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    The Power of Intuitive Healing Today and Beyond! | Ft. Jo / thethetaroom

    The Power of Intuitive Healing Today and Beyond! (Thumbnail)

    Welcome back to the Calmoura Tarot Podcast! In today’s episode, we’re diving deep into the transformative world of intuitive healing and spiritual empowerment with our special guest, Jo from @thethetaroom. Jo is a seasoned practitioner specializing in Reiki, intuitive healing, Oracle, and tarot divinations. She shares her journey into the world of healing, sparked by a personal experience with her grandmother, and her five-year Reiki practice journey that continues to be one of growth and discovery.

    Jo discusses the crucial practices of cleansing and protecting oneself from absorbing clients' energy, using techniques like affirmations and prayers. She opens up about her path to self-responsibility and empowerment, emphasizing the power we all have to change our circumstances. Yulia, the creator of the Tridevia Tarot Deck, delves into themes of taking responsibility in relationships, setting boundaries, and discusses the concept of higher knowledge and structured consciousness.

    Discover Jo’s views on trauma, healing, and the empowerment of women, including her personal journey of self-discovery. Both Jo and Yulia share insights on the gender differences in communication and priorities, the significance of community for women, and the hidden senses that might enable us to communicate with higher realms through tarot.

    From crystal healing to chakra balance, they explore various methods for maintaining spiritual health and achieving stability. Tune in as Jo shares her unique approach to intuitive readings and how she uses crystals in her practices. This episode is packed with wisdom, practical tips, and inspiring stories aimed at helping you harness the power of intuitive healing today and beyond.


    Full Transcript:

    Yulia: Hello beautiful soul. So, so today we are welcoming here, Joanne. I met her first time here, just exactly onto this video, but I was fascinated by her content. She's such a lovely, beautiful soul. She has a really interesting content in her TikTok. And every time when I watched her videos, I was just drawn to her energy. And today. I was thinking just to give you that special treat from Joanne and so that she would just share with you all what she's currently doing, what she's starting.

    I'm pretty sure it could serve you well. So Joanne, could you please share with us what are your areas of study today and where is your deep thinking going?

    Joanne: Yeah. So, um, I specialize specifically in intuitive healing. So Reiki, if you guys know what that is, it's a modality for energy healing. And I also do, um, spiritual guidance, intuitive guidance.

    So that includes Oracle and Tarot divinations. And, um, it's just been something I feel very, very called. To gravitate towards ever since a little kid and the past couple of years I've started to explore this whole new age and spirituality concept and it's been an amazing journey when I tell you it's been so fascinating.Yeah.

    Yulia: So you, you told that you are specializing into Reiki and how did it all start from you? Where, when it started and why did you get there?

    Joanne: Yeah, for sure. So, um, well, what I really first realized was, uh, when I was with my grandma, she is a little sick, a little older. And one time I was at her place and she said, you know, I think I feel some pain in my legs and I just, I, I, No medicine would cure it.

    I couldn't feel anything. And, and so you know what? And it just felt like a reason to, to heal her that way. And I didn't know what Reiki was, by the way, at this time. I just felt like it, it just, it was a magical, almost like a supernatural pull that I needed to put my hands on her in that way. So, you know, I just rested my hands there and I was like, how do you feel now after 10 minutes?

    And she was like, you know what? I, Actually feel a lot better. And I was, I was shocked. I was a little confused at this. And so I started doing a little bit more digging into what actually happened. Cause I was a little freaked out at first. And I discovered something careaky and I was like, there's no way this is.

    This is insane. I've never heard of this thing before. How can you heal something just by being near it over your hands? And so, um, I mean, with where I live, there's a huge spiritual community, not too far. And some like minded people said, you know what you should do your Reiki at level one. And I was like, nah, I'm not going to do it.

    But then I went on a few solo trips and, uh, I did some thinking and I just felt so called and being the empath that I, that I am. I, Took it and I was like, you know what? This is magical. This is life changing. I think this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. That's how it started.

    Yulia: How long have you been practicing it?

    Joanne: Um, just a little bit. Oh, I think around five years and a little bit more. Um, It's been, it's been like a journey. It started off so confusing. And so I started going more and more into it. And every single practice that I do with a different client, it's a new discovery each time.

    Yulia: You know, I'm really interested in Reiki actually, because it's all about energy healing.

    But since childhood, like, I was also drawn to that type of activity. I didn't know that Reiki actually exists. And I also discovered it later on. But the thing is, I have some kind of internal resistance towards that, because I sometimes here and there, I'm thinking, how can I cleanse myself out of, let's say, that interaction?

    Because probably, like, you are more experienced, maybe you could share. Um, your modalities here. Most of my clients and most part of my audience, they here and there experience issues with let's say negative stuff around ours. And whenever we go to any kind of interaction here, we tend to get so called like those etheric courts, right?

    And I'm pretty sure you are aware of such stuff as a Reiki healer. So how do you make sure that whenever you go and interact with others, you kind of like heal, provide your service, and at the same time you stay clean.

    Joanne: Yes, that's actually a great question and I get it so often. It's the thing about healing and the thing about empaths is we feel energies and we feel emotions.

    So deeply and so easily compared to an average person or another person that may not feel the same way. But for me, I, I, I am a huge empath and it's really easily for me to get affected by other people's emotions. And so, especially during a Reiki, it is so important. Every Reiki teacher or practitioner will tell you, I would say if not a hundred percent of the part, you have to cleanse yourself as a healer.

    It's so important to not absorb the energy on the client from the client that we're healing. And the whole point is to make sure that you use different, um, you know, affirmations and prayers and, and there's certain words and characters that we have to use to cleanse ourselves before, during, and after the session.

    So I always, always ensure I do that. And actually just over the weekend, I had a client ask me the exact same question and they're like, No, this is my second time dealing with you. How do you say you're so busy, but how do you make sure that after each healing, you don't carry that energy into the next person?

    And I said, you don't need to worry about that. I always, always cleanse myself, whether it's with crystals, prayers, or singing bowls, whatever it is, I don't carry the energy out.

    Yulia: Could you share with us some kind of a framework? Let's say, yes, this session got settled. So it finished and you are on the way to the next session.

    So what would you do if you would have those five minutes?

    Joanne: Yeah. So if I finished with a client, like a Reiki client, and I have another session after, I always, always give myself at least an hour before I move on to the next client. And I say this because, um, it takes, For me, first, it may be different for other healers or other practitioners, but for me, it takes me a little bit to breathe because, because it, when you do too much, it's draining.

    I'm sure you feel kind of the same way with, with tarot, when you do readings and oracle readings and everything. It's, it's draining because you're absorbing so much download, so much information, and it's like, oh, it's almost tiring when you do it too much. And so, um, I, I say prayers, I do my own meditations.

    I have my own process of going about cleaning and cleansing the energy. Um, I love selenite. I'm a huge crystal collector. Um, selenite is my number one, if not one of my top three favorite stone, because it's so good.

    Yulia: Do you use lumerians?

    Joanne: Oh, yeah. Of course I do. And, and clear quartz as well. Um, I love clear quartz and also fluorite.

    I love, love fluorite. Do you have a fluorite with you?

    Yulia: Oh, no, it's in my room. It's in my, uh, work in the room. I really love having it on my working table, but in my meditations, I really love the lumerians. So I really get connected to what you say. And you know what, do you, do you use, uh, Mystic Marmalade?

    Joanne: I do not.

    I have not worked with that specifically.

    Yulia: It's amazing. It's amazing for balancing your energy. And sometimes when we actually work with energy sports into our body, I really love this type of um form. Like you can see it in here. Oops, I think I'm not showing it correctly, but probably you cannot see all the mystical stuff here.

    I'm not sure.

    Joanne: Is it black and purple?

    Yulia: Uh, it's, it's having like lots of colors in here, but I'm not sure that you can see it properly through my cam.

    Joanne: No, no, I see it.

    Yulia: We are just after this, uh, you know, the solar eclipse here, so it's still getting lighter and lighter. But the thing is, like, if you type in Mystic Marmalade, I will leave the name in the comments after this session.

    So the truth is, it's super balancing, and I love it so much. I meditate a lot with it. If you are feeling sometimes in between heaven and earth, And you want that balancing energy works tremendously well, tremendously well. So I just discovered it not so long ago and I fell in love with you with it. I'm sorry, I just like, I'm sorry for interrupting.

    I fell in love with you as well, you know, with all your content. It's just a subconscious thinking. I'm sorry for interrupting you here. Just. Continue talking.

    Joanne: Yeah, no, I actually wanted to ask. So you started working with her crystal not too long ago, right?

    Yulia: Yes. And I feel so much more stable because before it was like, you know, these type of energies are coming from me.

    And then I just realized I need something for stability, like to feel like that trunk of a tree, you know, and just, um, because before it was such type of sensation of lots of pressure, I have to do so much, so much. And there is so much learnings, but at the same time I get paralyzed from all these learnings, from all this information.

    So, this type of crystal allows to release stuff. I love to use it in the sauna as well. Like, when I go to the sauna, and I use saunas quite often, just whenever I feel pains in my body, and I can use it specifically with this, you know, um, angle, when it is getting sharp. Because the energies are directed through sharpness of that crystal like here, and then they can use and so called acupuncture right doing acupuncture with it.

    It's so amazing. So I will leave you the name of it so I'm pretty sure it can benefit.

    Joanne: For sure. I'm always looking for grounding and stability crystals to use. So right when you say that it can be so overwhelming when you do a lot of like healing any type of healing arts right and so that is

    Yulia: yes yes

    The good thing about it you don't need to cleanse it it's a self cleansing although it's dark can you imagine so when you get it you don't need to cleanse it even

    Joanne: that's nice so it's just like selenite

    Yulia: yeah so it's it's really amazing not so long ago I also received the raw selenite I don't have it here but from New Zealand and I was just like fascinated by it.

    So do you have the raw, the raw version?

    Joanne: Yeah, I have the selenite stick, the huge one. It's like a magic wand. And it literally quite is like a magic wand. You know, when I, when I go like this and I feel it all over, it's absolutely love it.

    Yulia: So I see you are really deep into crystals.

    Do you have like some kind of crystal healing sessions?

    Joanne: Yeah, so the thing with crystals, I am a huge crystal collector. I started when, when I started doing, you know, spirituality, getting into more of spirituality, I started off with crystals because A, it's, they're gorgeous. They're really pretty. Um, you actually each, it's crazy how each crystal has its own healing properties and you can really, really feel it.

    And so, um, during my healings, uh, for my Reiki healings, I do use crystals. It honestly does depend on the client and what they want to bring out of them. So, you know, usually I would. But, um, a lot. This is Zuli on their forehead for the third eye. Um, maybe something else, maybe citrine on the solar plexus, whatever it is.

    I like to coordinate, you know, each chakra with the color of the crystals. But again, it all just depends on my client. Some clients just want it to be clean and no crystals. But for me personally, I always use it. Even, even when I do Tarot readings or oracle readings, I like to meditate. before. And I always use a fluorite or a pink tourmaline to just ground myself, balance myself, get the information in and ready to go.

    And I don't know, I think it's so beautiful, so useful in every way.

    Yulia: So you mentioned a few times the chakra healing. I'm really got interested in that. What is that chakra healing for you? How do you do that?

    Joanne: So the thing with chakra healing is it is similar to Reiki healing, but it is not quite the thing with chakras, you know, everyone has chakras, I think that they're everyone's chakras are not always balanced at all times.

    And so, and it's interesting because you can sometimes tell so for me, it's my throat lately, my throat chakra has been blocked and that correlates with communication and being able to express myself in a, in various ways and confidence as well So um, chakra healing. I mean, have you ever done chakra healing before?

    Yulia: I, I didn't do chakra healing, but I can read through chakras. So I can read the disbalances happening in people. So, yeah.

    Joanne: How would you do that?

    Yulia: I can see that these balances.

    I can feel it. I need to see you personally. Let's say if I am here right now through the video, it's hard for me to see that. But when I meet you personally, I can just sense where the is balance is happening when I'm staying. Like you are staying here, I am staying here. I can sense it literally, but I need first, to balance myself, to ground myself, like in between earth and heaven. And then when there is no me in the process, when I'm kind of like crystal clear at that moment, I can sense you and sense when something is not crystal clear on each and every level. So that's how I am doing it, but I'm not doing it professionally.

    I'm doing it just for family members, for friends who ask me for that.

    Joanne: Yeah. And how would you do healing with that as well? Or no,

    you do chakra healing?

    Yulia: Only from the permission from the permission of the person. Not everyone is ready. You know what I came to in this universe, like, there are so many gifts which we as women especially can propose to this world, but you know, there is a real issue with receivership.

    Like, did you notice that many times we are going through the world and like, not many are actually ready to receive those gifts? So we have to adjust along the way. I don't know what is your experience with that, but that's what I realized here.

    Joanne: Yeah, no, that is, it's very interesting that you say that because you're so right.

    You hit her on the nose. Not every single human being is ready to receive those gifts. That's They're put on this earth to, you know, do and to utilize. And I think that for me, and I think the majority of people, actually, it all starts with a very, not very, but like almost like a traumatic experience. It starts with something that really, you know, sticks with you for the rest of your life.

    Maybe it goes through a really hard breakup or a relationship, something happened in your childhood that awakens you. I think that triggers. Someone's healing and that triggers someone's ability to be like, okay, maybe I have another purpose and maybe I can use this trauma or use this, uh, this, these things that happened in my life to project into the rest of the world in a positive way.

    And that's,

    Yulia: Oh yeah,

    I can relate to that so much. I know one beautiful, beautiful art in Japan. I don't remember the name of it. Maybe, maybe, you know, I remember when they break the bars to pieces. And then the bars like is glued like back and there is a specific name for that type of artistry. And then they make these bars much more precious than the unbroken bars.

    So there is something around it. And then they look at it. The Japanese guys are really amazing from that perspective. I'm just like, oh my God, there's so much wisdom there. So each and every breakage point is like a certain history. A certain, like, a certain, like, golden, golden line, golden lineage, which can bring so much healing to the world, who just observes, observes these bars.

    So what are you told, uh, right now, it just brought me that perspective, like that connection in between this artistry and what you say. Unfortunately, I cannot really remember the name of that. Yeah, I think this can serve as an inspiration for many probably listening to us here, because all of us have those childhood traumas.

    All of us probably came through something, and even those fortunate ones who came from happy families, we are all like beaten through this world, you know, like here and there. And then we have to have that strength and courage to save our hearts and to still love this world, right?

    Joanne: Yeah. And you know what?

    That reminds me of a very, very beautiful quote. I think you'll actually really like, and it's, it's, um, I can't recite it word for word, but it's something along the lines of, you know, scream so loud and have the voice so that thousands of years later, um, your sisters won't wonder what went wrong. So, so let me explain.

    So it's, it's like, you know, I think that in 2024, we're reaching a, you know, it's, it's a new world. I feel like we're entering a new age of humanity and a lot of people are awakening. I think it's, I mean, I can talk for hours about that, but.

    Yulia: Oh, I feel it as well. Yeah. Actually relate to that. I think all of us who are listening to, to this episode right now, they all can relate to that.

    Joanne: Know what I mean? And so, especially for women as we, in the history, when we've been so oppressed and repressed and everything has been so. Submerged down a layer of, you know, history and politics and then It's social things. And so now, fortunately, with this new age, we're able to finally express, finally voice our opinions, finally scream, finally, you know, be able to, to, to see what we want to say and feel what we want to feel and kind of tune in and to our natural nurturing side as women to be mothers, to, to, to heal, to really do what we're supposed to do.

    And I think that's so, so important. So beautiful. We have the opportunity to do all those things. Whereas before it wasn't even aware. Like, I feel like a lot of women weren't aware of, you know, their powers. They weren't even aware that they can heal. They weren't aware that they can nurture so deep. And this is also something that I've discovered within myself is like, I never knew I was this much.

    I was also very, you know, negative back in the day, a lot of anger, a lot of repressed trauma, but I just never expressed. And, you know, as soon as I started exploring myself and every way it's so sensual. To say, you know what? I love myself. I love myself as a woman being able to heal. It's an absolute gift.

    And yeah I just,

    Yulia: Oh, thank you so much for that openness. But by the way, what you told right now, just it intrigued me. I was thinking, how did your whole speech spiritual seeking journey for that internal inner voice even started. Like, how did it all start? Because I'm pretty sure you had a long journey, and as we all are, we start from all these judgmental attitudes, probably being beaten by life.

    But somehow I see in front of me this light beam emanating this light, spreading it through its channel, and just doing some beautiful work here. So, could you please walk us through that journey?

    Joanne: Yeah, no, like, so much. That actually means so much to hear that. I, I love hearing that. It makes me so happy. Um, well, for me, I, it, I think what I can recall is obviously there's a lot of childhood trauma that I've experienced.

    So does everybody, but I think the real eye opening point was a relationship that I got out of maybe six, seven, six years ago, six, seven, eight, maybe even eight years ago. And, um, it, it wasn't, it wasn't a bad relationship. It was like a, First love, you know, you know, first loves and it's, as a teenager, it's, it's so, you know, it's so heartbreaking.

    Oh no, my life is falling apart. The world is over. And that's what I thought back then. He was so hard. I was so heartbroken as a little girl. And so, um, getting out of that, I was like, okay, why did this happen? I started victim blaming. I started blaming them. I started projecting all these problems onto everybody else except for myself.

    I thought I was perfect. I really did. And I thought I was God. And I was like, you know what? This is never. worked out because they're the problem. I'm never the problem. And so I started sitting down behind closed doors by myself and thought, you know what? Maybe, maybe I am the problem. Maybe, maybe, maybe these things are happening because I'm allowing them to happen.

    Maybe I just didn't put a boundaries. Maybe I just, I'm not healed. Maybe I'm just too negative. Maybe I'm sheltering myself. And that's when it really started this whole process. Spirituality thing for me, it's, it's, it's about taking accountability. And

    Yulia: So there was this question, right? Question, like maybe I am here responsible, right?

    Maybe I am here responsible for all what's happening to me. And that was this, the beginning of that self digging story, right?

    Joanne: Exactly. It's about. Say maybe I'm responsible for the failures that happened in my life. I'm responsible.

    Yulia: Responsibility. Responsibility.

    Joanne: Responsibility and taking accountability.

    Because we can always be like, oh, the weather's bad. Oh, this is bad. This is bad. There's a million reasons to not do something. Period. But it's about finding yourself and taking accountability to be like, okay, I am able to make this change. I can make this change. That's what happened. And everything turned 180.

    And every single month, every single year since. Since that day, I, I learned something new every day. I look back, I look back at myself six months ago. I can't recognize the woman. I really can't. And the knowledge that I observe, even by having this conversation with you, ultimately changes the path after I leave.

    And so I think that's so beautiful. And I'm so, I'm showing so much gratitude for all the wisdom and knowledge that you've obtained over the years. And still yet to come.

    Yulia: Mm, yeah, I can fully relate to that. But I still want to dig a bit deeper into that responsibility. So, there was this responsibility, like, uh, lightening inside you.

    And, just like, bing! Responsibility. I am responsible for everything. So, did you feel at that moment, like, you can change the situation, right? Immediately, when responsibility comes into our life, we're kind of, like, empowered. In fact. So what was next after that? Now, Joanne is responsible. So what did you do next?

    Joanne: So after realizing that, okay, Joanne is ultimately responsible for every single thing that's about to happen in her life. I've come to realize, okay, I'm driving, you know, my hands are on the wheel. It's, it's, it's my turn to take a left turn, take a right turn, reverse, or keep going forward. You know, I had these options in front of me.

    So me realizing that is like saying I can make anything happen. Anything that I want in life is literally possible because I'm in control. I'm driving the car. And so I, you know, I think that very first step in the hardest step actually is realizing for anyone going through any type of spiritual awakening, it is realizing that you have the power and you got the ability.

    And so once I realized that. You take proactive actions to move forward and do whatever you need to do to achieve your goals, to achieve the life that you really, really yearn for. And I always say, you know, I've, I've experienced amazing things in my life, things I never thought was possible, but it was possible because I just believed it.

    It's possible because I wanted it and I, and I got it. What I mean.

    Yulia: This responsibility code is in fact, the code of the card, the emperor in the tarot world, because once we grow with our consciousness to that responsibility, We can start gaining access to the higher, uh, Hierophant. So Emperor stays before the Hierophant card.

    And Hierophant, it's that higher knowledge which comes through us, very structured knowledge. So it seems like it was naturally coming to you. What I observed with many women here, whom I get into that connection, who have access to that really higher structured knowledge, no matter of their age, by the way, I realized that they somehow have that encrypted code of self responsibility within them, which, um, like moves them naturally to connection to that higher knowledge.

    So like, we cannot get access to that Hierophant. Like high priest knowledge, like structured knowledge of this universe, sacred geometry, right? And all the alchemy of this creation. We cannot really get access to it until we establish in ours that type of self responsibility. It's like we become the son of all our creation, right?

    So, and I'm so happy I met you because you can confirm it. You are a living representation of it. And so beautiful.

    Joanne: And I actually love that because I actually, well, a long time ago, I posted a video. So, Um, you don't need to do drugs to reach higher realms of consciousness. So an analogy that I love to use is, you know, there are all these files, it's like a computer, right?

    There are all these locked files. The files inside those files is like ultimate knowledge, sacred wisdom, and all these things. things that we don't even know yet. And the only way to unlock those files is taking accountability, taking responsibility, and unlocking versions of yourself that are meant to be unlocked.

    And so once you're able to do that, all those files start unlocking, you know, the password, you can get into the files, all these downloads start coming in. It just makes

    Yulia: It so true. It's so true. It's actually, you told the story about your first love, and I had pretty much the same story. So, I think we are all blessed here with some bastard, you know?

    So, whenever we come through our first relationships of the first love, and I remember how I went out of those relationships, and that guy, he just didn't treat me well, you know, because I didn't treat myself well. I didn't love myself. So, he was my pure reflection, like a self mirroring fact. I didn't realize that at that moment, but, you know, there was the moment I said, enough.

    Yeah, that's enough. I cannot be treated that way anymore. Never ever again. And since that moment, I don't know how, but it's just like all the guys who were in my reality, so called, uh, who were around me, like even my brother, even my father were so, like in such a way, they were irresponsible. Like, you know, and I saw and I observed them.

    I, I just like caught the relationships for some while, even with my father and brother, because I was thinking they represent that type of guys, you know, should guy need some rest. And it sucks from that type of consciousness, you know, of course we reconnected later on, but honestly, like only after that, I met my husband with whom I'm happily living today for 10 years.

    And it's just like, you know, I think that shift was in me. Now he's treating me like a verse. He's bringing me like those flowers, attention, which I was kind of scraping from the first guy. Like, it's just, it's really crazy. And now, like I'm thinking, I saw so many women, actually, who get stuck into the image of their first guys.

    And they whine and everything. But the thing is, the way out is so easy. We just need to jump out of it and say, never, ever again.

    Joanne: Yeah, no, a hundred percent. I mean, I think every day in my, you know, emails and then my DMs, I receive so many messages, particularly from women. And a lot of them are about relationships.

    It's about trying to move forward. And I'm stuck on my ex. I'm stuck on this. Like, how do we, how do we please? And I always, it's. I always say you just gotta set up a boundary for yourself and say that you are, you are deserving of something so much more magnificent that you can't even comprehend that, you know?

    Yulia: Yeah, this is like, you know, I actually, not so long ago, I read this beautiful book, The Power Code. It's so amazing, like it's written by Katie Kay and Claire Shipman. So I just like, I really love this book. Why? Because they say there, That it's just written for women specifically and they say there that, you know, girls, you kind of like get stuck in your careers and in your whole thing here to see your potential expression, not because even of like all your past beliefs or something because of your husbands and your boyfriends around you, you know, just like whom we tried to please.

    In fact, and I was just thinking, Oh my God, I can relate to it so much in some sense. Because for us, it's relationships still very important. Imagine yourself, Joanne. I want to ask you a question. Let's say you are 80 years old. You are successful businesswoman. You're just like earned like 100 million dollars, maybe a billion.

    I don't know, just like you are really successful in your understanding and the earnings. But you don't have family, you don't have children, you don't have a husband, you just have no one. And you are not respected by the street members in your community. Will you be happy? No. Now I will ask the same question to a guy, and something tells me they will be fine.

    Joanne: So fascinating. Why is that do you think?

    Yulia: I think we are wired that way like genetically for thousands of years because we were sitting really at home. Our nest, our community was the way for our survival in some sense and we kind of understand that community is important. Relationships are are important.

    While guys, they were hunting, like their way of success is to hunt a buffalo.

    Joanne: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. No, literally like ever since history, it's so primitive to the way that there are brains are genetically wired.

    Yulia: Yeah. Yeah.

    So I just like, you know, my, my husband and I, we just visit sometimes like those business circles and I'm surrounded by those guys.

    I don't see. I see that, honestly, that they put that priority, a really tremendous priority, onto, like, the relationships. I see many really, like, good guys, but the main thing for them is still hunting the buffalo. And then I was just like, I was thinking, oh, 80 years. Like, if we take the woman and man and we put that question, I think, you know, just they will still be fine.

    So, I just was contemplating a lot about it and, you know, you just, you replied also the same way, you know.

    Joanne: It's, you know, it's interesting. I've been actually thinking about this topic a lot more recently too. And I don't know why I've been thinking about this maybe because maybe I'm around more male around this time, males, um, and more like, you know, male friendships and just seeing men observing men and how they operate, especially in this new age.

    And it's all about, you know, climbing to the roof, climbing to the top, hunting the Buffalo, making the money, being really, really successful. And don't get me wrong, all those things are amazing. Even as a woman, I want to be successful. I want to have a billion, billion, bazillion dollars, who doesn't? But at the end of the day, I think that genetically men are wired to think very differently from woman and that's okay.

    But at the same time, I think it's almost like a trauma response to, I feel like they're much more. have been so suppressed for decades, millions, millions of years ago. So then now when we go up to a man and say, Hey, how was your day? You don't get a response. You get good. It was all right. It was cool. If you go to a woman and you ask, Hey babe, how was your day?

    You get, Oh, you know, I went to the grocery store. I saw this and this, and this person said this to me. The responses are so much more different and you think, why, why is it like that? I feel like men have just been not having a voice, you know, they're not having a voice. And so when you find, when you meet a man that doesn't have a voice and you say, okay, tell me more and you say, tell me more, tell me more.

    I want to hear more about it. They're like, they're shocked. They're like, what do you mean you want to hear this?

    Yulia: Yeah, I think I learned it from my husband. I think honestly, they just love to hang out together with each other. It took me a while to understand these patterns of communication between me and my husband.

    He's responding exactly how you are describing. He's not going too much into details, because, uh, probably, like, we, we are wired to establish those communities. That's why it just is that way. While they, when they were hunting, why would they communicate too much? It was the, the language of signals, you know?

    Language of signals. And the less you actually communicate with your language, the better. That's what I was thinking.

    Joanne: And, and it's, it's It's so interesting to observe that, because when you hear conversations between women versus between men, right, it's, it's so different, it's, women go so deep in text and they get so excited and da da da da, and then men are just like, okay, cool, yeah, all right, yeah.

    The contrast, it's so interesting, so, I don't know, I think it's beautiful in a way, I think it's uh, it's something to, I guess, I study it a lot. I observe these interactions a lot. It's great.

    Yulia: Yeah, you know, I feel like we are like two empresses right now who are creating that beautiful fertility environment, abundance environment.

    So I was just like thinking how important it is to to, uh, commune, just to have that community. Whenever we feel a bit depleted in energy, it's so important to unite with other women. Like, we have this conversation right now with you. And if we come back to the Tarot world with you right now, it's just showing all these patterns.

    Like, do you remember this card, the Empress? She's sitting down there, like, feeling like the empress of the world, so relaxed. And when I talk to you, I am so relaxed. Do you think I really got prepared for all this? It's just flowing, you know? And I see that you also didn't. And it's so spontaneous, flowing, and I, and I feel like everyone around her is just really feel the same type of energy.

    You can't really fake it. So, it's just also amazing, by the way, I saw that you are an intuitive tarot reader and I want you to get your perspective. In fact, uh, what does it mean intuitive tarot reading and why initially you use tarot?

    Joanne: So intuitive tarot reading, what they look mean when I do tarot or tarot specifically, but sometimes Oracle is every information and every download that I get is, is from source.

    So source, we can tell it's either ourselves or something I love or something called God, whatever we believe in, it is source. But at the same time, that information already exists within us. So what I, I think that character parts are a beautiful tool to utilize when it comes to wanting to know what steps to take next and how I feel about a certain situation.

    Or a query that I may need extra guidance on. So when it comes to tar readings for myself or other people, I know nothing about the client that I'm looking for. Absolutely nothing. I just feel the energy and based off the energy that I feel in the room within us and whatever tension it is, the downloads that I receive are completely out of the blue.

    It's almost like if I'm doing a reading for someone and I feel like, you know, a color blue is coming through. Okay, maybe this client's experienced some sort of sadness or some sort of expression problem, whatever it is, I don't know why blue comes to me. It just does. And that's, that's what I mean when I say it is a gift.

    It is like a gift. And when they say humans have five senses, we do have five senses. But what if we have six? What if we have seven? What if we have eight sense? And the eight sense can be being able to communicate with higher realms, being able to unlock that higher consciousness. And this is what I mean when I say higher consciousness.

    It's like, All these information that we would not regularly get. And I think that Tarot helps me unlock that for me.

    Yulia: Beautiful, beautiful. It's really resonating to what I am doing and what I'm teaching my clients as well. My beautiful soul. So it's just like, Hey girls, just meet Joanne. She's doing the same type of work.

    So, and probably I'm thinking that she can unite it with some chakra healing and reiki healing. So check out her profile. I will leave the links below with comments. Now, before like leaving this beautiful conversation, I wanted to ask you, Joanne, the last question. I'm really interested, let's say we are meeting with you three years from now.

    Okay, so today's point B, three years from now, point, uh, today, point A three years from now, point B. So what needs to happen? In this A, B period, so that Joanne, Joanne will feel happy, progressed in her personal life and in her career.

    Joanne: I think for me personally, let's say to get to point B, I think what needs to happen or what I want to happen in order for me to be like, I'm so proud of you and look back and have that sense of gratitude is, is acceptance.

    Acceptance for who I am truly acceptance for the things that happen to me and acceptance for the environment that I am in presently in the past future. And I think that I just need to accept, accept, accept, accept, because I am such a, for the lack of a better word, a doubtful person. I'm always really anxious about what's about to happen next.

    I'm anxious about things that already happened, things that are beyond my control. So being able to accept the situations that are handed to me and the cards that are dealt for me, I think that's the next step for me in order to elevate a new version of myself.

    Yulia: Beautiful. Beautiful answer. Thank you so much, Joanne.

    It was such a pleasure to have you here. I'm wishing you a really, really beautiful, amazing experience in this AB period. Thank you.

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