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    Miriam Rachel

    Hey, my name is Miriam Rachel, and I am your mystical messenger from Toronto, Canada. I may be home often, as I associate myself with the Hermit tarot card. I like to keep to myself as a freelance writer, astrologer, and tarot reader, as I have been doing all those things for over a decade. I received my astrology certification in 2006. 

    However, just because I spend a lot of time at home does not mean I am not well-traveled. I have not only been to various cities throughout North America but trekked across Western Europe and hope to experience other excursions to different continents and countries. 

    I also live almost next to the woods, so when I need a break from home, I will trek to the woods and meditate there, as it is very peaceful. I also love to delve into the unknown and explore concepts of past lives, parallel lives, and dreams. I have discovered so many fascinating concepts about reincarnation, dreams, and other arcane matters over the years - and I am not done with learning what there is to learn. 

    While I am not writing, doing readings, taking walks in the woods, or delving into the unknown, I am busy helping my young adult daughter transition to adulthood and constantly doing the chores that need tending. 

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