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    Superbrain Mastery
    Superbrain mastery
    Superbrain Mastery Quest - Ignite Creative Flow for Maximum Potential
    Expert Level
    7 Lessons + Bonus
    1.5+ Hours
    Unlock Your Inner Wisdom! Unlock Your Inner Wisdom!

    Delve into the mystical world of tarot, unlocking secrets of your subconscious.

    Delve into the mystical world of tarot, unlocking secrets of your subconscious.

    $297.00 $597.00
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    $297.00 $597.00
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    Superbrain Mastery Quest - Ignite Creative Flow for Maximum Potential

    Uninspired after finishing? Full refund, no questions.

    Transform your Life with Every Card you Explore

    Transform your Life with Every Card you Explore

    Join us on this incredible quest as we journey together to unlock the vast potential of your superbrain. Prepare to unveil new dimensions of creativity, clarity, and tenacity that will lead you to unprecedented success and transformation. Your path to mastering creative flow and maximizing your potential starts now.

    Defining your learning Universe
    Unleash your full potential
    Cultivating creative routines
    The Power of thought recording
    Meditation for manifestation
    Clearing the mental canvas
    Creating space for brilliance

    More Than a Course

    "I've discovered a new depth to my intuition and a creative spark I didn't know I had. The lessons are easy to follow yet profoundly impactful. It's more than a course; it's a journey to self-empowerment."

    - Laura T.

    Laura T.

    About the Creator

    Hey there, beautiful soul!

    I am Yulia, the guiding light and creator of this course. 

    Allow me to share a fragment of my journey with you; as you get to know me, you will find that the cards speak to your soul with a resonance deeper and more harmonious…

    Frequently asked questions

    Tarot is a tool that uses a deck of cards to provide insight and guidance. It can help you by offering a reflective mirror to your subconscious mind, helping you understand your life and decisions more clearly.

    Check out this video: 5 Tips How to Use Tarot Cards.

    This course is most beneficial for those with some Tarot knowledge, but absolute beginners are encouraged to explore our beginner-friendly courses for a solid foundation.

    It's recommended to have a tarot deck, preferably the Tridevia Tarot Deck, as the course is tailored to work in sync with it.

    The "Superbrain Mastery Quest" offers a unique journey into personal development, focusing on enhancing creativity, mental flexibility, and intuition.

    It utilizes innovative exercises, meditation practices, and tarot card reflections to empower you to harness your inner genius, clear mental clutter, and establish a strong foundation for creativity.

    This course is designed to guide you towards realizing your full potential through engaging and transformative activities.

    Each video lesson is designed to be concise yet impactful, with 7 lessons + 3 bonus guided meditations, lasting in total a bit more than 1.5 hours.

    Yes, you can download PDF transcripts and mp3 audio files for each lesson, making it convenient to learn on-the-go.

    The workbook contains practical exercises that reinforce your learning and help you apply the insights from each lesson.

    While the course does not currently offer a formal certification, completing it will significantly enhance your tarot reading skills and personal development.

    The course is designed for flexibility, allowing you to learn at your own pace. There are no deadlines, so you can take your time with each lesson to fully absorb and practice the teachings.

    The "Superbrain Mastery Quest" distinguishes itself from other tarot courses by its unique blend of tarot learning with personal development and creativity enhancement techniques.

    It goes beyond traditional tarot instruction, focusing on mental flexibility, intuition, and harnessing one's inner genius.

    This course offers a holistic approach, combining tarot with innovative exercises and meditations, designed to clear mental clutter and establish a foundation for creativity, making it a transformative experience unlike any other tarot course.

    Calmoura team is here to support you! Got questions?

    Contact us

    From Skeptic to Believer

    "The practical approach to using the cards for personal growth is enlightening. My creativity and decision-making skills have improved dramatically. Highly recommend it to anyone seeking a fresh perspective on life."

    - Isabella R.

    Isabella R.

    Welcome to the world of Calmoura

    Trust in your magic. Embrace your journey.
    Celebrate your divine femininity.

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