down and get to the core of our emotions. If you have drawn the Queen of Pentacles as feelings, nurture and growth are poignant in your life right now. 

    This card holds important messages for you and your romantic life, so let’s explore the different ways we can understand the Queen of Pentacles!

    The Queen of Pentacles as Feelings Towards Someone 

    If a new relationship is on the horizon and the Queen of Pentacles crops up to represent feelings, know that there are a lot of positive emotions going on right now! She is giving you the green light to pursue this relationship, as your feelings are caring and generous. This romance may not be all fireworks and hot dates, but it will give you the solid foundation and support that will really enhance your life. 

    However, the Queen of Pentacles is known to have high standards, which can influence how she feels about someone. Do you tend to get the ick with someone after a few dates? Do your potential beaus always seem to fall short in some way or another?

    It may be time for a little bit of self-reflection to help you work out what you actually want from a relationship and why you set the bar so high when it comes to love. The Queen suggests you do have a lot of romantic feelings for this person, but it is essential to let your guard down to allow the relationship to flourish. Maybe their new haircut isn’t actually as bad as you think, and it is definitely not a reason for ignoring their texts!

    The Queen of Pentacles as Feelings In a Relationship 

    If you are in a relationship and draw the Queen of Pentacles as feelings, give yourself a pat on the back! Your relationship is built on trust and support, and you have put the hard work in to be here. You are feeling pretty happy with your partner and know you can turn to them to talk about whatever is on your mind. There is an incredible depth to the love you share, and they feel this strong connection, too. 

    The Queen of Pentacles as Feelings In a Relationship

    However, you may be struggling to balance your relationship with other responsibilities in your life, such as your career. This could be causing feelings of resentment. The Queen of Pentacles can rush from the office to date night (in the same glamorous clothes, obviously), but this may be more difficult for you. 

    If so, open up to your partner and see what you can do to relieve these worries. Your relationship is solid and supportive, and you can work together to balance your love life with your working life, with time for R and R in between. 

    The Queen of Pentacles as Feelings for Ex 

    When we have spent so long caring for another person, it can be super confusing when they suddenly disappear from our lives. This is what the Queen of Pentacles as feelings for an ex represents — that hole in your life where you were once sending all your nurture and support. 

    You cherished your ex and gave them so much of your time and effort, and now, you are feeling a bit lost. There was so much love going on, and you are finding it difficult to get back on your feet and move on from the breakup. 

    Is it time to put that energy of care and support into yourself and embrace the grounded nature of the Queen of Pentacles. Yes, the Queen nurtures others, but she also nurtures herself, her health, and her goals. 

    Put self-care first right now, and see what you can do to amplify the positives in your life. Perhaps there is a hobby you have always wanted to try, or maybe there is an opportunity for a promotion coming up at your place of work. Whatever will bring you joy right now, go for it. 

    The Queen of Pentacles as Someone's Feelings Towards You 

    If you are asking the tarot about someone’s feelings towards you and the Queen of Pentacles appears, know that their intentions are pure and hopeful. They don’t play games when it comes to matters of the heart and want to care for you and your needs. There is a practicality to the way they approach love, and this will ensure that you are on the same wavelength in the relationship. 

    The Queen of Pentacles as Someone's Feelings Towards You

    Because the Queen of Pentacles is associated with the material world, this person probably wants to treat you a bit to show you that they like you! They are into you a lot and are pretty excited to create some fun memories with you. Let them buy you dinner and plan fun dates, but remember to reciprocate their efforts. 

    The Queen of Pentacles Reversed as Feelings 

    When the Queen of Pentacles is drawn reversed in a reading, its energy is flipped, and all the positives in the card are turned on their heads. The stable and thoughtful Queen is now self-serving and arrogant. She only cares about herself and what will bring her wealth, and she isn’t afraid of throwing others under the bus to get what she wants. 

    There are elements of jealousy and insecurity in the Queen of Pentacles reversed as feelings, and it serves as a wake-up call to you and how you approach relationships. Let’s break this meaning down and find out what it means for those in a relationship, those looking for love, and those who have recently broken up with someone. 

    The Queen of Pentacles Reversed as Feelings For Someone 

    If you are looking for love and have your eyes on someone new, the reversed Queen of Pentacles reflects feelings of greed and power. You are not interested in this person for the right reasons, and the relationship is ultimately doomed to fail unless you realign your romantic goals. 

    Can the person you have a crush on advance your career goals? Are they extremely well-off, and their wealth attracts you? A relationship should not be built on the search for status and money; it should be built on honesty and respect. 

    The Queen of Pentacles is a go-getter, but she does not take advantage of others; she cares for them from her heart. Before dating this person, you need to reflect on what love means to you. Can this person support and care for you? Do you have common interests and beliefs outside of gain and want? At its purest, love is a connection between two matching souls with external and societal forces stripped away. Ensure you are embracing this type of love. 

    The Queen of Pentacles Reversed as Feelings in a Relationship 

    If you are in a relationship and the Queen of Pentacles appears reversed to represent your feelings, insecurity and worry are marring your happiness. You do not feel secure with your partner, and you are constantly anxious about their intentions and the future of your relationship. 

    Is this due to your past? Were you left heartbroken by an ex, and now do you struggle to trust your current partner? The fear of abandonment is taking hold, and this will only end up in distrust and jealousy. 

    It is time to work through your own issues and come to a place of support and commitment with your partner. If there are no empirical reasons for the doubt and insecurity, turn to shadow work and journaling to help you work through the causes of your feelings. Look at how you can leave your pain in the past to embrace the loving relationship that is in front of you. 

    Of course, the feelings that arise with the reversed Queen of Pentacles may have real-life, present causes that need addressing. If your partner is pulling away from you and not showing you the love you deserve, it may be time to review the relationship. The reversed Queen of Pentacles is linked to selfishness, and your partner may be embodying this energy.

    Open and honest discussions about your feelings will help you restore that loving bond. Make sure you get to the root of the problem and listen to what your partner has to say. 

    The Queen of Pentacles Reversed as Feelings for Ex 

    When reversed, the Queen of Pentacles reveals insecurity and instability regarding how you feel about your ex. You miss them and are extremely sad about the ending of the relationship, and you feel like you can’t stand up on two feet without them. It is like the rug has been pulled away from beneath, and you are struggling to navigate your current circumstances. 

    The Queen of Pentacles Reversed as Feelings for Ex

    The Queen of Pentacles is strong both with and without a partner, and you need to embrace the powerful elements of this card to overcome the pain and confusion you are facing. Perhaps you leaned on your partner too much in the relationship, and it was quite codependent. Now, you must step into your own power and learn to take care of your mental, physical, and emotional self. 

    The feelings you are facing are normal aspects of a breakup, but you have the strength to overcome them. Take it one step at a time and know that you are able to bring that security back into your life by yourself. 

    The Queen of Pentacles Reversed as Someone's Feelings Towards You 

    When reversed, the Queen of Pentacles asks you to be a little suspicious of this person's advances. Yeah, they may seem amazing and always take you out to the best restaurants in town, but there is a gap between their heart and their actions. They may be too concerned with what you can do for them and not what they can do for you. 

    This person may have feelings of insecurity and jealousy towards you, which may manifest in possessiveness and codependency. Watch out for any red flags that suggest that they care a little too much about your life, where you are, and who you are with. 


    What Does the Queen of Pentacles Mean in Love?

    In love, the Queen of Pentacles reveals a stable and solid relationship built on respect and trust. You have worked hard to create a life for yourself and the person you are with, and you are currently reaping the rewards. 

    What Is the Advice of the Queen of Pentacles?

    The Queen of Pentacles asks you to care for yourself and others, providing nurture and support wherever you go. It also sheds light on the work you are doing to create a solid foundation for yourself and tells you to keep it up!

    What Are the Negatives of the Queen of Pentacles?

    The Queen of Pentacles can sometimes reflect a materialistic attitude and a lack of self-care. It may appear in a reading to tell you that you need to take a little break from balancing your work and home life to concentrate on your own needs. 

    Let the Queen of Pentacles Shed Light on Your Feelings 

    That’s it for the Queen of Pentacles as feelings! This wonderful card reveals so much about our emotions towards others and helps us understand how others see us. Whether you need to embrace nurturing energy and turn it inward or work on maintaining that solid relationship, let the Queen of Pentacles guide you.

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