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    Death Tarot Card Meanings

    Death Keywords


    Transformation, Endings, Change, Release, Major Changes
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    Fear of Change, Stagnation, Living in the Past, Need to Let Go
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    Death Description

    An armored skeleton rides a horse carrying a flag in his left hand. The flag has an hourglass symbol, symbolizing that life has a limited time and that all will face an end according to what they start.

    The fire that burns the flag, symbolizes time, and shows that everything will end slowly.

    The bell on the horse's mouth symbolizes the time that has come, and the sun peaking out from the mountains reveals that no one can run from or interrupt this new cyclical process.

    The skeleton carries seeds at his waist that are sent down to anyone who passes by, including small children and the elderly. Everything will end and start based on the karma picked. This can be seen by the small pots carried by the young and old.

    Two large plants grow on the bottom right and represent that one by one they are given seeds, have died, disappeared, and grown back into something new.

    The ornaments on the plants are remnants of their past characteristics and social positions as queens and kings which are no longer useful after death as they grow back as something different.

    NOTE: The Tarot card meaning description is based on the Rider Waite cards.

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    Upright Death Meaning

    The time has come for some radical change in your life in order for you to transform into the best version of yourself. Do not resist this change and embrace it, because it is for your own good. Be open for transformation and new beginnings and transition to a better future. Let go of all the things that do not resonate with you and leave only the ones that make your life better.


    I am aware that change is inevitable in order for me to grow.

    Reversed Death Meaning

    You are resisting some inevitable changes which results in you feeling stuck. Realize that it doesn’t have to be like this. Embrace change instead of resisting it and you will see miracles. Simply change the energy from fear to curiosity and watch how everything resolves. This can be a great time for personal transformation and new spiritual discoveries. Remove your limiting beliefs and be free!


    Change is a positive thing and I’m opening myself to new possibilities.

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