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    The Sun Tarot Card Meaning for Love, Career, and Finances

    sun tarot card meaning

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    Soak up those rays because the sunshine is here! The Sun tarot card brings light into your life and radiates positivity. If you have been down and out recently, with a raincloud over your head, this tarot card shows you that it is all about to change. Embodying the playful, long summer days, the Sun tarot card meaning is uplifting and warm. 

    Today, we are going to dig deep into this magical card to work out why it has appeared to you in a reading. What does the Sun tarot card mean for you?

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    The Sun Tarot Card Description 

    The Sun tarot card is bursting with life and action. The Sun, the main symbol of the card, hangs in the sky and illuminates the world below. Its light feeds the people, plants, and animals, and everything is clear. In the Tridevia Golden Foil Tarot deck, the Sun is removing a mask, symbolizing its honest and open attitude. Truth comes easy with the Sun tarot card, and we are able to feel optimistic about our path forward. 

    the sun tarot card description

    The Sun shines down on someone in particular‚ÄĒa child riding a horse, his arms stretched out wide, a smile on his face. The symbol of the child on the card teaches us a valuable lesson. We must try to see the beauty and awe in the world around us and regain that wonder we had as children. As we grow old, we become jaded and pessimistic. But we can overcome this by embracing the energy of the Sun tarot card.¬†

    Stars are dotted around the child, and he is catching them with his net. These stars symbolize hope and renewal and remind us of the playfulness of children. Under the warmth of the Sun, we can go out into the world and catch our own stars. 

    The Sun Tarot Card Associations 

    • Zodiac Sign: Leo
    • Numerology: 10 and 1¬†¬†
    • Element: Fire
    • Planet: Sun
    • Colors: Red, Yellow, Orange
    • Crystals: Sunstone, Carnelian

    The Sun Tarot Card Keywords for Quick Reference 

    • Upright Meaning: Optimism, Joy, Vitality, Freedom, Pleasure
    • Reversed Meaning: Pessimism, Inner Child, Seriousness
    • Career Meaning: Enthusiasm, Success, Energetic
    • Love Meaning: Fun, Happiness, Honesty¬†
    • Finance Meaning: Abundance, Strength, Gratitude¬†

    What is the Meaning of the Sun Tarot Card? 

    Appearing straight after the anxious and dark Moon card in the major arcana, the Sun breathes light and life into the world. Darkness always ends, and the Sun will always rise after a long and gloomy night. Worry and stress are easing, and things are starting to make complete sense. 

    The Sun brings optimism and hope into your life and asks you to embrace the positive and uplifting energy within you. Like the Sun, you shine brightly, and the world is warmer because you are around! You inspire others with your attitude and your ability to always see the bright side of life.

    the sun tarot card career meaning

    The Sun tarot card conveys a vital message of innocent enjoyment. Yes, goals and plans are important, but are you taking enough time to just have fun?! Embrace your inner child and dive into your hobbies and pleasures.

    Remember all those long summer holidays you had as a child, with endless days filled with activities and play? Can you bring that vibe into your life right now? Can you simply enjoy life, putting chores and expectations on the shelf for a while? 

    The Sun Reversed Tarot Card Meaning 

    When reversed, the inner child message of the Sun tarot card is heightened. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and you are pretty dull right now! You are too preoccupied with work and responsibility, and this is really impacting your happiness. It is time to throw your to-do list out of the window and embrace playfulness and enjoyment. 

    Think about all the things you used to do as a child. Did you paint a lot? Or did you love going to the park? Try incorporating these activities into your life to bring back that carefree attitude. 

    The reversed Sun tarot card also reveals pessimism and suggests that setbacks have really affected your confidence. Perhaps an issue at work has knocked you and you can’t shake it off. The tarot wants you to count your blessings and try to see the goodness that surrounds you right now. 

    Remember, the Sun is always shining, even if there are clouds in the way. 

    The Sun Tarot Card Meaning Love 

    When it comes to love, the Sun tarot card reveals a joyous and honest relationship built on truth and understanding. If you are in a relationship, the Sun card is a fantastic sign and suggests your love is growing and blossoming. Your love shines like the sun, and you are getting closer every day. 

    Celebrate your love and have fun! It is time to enjoy the world together, so go on adventures and treasure the magical moments you share. 

    The Sun also resolves any issues you and your partner face by illuminating the truth. Your worries or anxieties are now in the open, and it is time to communicate them to your partner. If you do so, your love will strengthen. 

    If you are single, the Sun tarot card represents the freedom and carefree attitude you have. You are enjoying your life right now and stepping out into the world to discover new connections. You may not be craving a long-term relationship right now, and that is okay! Have fun, and romance will come your way when the time is right. 

    Reversed Meaning in a Love Reading 

    When reversed, the Sun tarot card reveals a lack of passion and boredom. If you are in a relationship, you may feel as if the spark has gone, and you are pretty pessimistic about the future of your love. When you have been with someone for ages, it is easy to fall into a routine and drift apart. 

    the sun tarot card career meaning

    But it is never too late to regain the romance you and your partner had at the beginning. You just need to get out of your funk and put a bit more effort into it.

    Your partner is still the same person you fell in love with, and you need to rekindle your love. Go on date nights and weekends away to get that romance flowing!

    If you are single, the Sun reversed suggests that self-doubt and defeatism are stopping you from finding your perfect match. You have been heartbroken in the past and always fear the worst, and this means that you keep potential dates at arm's length. It is time to let go of your pain and embrace a more positive attitude. Real love is out there, waiting for you. You just need to open your heart and let it in. 

    The Sun Tarot Card Meaning Career 

    Brimming with positivity, the Sun is a great card to receive in a career reading. It signifies success and enjoyment and suggests that you are at a really good place in your career right now. You are passionate about what you do, and you have loads of ideas that will enhance your career path. 

    The Sun tarot card is also seen as the lucky card and reveals that exciting job opportunities are on the horizon. If you are feeling bored or dissatisfied with your work, know that this is all about to change. Apply for your dream job, and see what happens! Remember - maintaining a positive attitude will bring you success and the opportunities you crave. 

    Reversed Meaning in a Career Reading 

    When reversed, the Sun signifies boredom and pessimism in the workplace. You feel trapped in your current circumstances, with a lack of fulfillment and support. Perhaps you are working too much, or maybe the work you do does not align with your career goals. 

    The tarot is reminding you of your own personal power here and wants you to put the wheels in motion for change and personal growth. Take time to reflect on your goals and see what you can do to make them happen. 

    The reversed Sun also suggests that you may be too preoccupied with work and need to inject some fun into your life! Work isn’t everything, so stop sacrificing other aspects of your life for the grind. 

    The Sun Tarot Card Meaning Finances 

    With its message of success and happiness, the Sun is a fantastic card to crop up in a money reading. It reveals a strong financial situation and suggests that abundance is coming your way. Keep doing what you are doing, and you will soon find yourself in a very comfortable position!

    The Sun also asks you to always be grateful for the good things in your life and thank the universe for providing for you. The Sun is shining down on you, and your money trees are growing, so thank those beautiful rays!

    Reversed Meaning in a Finances Reading

    Interestingly, the reversed Sun tarot card in a financial reading is quite a positive sign! It suggests that your money worries will soon clear up, and they aren’t actually as bad as you think they are.

    Perhaps you have been hit with a high bill or need to take time off work. You are pretty stressed about it, but the reversed Sun is telling you that it will be fine and you have enough money to get through it. 

    The Sun Tarot Card Yes or No 

    In a yes or no reading, the Sun tarot card is an exciting yes. It suggests that success is on the horizon, and your positive energy will help you move forward on your journey. 

    the sun tarot card yes or no

    If you are asking about love, the Sun is a yes and ushers in happiness and joy. Good outcomes are likely with your decision, and you must follow your heart. Because the Sun brings innocence and optimism, it asks you to let go of any worries and throw yourself into romance. 

    For career yes or no readings, the Sun suggests the decision you are making will bring fulfillment and success, and so is an enthusiastic yes. Good luck is on your side right now, so go after your goals, and everything will soon fall into place. 

    Reversed Sun Tarot Card Yes or No 

    If you receive the reversed Sun in a yes or no reading, the answer is still yes. But the tarot wants you to rejig your attitude a little bit to ensure you are on the right path. Negative thoughts and feelings may be affecting your decision, so take a moment to stand back and reassess the situation before acting. By doing this, you can move forward with confidence and clarity. 

    When it comes to love, the reversed Sun is a yes. But, there may be some obstacles in your way. Thankfully, these are simply little niggles that you can overcome by communicating with your partner and working together.

    For career readings, the reversed Sun is a yes. You feel stuck in a rut with work at the minute and don’t feel fulfilled at all. Now is the time for action, and the Sun reversed is asking you to put your values and goals first when it comes to your career. 

    Let the Golden Rays of the Sun Tarot Card Guide You

    The Sun is a beautiful and warm tarot card, and it is always a pleasure when it comes your way in a reading. Filled to the rim with positivity and excitement, the Sun shows you that good things are coming your way. 

    The main message of the Sun is one of optimism and gratefulness. It reminds us of the power of positivity and asks us to shine like the Sun in our own unique way. There is so much happiness and wonder to discover in the world, and the Sun’s rays will illuminate them for you. 

    Whether the Sun is telling you to tap into your inner child and play or wanting you to go after the job opportunities that come your way, know that this tarot card has your back!

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